Jordan Knight in Buffalo

tonight i reverted back to 1990…5th grade…14 years in the making. i saw jordan knight live!!! and oh my lord it was fabulous.

lei, adr, jenn and i went. we HAD to. it was at club infinity in williamsville/clarence. there were 3 openers. the first band was totally fun, mainly because the drummer/lead singer was 11 years old. and they covered guns n roses and limp bizkit. they’re 4 year old brother also pretended to play guitar, and the whole thing was totally cute. and they were pretty good. some audioslave, white stripes, i think hoobastank, and linkin park as well. totally fun. the drummer was doing the worm on the dance floor later on. unfortunately i forget the name of the band. 2nd band was floozie, from niagara falls (representing) and they sucked. period. 3rd band, also from the falls though they claim to be from buffalo, was seven day faith. such a frat party band. they weren’t bad, just nothing i would ever listen to, so it was boring. they managed to blow a fuse or something and set off the fire alarm in the bar….haha. then jordan.

haha jordan was soooo fabulous. gah he’s so hot. really, how can you be 30 something and live with yourself being so damn gorgeous. and the moves, the dancing…lovely  opened with “my favourite girl” from back in the day. so great. i don’t know if i’ve ever laughed so hard at myself at a concert before. i totally didn’t act all teenie boppery, seriously, i didn’t. but it just made me so happy lol. it was so much fun to sorta be reliving it. going back down memory lane as jordan’s dj guy said. so he did various new kids songs in between his own songs from his first solo album and the one coming up. played the piano for a few. danced. did the New Kids Dance…wonderful. brought this girl with the most whore shirt ever on stage to sing “baby i believe in you” to and my god she was hilarious. it was fantastic.

so we hung out in the back to try to get some pics with him. he apparently was running late so they just left “right away”. so we followed the limo. LOL it was hilarious. we didn’t intend to follow them that long, but it came to a point where we didn’t know where we were, and we figured they were going to the airport (where i would know where we were) so we kept following them. yep to the airport…but they didn’t go to the airport…they kept going to the 33, which meant we had to keep following them since that’s the way we HAD to go to get back home LOL. it was great. so much fun

tomorrow is open doors day one. gotta end up at the terminal at some point, but going to drive by the wollenberg silo that we were planning on going to sunday…cuz the site says theres no inside access, so then what’s the point? i could drive by any day…and i need sunday to do laundry and pack for vegas if wollenberg isn’t going to be cool. so i’ll investigate tomorrow. yep.

and in completely other news… mark david chapman (he shot john lennon) is in attica?!? i thought he was in a prison downstate…huh…who knew. hmm now that i think about it maybe i did know that. i seem to remember kids in high school wanting to find chapman during our attica field trip so they could kill


my grandpa died. instead of spending my vacation in las vegas i will be spending it in detroit.

Bowie at Shea’s

bowie bowie bowie…

met mike and paul at hemingways before the show for a drink, then ran through the rain to shea’s. turns out we had awesome seats, to the left side of the stage. stereophonics were playing when we got in, and they were pretty cool. very rock and roll and cool.

bowie…was great of course. leighanne overheard someone say that bowie was taping tonight’s show. the set list was…very very different from toronto. alot more obscure. it was fantastic though.

the crowd sucked i thought. very rude. everyone sat down during “motel” and remained seated for a bunch of songs…even fast ones from earthling and outside. i hate that. it just bothers me. motel is a beautiful song, and just because you might not know it doesn’t mean you should be rude and ignorant during it. happened during other songs as well, including “quicksand” which i just adore since hearing it at the toronto show.

we had the 2 most annoying people ever in front of us. i can’t figure out if they were brothers or lovers. they defintely were too touchy feely to be straight male friends. but they looked too similar to not be related. whatever. they insisted on having a conversation throughout the entire show. i don’t normally spend 60$ to go someplace loud and try to talk. if they weren’t talking to eachother, they were playing with their phones. the lady next to them told them to stop talking, she was there to see bowie and they were talking too much hahah. and the one had the most annoying hair, that he continuosly kept puffing up on top so that i couldn’t see over it haha.

then there was this crazy old white guy in our row who looked like andy warhol and was psycho. he was yelling at the girls in front of him to sit down when everyone was being rude and sitting during various songs. but he was YELLING at them, and he even grabbed the girls arms to yank her down. it was like totally psycho.

it’s always amusing to be at a show with an older crowd and watching older people dance. depeche mode was the best, cuz of the big tall white guy and little hispanic woman dancing, but this was fun too hehe.

so much complaining, but it was a really really great show. no life on mars again, but that’s ok. still got hallo spaceboy and i’m afraid of americans. always a highlight. he sounded great, and looked great, and is just so cool. i would give anything to be able to photograph him. he is possibly one of the most photogenic rock stars ever. and not because he’s particuarly attractive, because he’s really not. it’s the way he moves. HE is catlike. he can pose like nobody’s business. ultra cool.

