Tool @ Copps

tool. gah! so great!

eric and i went to Tully’s for dinner before the show. they sat us in a section with no waiter, so we were sitting there for 10 min before anyone came to ask us if we had seen anyone. so this kid took drink orders, and the mgr came over and was like blah blah blah sorry, we’ll pay for your drinks and you can order any appetizer you want. so we were like rad, we were going to get potato skins. so the waiter who was now taking care of us came back and we told him what we wanted, he said…well if you’re getting it for free you might as well order the most expensive appetizer we have. haha it was a sampler thing, so we got that. we had so much food LOL. it was great. took tons home, and our bill was 16$ lol. we left him a 6$ tip.

came back to my house to wait for muhammed and his girlfriend jenn. headed out to the falls, cuz mom said the lewiston bridge was hella backed up. rainbow was fine, little bit of a wait at the booth, no biggie. then we got pulled over and searched LOL. no biggie either, we had nothing to hide. just a time waster.

got to hamilton around 7:30 i guess, and found where we had to go in and everything. tickets said 8 pm, i assumed doors at 7. don’t know when they actually opened – there were tons of people outside still, but when we got in around 8 and found our seats, we managed to only see the last Tomahawk song (no loss there, sounded shitty anyway). but we were like woah, talk about perfect timing. and lemme tell you about the seats we had. omg. they were perfect. they were 1 section over from what would be right next to the stage. we had row 13, which would be fine anyway, but turns out we were on the edge of the front, because they removed the lower seating in that area. so we had a railing in front of us, and no one else obstructing our view. it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. go me and my ticket buying skills haha.

tool fucking rocked. maynard has the most amazing voice. during “The grudge” he holds this note/scream and me and eric just looked at eachother and were like o.m.g. haha. maynard is such a freak tho. performed the entire set with his back to the audience, standing on a platform back by the drum kit. never saw his face til the end, when he was throwing water bottles into the crowd, and he had painted a black stripe down the middle of his face and head. haha. he reminds me of someone from blue man group, he’s such a spaz. so it rocked. they sounded great, and they had cool video things playing with their funky animation things. it was an awesome, awesome show.

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