Rebel Rebel
Sister Midnight
New Killer Star
Looking for Water
All the Young Dudes
China Girl
The Loneliest Guy
The Man Who Sold the World
The Motel **
Battle for Britain (The Letter) **
Sunday **
Heathen **
Hallo Spaceboy **
Under Pressure
Station to Station
Ashes to Ashes
Quicksand **
Modern Love **
I’m Afraid of Americans

The Bewlay Brothers
Queen Bitch
Suffragette City
Ziggy Stardust
Review from the Buffalo News
Tuesday night in Shea’s Performing Arts Center.
David Bowie has always been ahead of the curve. It was no surprise, then, that his sold-out show at Shea’s Tuesday found him still pushing the envelope, 35 years deep into one of rock’s most ambitious and consistently forward-looking careers.
Bowie’s current tour flies beneath the moniker “A Reality,” and that’s fitting; for 21/2 hours Tuesday, he and his seamless band brought an audience equal parts stunned and elated into another world, an elevated plane of artistic experience. In the arena of rock, this was quite simply as good as it gets.

Taking the boards following an exquisite animated sequence interspersed with sweeping aerial shots of New York City, Bowie materialized center stage, obscured by shadows, as longtime guitarist Earl Slick laid out the skewed glam-a-billy riff signifying “Rebel Rebel.” The song, given an up-to-date arrangement on this tour, brought the crowd to its feet, of course, but Bowie made it clear immediately that he had no intention of offering a Vegas-style nostalgic review. He’d come, after all, to show us that he’s still the most vibrant of artists, and not a museum piece.

Toward that end, Bowie led his band out of the elegantly wasted rock-candy of “Rebel” deep into the dimly lit world he helped create – the alternative music movement of the ’80s and ’90s. “This is a song by the Pixies,” smiled our boy, still remarkably youthful at 57, minus the snow-white tan and pharmaceutical veneer of his ’70s guise. The band – guitarist Slick, pianist Mike Garson, percussionist/acoustic guitarist/vocalist Catherine “Kat” Russell, guitarist Gerry Leonard, bassist/vocalist Gail Ann Dorsey, drummer Sterling Campbell – then tore through that seminal alt-punk band’s “Cactus” with a fiery irreverence that artists more than 30 years Bowie’s junior are rarely able to summon.

Anyone coming to hear the hits – and judging by the staid, apparently confused portion of the crowd seemingly unfamiliar with anything Bowie’s done since “Let’s Dance” was a mega-platinum ’80s-era hit, there were many – was going to have to enter Bowie’s reality for a while first; the show was paced by a mischievously grinning Bowie offering older tunes as “rewards” for accepting plenty of new material. There were “hits,” yes, but there were just as many deep cuts, rarely played gems and material from Bowie’s ’90s-and-beyond oeuvre.

So Bowie laid out the obscure “Sister Midnight,” a tune he co-wrote with Iggy Pop, and produced for Pop’s classic “The Idiot” album, before moving into a pair of glittering gems from his newest record, the current tour’s namesake. “New Killer Star” and “Looking For Water” burned more intensely and brightly in the concert setting than they do on record; strapping on a guitar for the former, Bowie was transformed into a man with a mission. Bowie’s intention with the set’s pacing became clear as a pattern emerged – he’d lay a few new songs on the crowd, then toss them a doggie treat in the form of an oldie or two. Thus, the two “Reality” stunners were followed by a tongue-in-cheek but still inspired “All the Young Dudes” and the “Let’s Dance” hit “China Girl,” both of which featured raucous-but-beautiful Jeff Beck-styled interpolations from Slick.

The set hit its full stride as Bowie took us on a tour through the bizarrely compelling world of his vastly underrated ’90s masterpiece “Outside,” with “Hallo Spaceboy” driving home the point that Bowie married rock to techno with more conviction, panache and creativity than anyone, peer or otherwise, and “The Motel” conjuring the ethereal, white-walled world of ambient genius he’d originally concocted for the ’70s watermark “Low” album. The band’s interplay here – particularly between Leonard’s effect-laden phrases and Garson’s punk-classical piano lines – was simply breathtaking. “The Loneliest Guy,” a forlorn, cinematic ballad from “Reality,” tapped into the same vein, and was another highlight.

If the crowd seemed a bit tame – at times, portions of the audience suggested by their body language that they’d just as soon have been sitting on the couch at home, watching television – Bowie never let on that he was affected. In fact, he seemed thrilled. Grinning broadly, playfully goading the crowd, he squeezed every drop from the sponge, giddy with the thrill of bringing one of the finest ensembles he’s ever worked with to a gorgeous, relatively small theater.

And then, of a sudden, there it was – the rarely played ’70s tour de force “Station To Station,” one of Bowie’s most impressively progressive tunes. Its mantra-like opening was a showcase for Slick’s tremolo bar, and when Bowie intoned the introductory narrative “The return of the thin white duke/throwing darts in lover’s eyes,” one felt gooseflesh rising. This was simply timeless fare, material that still sounds futuristic 30 years after its initial release.

Bowie saved some of the best for last. “I’m Afraid Of Americans” was a visceral stomp, a melding of industrial, electronic and glam rock stylings lent prescience by current domestic affairs; Bowie never explicitly mentioned the song’s subject matter, but those in tune should have had no trouble reading between the lines. (sara’s note…wonder if he realizes the song was not written recently, and so therefore is not exactly referring to our horrifying president…)

A trio of songs from the flawless “Hunky Dory” album took us even higher; “Quicksand” was outer-space gospel with heavenly harmonies and a lush 12-string acoustic strum from Slick; the freshly-relearned “Bewlay Brothers” was sublime, a reminder of the ground Bowie was breaking on “Hunky Dory,” which many diehards consider his greatest work of the ’70s; and “Queen Bitch” – well, no one has ever fused glitter rock to substantive songwriting the way Bowie has.

The encores concluded with a pair of tracks from “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” “Suffragette City” burning like a house on fire, while “Ziggy Stardust” writhed and wriggled like tortured rock-theater.

Those lucky enough to claim a ticket stub for this intimate-yet-grandiose show will likely never forget it. Bowie is a class act, and remains one of the most influential artists in rock music. That he still manages to challenge his audience at this stage of his career is an inspiration to all who care about the music’s future.

David Bowie Toronto

oh my bowie…

morning was not pleasant. the drive was not pleasant. stopped at ikea breifly to look for butterfly chair covers, which they do not sell. made our way to air canada center, got raped for parking (25$ yikes) and took the subway a bit downtown. as soon as we got to toronto i felt infinitely better, and was getting excited about the show. went to hard rock cuz the radio station was doing a pre-show thing there, playing all bowie videos and stuff. ended up having dinner there, then walking down yonge to urban outfitters. i got james the greatest thing EVER. as soon as i saw it, it was like ROFLMAO MUST BUY!!!!!!! i couldn’t stop laughing it was so fabulous. hehehe. there was something i was going to get for brian too, to help with his spending problems, but it was ridiculously expensive for how…big the cheese factor of it was. but anyway…they had butterfly chair covers!!! they had velvet quilted covers onsale for 20$ so i had to get one. yay. by that time, doors were going to open in a half hour, so we got the subway back to the ACC and waited outside in the drizzle to possibly get a ticket upgrade to 1st row.

the opener was not macy gray thank god. it was the polyphonic spree…who were interesting to say the least. they must have went on at exactly 7:30 cuz they were already playing when we went in, and only played 3 more songs after we got to our seats.

So here is the setlist:
Rebel Rebel – while it’s not one of my favourites, i tend to find it slightly annoying at times, it’s still a great song. great energetic opener.
Modern Love – !!! yaaay he hadn’t been doing that song regularly (if at all), so it was way cool. and for whatever reason i love the song. so it was way cool
New Killer Star – new song from reality that of course i don’t know cuz i don’t have the cd – i’m a bad fan
Fame – an everlasting cool song. it’s just so funky and rad
Cactus – the song that perfectly sums up the time after nate left. it’s laughable how perfect the lyrics are “a letter in your writing doesn’t mean you’re not dead” and one of my favs from heathen
All the Young Dudes – i hate this song. but it’s a big sing along song, so it wasn’t horrible lol
China Girl – yay…so many real bowie fans hate this song, but i still think its fun.
Never Get Old – song i don’t know, but it was good hehe
The Loneliest Guy – ditto
The Man Who Sold the World – love this song. it was my first bowie song i knew, thanks to nirvana covering it on unplugged hehe
Hallo Spaceboy – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAY only one of my favs. fabulous. it’s got such a killer beat to it gah. was so happy when i saw this in the previous set lists. outside is such a great album
Heathen – mellow heathen songs, very pretty. i forget that i like heathen cd hah
(band intro, Bowie remarked that he could swear there was someone smoking weed in the place, hee — welcome to Canada, Sailor)
Under Pressure – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Days – didn’t know this one either
Slip Away – this song made me laugh the first time i heard it, talking about uncle floyd, like wtf is that…haha. it’s so pretty
Space Oddity (stylophone version) – like 2 seconds of it lol
Looking for Water – new song that was really cool
Ashes to Ashes – it was cool, i understood words i never understood before
Hang On to Yourself
I’m Afraid of Americans – gah. gaaaaaaaaaaah. !!!! gah. that’s all i can say. such a friggen great song.
Heroes – i almost cried at this. so did leighanne i found out after LOL. the song is painful. in a good way. he sings it with such emotion on the recording i can’t listen to it at times. and it sorta hit me. the lyrics. just…dunno. hit me.

Five Years
Suffragette City – leighanne wants me to put “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” her fav song, she loved it. it was so fun.
Ziggy Stardust – super fantastic closing song. ziggy plaaaaayed guitaaaarrrrrrr love ziggy

only disappointment: no “life on mars?”….here’s hoping for the shea’s show.

fantastic show. really really fabulous. he is incredible….a great show despite the fact he’s like…3 times my age. he is just the ultimate in cool. i totally can’t wait for shea’s. i might contact the college street guy and see if he can get me a press pass to take some photos. i’d die. lol. it can’t hurt to ask right?

looooove bowie  he’s so charming. he’s got such a lovely speaking voice. and he doesn’t friggen age!!! lol before “man who sold the world” he was talking about his first time coming to the US, the first song he heard on the radio was his…that song…and he was beyond excited, and shouting out the window “i’m on the radio!!” then he says, i’d probably be that excited if they ever played me on the radio now LOLOL. it was great.

so yeah…drove home. i have a wicked insane headache. i feel like my one eye is slightly falling out…it’s a strange feeling. took my painkillers, but they haven’t kicked in yet. we might go watch popmart now cuz we listened to u2 in the car. but it might make me cry…”one” on popmart kills me. gah.

Ozzfest 2003

oh how i love guitars and double bass drums….ozzfest today. headed out early afternoon, arrived around 1:30. walked around the 2nd stage passed different booths they had set up. we ended up seeing the end of despwa’s set, chimera, motograter, and vovoid. we wandered around the whole time, didn’t exactly watch the 2nd stage, but we heard them. we ended up wandering to the merch tent which was set up next to the FYE autograph tent. and just in time for disturbed to be making an appearance. now the deal with the autograph tent was, you needed a wrist band to get an autograph. and to get the wrist band you had to buy that band’s cd. even if you already had it. for the extraordinary FYE prices of 18$. good money making idea, bad idea for fans. we ended up standing against a barrier next to the tent and watching the whole thing. all of disturbed came to sign stuff. then after them was korn (2 members) and zakk wylde. danielle debated buying another untouchables cd to meet korn, but figured it wouldn’t be jon davis…well it was jon…and fieldy. so we watched them for a while, then zakk came out on the other side of the tent – closer to where we were. he had a dick of a manager/entourage guy who made all of us leave. why? we were on the other side of the barrier just hanging out, not doing anything wrong. so security made everyone standing there get out. that was lovely. the whole time it was off and on sprinkling, but nothing too bad. we wandered over to the lawn section cuz there were more booths around, and by then they were letting people into seats. got our seats, sat around, it started raining really hard. well i wanted to catch some of cradle of filth’s set, so we went back out in the rain, which wasn’t that bad, to watch a min or two of their set on the 2nd stage. they had a cirque du solei type acrobat girl as part of their show. back to our seats – just in time. it fucking downpoured. the rain running off the tent was crazy. lots of soaked people. and lots of mud.

so the main stage show started with chevelle. they were ok i guess. in the middle of one of their last songs (well, it turned out to be their last), everyone turned around to watch the people who started throwing mud on the lawn. cuz people are smart. so the singer goes, turn around, the show is this way, not that way. and i guess he got pissed enough at everyone turning around to watch the mud, that they just stopped playing. he said to turn around again, then said, “fine, you’re not getting the rest of that song” and they all walked off. LOL. it was great. then some guy threatened the mud throwers with arrest. disturbed was next. i will admit that they were better this time than the first time at UB before STP. but i still do not like them. and i still do not like david’s little wrestler act on stage. and as adr said, i do not like the preacher act, calling everyone his sisters and brothers. but david did do a nice little shout out to their “fallen brother” marilyn manson, who couldn’t join us today, and how no one should be able to tell us who we can watch, and what we can listen to etc. it was funny, all sorts of people had “where the fuck is marilyn manson” shirts on. which brings me to a question. how the hell can six flags disagree with marilyn manson, and ban him from appearing on stage, but let cradle of filth play, when they have more antichristian rhetoric than manson could ever create. such hypocracy. just because they know of manson and his whole stupid image, they think he’s evil, but they got super anti christian people playing on second stage, cuz they have no clue who they are. pisses me off.

korn was after disturbed. korn fucking rocked. they played about an hour, which was expected. opened with blind, then twist, and adidas. or got the life. i dont know they order, but they also played freak on a leash, falling away from me, did my time, faget, here to stay, somebody someone, shoots and ladders, i think more than that, but i forget. jon played the bag pipes so danielle was happy, but no kilt. they just really rocked. i had so much fun.

ozzy…was ozzy. lol just like you see on tv. jumping around, throwing buckets of water, spraying hoses…shaking, looking disoriented etc. one part was really kinda sad, cuz it looked as if he had no clue where he was, or forgot the words or something. but he was good most of the time, as far as that goes. cant say what he played, i just know he played iron man, mr crowley, bark at the moon, crazy train, mama i’m coming home…and others i recognized but don’t know the names of. good show.

i love metal shows. they’re so much fun. partly because they are so cliched hahah.

now i don’t quite understand what the problem is, when leaving darien lake after a concert. how have they not figured out the correct way to do it, so you’re not sitting at a standstill in your car forever?? why have they still not paved all the concert parking area. cuz tonight, that turned into a huge problem. lots of rain = lots of mud. lots of mud = lots of cars stuck in the mud. including mine. we got to one part of the lot and we noticed the car in front of us was stuck. wheels spinning, going nowhere. we’re like fuck, we better not get stuck. but of course every car got stuck when you don’t have the momentum to keep moving cuz you gotta sit there sinking in the mud forever before the line of cars moves again. i thought i was ok, and then nope, car just wasn’t going anywhere. there were some guys standing around pushing people out of the mud. so a guy got us out, which was really nice. cuz he’s covered in mud now of course. my car…gah. it’s drenched in mud lol. we actually didn’t have too bad of a wait to get out. it was about 20 min. and the show was over and we were in the car by 9:30 lol. the wait was so much better than the STP wait which i swear was over an hour.

so home around 11, tired out. had to wash my feet, since smart me wore my sandals. i should have worn the asbestos shoes. oh well. ran into a kid from work who always takes me off my roulette game. he grabbed me and was like, we need you on blackjack. i’m like NO! hahah. i bought some earrings. managed not to spend any other money, no food, or souvenirs, or alcohol or anything. my earrings were 5 bucks.

i’m really tired. might be heading out to the terminal tomorrow afternoon with jerry. i want puddle pictures damnit! i got my case of film today, so i’m all set for another month now

Dave Gahan @ Koolhaus

before getting to today, i just uninstalled xp. it makes my comp run worse than it did before, esp in the internet department. but that means my net is set up wrong again, and eric, you need to come over tomorrow and fix it for me please. i’ll buy you dinner.

ok, today. i’m so glad we left so much extra time for all the traffic we DIDN’T ENCOUNTER! no traffic on the way in. we didn’t even really get lost. we got there around 3. the yahoo directions told us to take hwy 2, which is lakeshore drive, then the jarvis street exit. which would be fine if lakeshore had a jarvis exit…it doesn’t have any exits at all cuz its a normal street. but the gardner has a jarvis street exit. and would have been faster too. but we found it anyway. since we were about 5 hours early we ventured down town, parked in some lot, and walked up queen to yonge and got lunch and stuff. we ate at this movenpick marche place. it was really cool. they had all different kinds of stations and you went and found what you wanted and they’d make it there for you. i had a belgian waffle with strawberries and chocolate sauce. it was super yum.

so we killed time off and went back to koolhaus. which is not the same place that we saw orgy at, it’s the other part of the building. i think it’s a bit bigger. we parked in the lot across the street. it was 15$..ok. gave the guy 15$ and he gave us 40$ back. we’re like !?!? i was like, did you give me 55 to give him? i thought it was 15. yeah we gave him 15. well we just made a bunch of free money.

so the show. the opener was kenna and the new sacred cows or something. really good actually. then gahan. he played for almost 2 hours, 2 encores. it was really cool. i’m not too familiar with his new album, but i recognized a few. and he did a bunch of depeche mode stuff too. i think we counted 7 DM songs but we might have forgotten some. the entire end of the show, the 2 encores, were all DM songs. i’ll try to get a set list tomorrow.

i hate summer shows though, cuz everyone always smells. and i hate people touching me when there is no reason. if we’re up in front in the crush, that’s fine, but when there is plenty of room and someone is hanging on me, i want to scream. during “walking in my shoes” and then through almost the rest of the show, this guy who was making me nauseus all night (he was chewing some kind of gross strawberry smelling gum) started leaning on me. i kept moving over, he kept leaning on me. it’s like GET THE FUCK OFF ME. oh and then besides that, we’re waiting for the show to start and the most annoying couple ever is standing in front of us, constantly like, hanging on eachother and making out. i seriously wanted to go “i didn’t pay 50$ to watch you grope eachother, the bathroom is over there, just go and fuck already and get it over with”…then to top it off, another couple came and stood in front of us. and then a 3rd…AND THEN A FOURTH. by then i just yelled IF ANOTHER COUPLE COMES AND STANDS IN FRONT OF US IM GOING TO PUNCH SOMEONE! it was so bad. at least they were kinda good during the actual show. in my facist dictatorship PDA would be illegal.

dave’s band was interesting. the guitarist looked super familiar, kinda like colin quinn from SNL. the drummer was just weird, way too into it, and just…weird. and he looked like a fat, older, ugly ed norton. the bassist was missing teeth. lol. dave was dave. how can he not be gay? he is so….flamboyant. he’s got the mick jagger hip swivel thing, and then like, the elvis poses. speaking of mick jagger. during dave’s song “I need you” he started doing the stones “i miss you”…kinda funny. he held up some sign someone had that said “screw the stones we crave dave” haha.

so yeah. the show was good. very good. he sounded good. he’s got a great stomach/hip groovies *drool*.

we leave the club and go to the parking lot. i open my car door and a paper falls out. i picked it up and it was some power of prayer thing, so i dropped it on the ground. i go to get in the car and this guy goes miss!! i’m like…what, i littered, who cares. no it was the parking attendant guy. he said he left that note for me about the extra money he gave us LOL i didnt see the note on the other side of the ad. but he went on about how we gave him 15$ and he gave us 40$ back and how if we don’t give it back it’s gonna come out of his pocket and blahblahblah. well of course we spent half of it at the show on drinks (1 drink each) so we’re like, um…here’s 20. he like…looks devistated that he’s gonna have to pay for this mistake out of his pocket. so i offered him american money. we gave him 15$ more US hahaha. we’re like…it’s kinda creepy he remembered who we were, and that he remembered my car enough to leave the note, and then accost us about the money.

so we leave. after all the non existant traffic, we get to the border in an hour haha. we were home by 1. i saw a big ass bright shooting star. so i made a wish – for nate to be impotent.

time for bed i guess.

Tool @ Copps

tool. gah! so great!

eric and i went to Tully’s for dinner before the show. they sat us in a section with no waiter, so we were sitting there for 10 min before anyone came to ask us if we had seen anyone. so this kid took drink orders, and the mgr came over and was like blah blah blah sorry, we’ll pay for your drinks and you can order any appetizer you want. so we were like rad, we were going to get potato skins. so the waiter who was now taking care of us came back and we told him what we wanted, he said…well if you’re getting it for free you might as well order the most expensive appetizer we have. haha it was a sampler thing, so we got that. we had so much food LOL. it was great. took tons home, and our bill was 16$ lol. we left him a 6$ tip.

came back to my house to wait for muhammed and his girlfriend jenn. headed out to the falls, cuz mom said the lewiston bridge was hella backed up. rainbow was fine, little bit of a wait at the booth, no biggie. then we got pulled over and searched LOL. no biggie either, we had nothing to hide. just a time waster.

got to hamilton around 7:30 i guess, and found where we had to go in and everything. tickets said 8 pm, i assumed doors at 7. don’t know when they actually opened – there were tons of people outside still, but when we got in around 8 and found our seats, we managed to only see the last Tomahawk song (no loss there, sounded shitty anyway). but we were like woah, talk about perfect timing. and lemme tell you about the seats we had. omg. they were perfect. they were 1 section over from what would be right next to the stage. we had row 13, which would be fine anyway, but turns out we were on the edge of the front, because they removed the lower seating in that area. so we had a railing in front of us, and no one else obstructing our view. it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. go me and my ticket buying skills haha.

tool fucking rocked. maynard has the most amazing voice. during “The grudge” he holds this note/scream and me and eric just looked at eachother and were like o.m.g. haha. maynard is such a freak tho. performed the entire set with his back to the audience, standing on a platform back by the drum kit. never saw his face til the end, when he was throwing water bottles into the crowd, and he had painted a black stripe down the middle of his face and head. haha. he reminds me of someone from blue man group, he’s such a spaz. so it rocked. they sounded great, and they had cool video things playing with their funky animation things. it was an awesome, awesome show.

David Bowie @ Area 2


sunday: worked til 6. it was fun. i don’t remember why but things at work have been pretty good lately. i worked with cool people. i think that was why. i was in my car leaving for toronto at exactly 6, and i pulled into carolyn’s driveway at exactly 7:30. go me. and i even got lost too. because if you take the bayview south exit, you can’t go north like carolyn said. but you can take the bayview north exit 😛 now i know. once i got to carolyn’s we went to eat at the usual pub place. had awful service, left virtually no tip lol. then back to carolyn’s house. we watched the u2 specials she taped for me, which was rad. and then watched this old episode of 90210 that happened to be on the tape. that led to the major revelation of the day…..i know i’ve mentioned ultra hot server, and i think i mentioned that i couldn’t figure out who he reminded me of….figured it out….he looks exactly like Brian Austin Green (david from 90120)…so from now on, ultra hot server is known as david lol. anyway. so i was falling asleep all night cuz i was dead tired from work and then driving, so after watching half of Batman Forever on TNN, went to bed.

monday: woke up around 11 i think. got ready to go to Area 2. we decided that we didn’t want to spend from 2:30 to whenever bowie was on at the ampitheatre if you couldn’t bring in food or drink. so instead we bummed around downtown toronto for a while, hit a few cd stores, eaton center etc. had lunch at Zelda’s which is in the gayborhood, and owned by a drag queen. it was a fun place. there was this weird lady sitting next to us, and she wouldn’t leave. lol. eventually we made our way to the ampitheatre, i think around 5. ended up catching half of Ash’s set, and all of Blue Man Group. yeah…blue man group…does not translate to the concert stage. if that was the only time you were going to see them, it’s not worth it. they are so much better in the theatre. on a concert stage they had to make it more musical, they had a band, and just did alot of music stuff. in the theatre they were completely wacked out lol. so not impressed with their performance there. then david bowie came on. we were like ?!?! it’s still light out, it was like 7pm, and he was on already? what happened to Busta Rhymes? well apparently Busta wasn’t allowed over the border LOL. so bowie went on early, and played a longer set compared to the setlists that have been posted on BOWIE ROCKED. it was so good. he was so adorable. he talked alot between songs, was really funny, and he has a super accent. highlight was probably “i’m afraid of americans” and not just cuz of the trent thing… it was really good, and the crowd went nuts for it. “china girl” was good, so was “let’s dance” …it was all good. at one point he borrowed sunglasses from some girl up front, cuz the sun was shining in his bad eye LOL. it was just really great. bowie is great. so then we left. LOL. didn’t even bother to stay for even 1 moby song. soooo many people left after bowie too it was crazy. poor moby lol. so back at carolyn’s we ended up watching the end of batman forever, which was on a different station but happened to be at the part where we had turned it off the night before. weird. oh yeah, i ran into trish, from high school, at area 2. haven’t seen her in 3 years or so. talked to her for a few minutes, she seems to be doing pretty good.

bowie setlist from
Life on Mars?
Ashes to Ashes
Breaking Glass
Slip Away
China Girl
Be My Wife
I’ve Been Waiting For You
I Would Be Your Slave
I’m Afraid of Americans
5:15 The Angels Have Gone
Heathen (The Rays)

Hallo Spaceboy
Everyone Says Hi
Let’s Dance
Ziggy Stardust

tuesday: left carolyn’s at 12 and made my way to oakville to heather’s house. she followed me back to my house, where we hung about for a while until we had to go to the airport. went to the airport, picked up Ty, and headed for dinner…where else… hard rock. 2 reasons. my discount and the fact that it’s next to the rainbow bridge so they could hop right over back to canada, without me needing to give them directions from my house. so good time there of course. they’ll be back down monday to do the falls tourist stuff, cuz Ty has never been to NY before. and now i’m home.

my car will hit 10,000 miles by the end of the week, a little over a year and a month since i got the car. not bad. hehe. i work the next 5 days in a row (i’m going to die)…i totally forgot danielle is leaving friday. we have to do something tomorrow cuz it’s the only day i don’t work at night. blah. i was going to see if i could get out early on saturday so i could go to brooke’s housewarming party, but i dunno. i’m going to see if someone will switch shifts with me on thursday so i can go out with danielle on her last day here. my schedule sucks.

Friendship Fest with David Usher

haha “i dont see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind….with 12 year olds” haha sorry. this commercial is on for Monsta Jamz, and it has a pretty decent tracklist, one of them being r kelly. i couldn’t resist 🙂

anyway. long day. work was good. i didn’t get validated (tested) today, but my trainer said i knew everything. so i guess i’ll do it tomorrow. i work 5 – 12 tomorrow. after work, got my free food, raced home to leave for friendship fest. it was this chick holly something, edwin, and david usher. we got there around 7:30 i think, mid holly set, found joe and mary up front. the holly chick was decent, for a girl singer haha. edwin was up next. didn’t really care for them. they blew the PA out twice, then towards the end of their set someone threw a rock onstage, hit edwin in the head, causing him to gush blood everywhere. so he ran off stage, the band took off after him. the crowd was surrounding whoever it was who threw it. some of the band members came back onstage, and then jumped off to go beat the shit out of the kid who threw it. edwin came back onstage to see what was going on, blood running all down his face. he was taken to the hospital for precautions but was ok. so obviously, that ended their set. david usher came out after that. another great show. he did his solo stuff, a few moist songs, and the rocking ozzy/pink mix of crazy train and get the party started. and of course, the show didn’t progress without an almost fight haha. crowd surfers started during the moist songs, one came by us and was dropped. so then they’re starting with eric
“wtf you took my buddies shoe?”
eric: “i didn’t take his fucking shoe”
the kid:”i saw you take it and throw it. why the fuck did you take his shoe?”
eric: “chill out, i didn’t fucking take his shoe. why would i want his shoe?”
of course, eric took the kids shoe 🙂 hehe. the kids found the shoe when the mosh pit broke out behind us. i think it’s funny, and great, how my guy friends are protective of us girls at shows. as soon as the first crowd surfer started, eric moved behind danielle. i was ok, so it was all good. then when the shoe kids were behind us and stuff, i felt someone grabbing me. then i was like, oh it’s joe, and he pulled me between him and mary. haha so the 3 of us girls were all protected haha.

anyway, it was a good show. david usher always has alot of energy and stuff. sounded good. had a good time. but oh my god do i hurt. i stood for about 14 hours today. legs are so not happy!!

Static-X at Water Street

back from static x. it was rad. we went all out for the show, which is the first time we’ve done that in a long, long time…i think since APC march 2001. wow that IS a long time. i forgot how much i like doing it. i got to wear my new leather (plastic) pants…the non shiny black ones. and omg i love them so much. hahaha. so we headed up to eric’s and set out from there. we were late, doors were supposed to be at 6, but there was a huge line still. once inside we waited forever to be let upstairs to the balcony because no way was i going to get killed by all the 15 year olds being dickheads on the floor. and i realized 2 things. i need breast implants and i need to bleach my hair blond. because that way you get special treatment from security and get let into the balcony with all your friends before they open it to everyone else. but i shouldn’t complain, because after our bitching security noticed danielle and let the four of us up (me, her, eric and jason). but it’s all good cuz the whores got made fun of by wayne static. he called them handicapped because they were sitting down through the whole show. hahahah.

anyway…my taste in men just keeps getting weirder and weirder….so sinisstar played first. they came out, and the first thing i thought of when the guitarist came out was OMG HE’S HOT! he was wearing a dress. and really ripped tights, big black boots, leather shorts under the dress and a long sleeve shirt. and he had reaaaally long hair/dreds (couldn’t tell) and it was all done up on top too with shiny things (couldn’t tell). yeah and my first reaction is omg he is so hot. apparently his name is China…he reminds me of Twiggy from marilyn manson…but hot. lol. so while i thought they weren’t all that good, they were really entertaining (besides the hot dress wearing guitarist). i really don’t know what’s wrong with me 🙂 but all i know is that if i had a boyfriend who was a cross dresser i wouldn’t care ahaha. i’d encourage it. AND DANIELLE THOUGHT HE WAS HOT TOO!!!! lol

after sinisstar was earshot. ok…anyone who thinks they sound like tool YOU COULDN’T BE ANY MORE WRONG! the music doesn’t sound like tool, and the singer DOES NOT sound like maynard. and they didn’t impress me at all. they seemed to be having some problems though…like out of tune and feedback and stuff, so i dunno. maybe it was just a bad show.

so staticx came on after an hour…dunno why it took so long but whatever. it was really fun. they were having fun on stage, goofing off, and it was a good time. tripp (guitarist, ex-dope member) is so cute/insane. he was crawling over everything, took a strole on the bar during one song and wayne didn’t know where he had gone to. and he kept eating pixi stix lol. he threw a bunch in the audience too. they were just really entertaining and fun. so i’m glad i went. it was interesting seeing the floor from above…looking down on the pit and stuff. it’s really surprising more people don’t end up dead. oh and on the way out we saw a 7 year old girl with her mom/sister (not sure which)…insane.

i really need a shower but going to bed. i’m deaf again, right after i recovered. but i don’t think it’s as bad this time. tomorrow is study day (no exams for entire school) so going out to lunch with proff and research girls, then starting to study for my 2 on friday. yay for me.



went to lunch with the proff, it was fun. talked a lot, all good. new orleans is gonna rock!

there were 2 new cases of meningitis here at school. one viral one bacterial…not happy. i got the vaccine, but now i gotta worry about the other type, and blah. i hate disease. hahah.

when i took a shower this morning, i had so much stuff in my hair from yesterday i had to rinse and repeat for the first time in my life LOL. and my hair STILL moved when it was all windy and stuff. i commented that i went to a concert last night, and research girls were like who, and so i’m like Static x, and they’re all like never heard of them. lol i’m like yeah you wouldn’t like them. and beth commented on how we have to go to the garden district so i can find my husband lol. good times.

Janet Jackson in Buffalo

janet jackson – buffalo, ny – aug 10, 2001

carolyn came to visit, and paid for half my ticket, to see janet jackson. i dont like pop music, but whatever. she’s a jackson.

i don’t like pop music, but i hate r&b even more. 112 opened. they sucked. 4 black boys singing r&b songs. yeah, did not enjoy that at all.

janet came on around 9. opened with “come on get up” from the new cd. we had really super good seats, right side of the stage, row 7, so we could see perfectly (i wish i had seats that good for people i really like). the show was entertaining. the stage was cool, the chorography and visuals were cool. for a pop show, it was good. not sure how much she lip synched. carolyn didn’t think she lip sycnhed anything, but i disagree. when singers wear the head set microphones many times it’s so they can lip synch. all pop stars do it. “you ain’t right” sounded way too produced to have been sang live, but who knows.

highlight for me was “rhythm nation”…lowlight was the fact that she cut out “if”. i’m figuring that everybody there would have loved to see “if”. she could have cut out any one of the new songs, in my opinion, to leave in “if”….or she could have cut out “come back to me” (if that’s the song she played, i can’t remember). of all the songs she played, i would think it was a no brainer to leave in “if” but nooooooooooo she had to go cut it out. blah on her. for “would you mind” janet brings a boy onstage, straps him to a crucifix type device, and mounts him…yeah this kid was so turned on, it was so funny. i mean what guy wouldn’t be when janet is all covered in black vinyl and mounting you…even gay guys would be turned on by that LOL.


Come On Get Up
You Ain’t Right
All For You
Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Trust A Try
Come Back To Me / Let’s Wait Awhile / Again (medley)
Runaway / When I Think Of You / Miss You Much / Escapade (medley)
Son Of A Gun
Got ‘Til It’s Gone
That’s The Way Love Goes
What Have You Done For Me Lately / Control / Nasty (medley)
Would You Mind
***If & Black Cat -cut cuz of psuedo illness***
Rhythm Nation / The Knowledge (medley)
Doesn’t Really Matter
Someone To Call My Lover
Together Again

so overall, it was a good, fun pop show.