must sleep. but must blog!

work was boring. really dead, goofed off with the girls, and they let me leave at 3:20. so i got to carolyn’s early haha. i almost fell asleep in the car about 100 times. it was bad. so we were lazy for 4 hours, ate, went downtown for the hedwig convention. the tickets said doors at 9, the website said doors at 9:30…more like doors at 10:15. finally got inside, sat in the theatre awating instructions etc. there were some people dressed up and stuff, it was cool. got inline for the autograph thing. JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE! he’s so TINY, and he’s so cute. got him to sign my dvd, and Little Hansel (who dances on the bed in Germany) signed it too. after that, went back in the theatre to wait for the rest of the stuff. they had Little Hansel come onstage and dance for everyone, there was a Hedwig from a Texas production who was there who performed, and then q&a with JCM. HE’S SO CUTE! haha i know, i said that. he was really funny too. so it was a good time. but we didn’t stay for the movie. it would have been cool to see it on the big screen again, but i knew i’d fall asleep. things were running so behind it was 1:30 and they were gonna start the movie. carolyn had to get up for work at 7…so we ditched on the movie and went back to her house to pass out lol. good times good times.

so tonight is tool. i need to go back to bed now, cuz i’m so fucking tired. and i hurt all over. i feel like an old woman. my lower back hurts so friggen bad, and my sternum feels like it’s bruised. my neck feels better tho haha. i have tomorrow to rest up and feel better too. need a massage, that’s what i need. ANYWAY yeah tool…need to talk to muhammed cuz he never called me back after he called last sunday. and i had 2 diff phone numbers for him, neither are him. i’m figuring since tool is his fav band, and he NEEDS to find out when we’re leaving or he has no way there, he’ll call this afternoon. lol


i tried out carolyn’s hair wax stuff yesterday, cuz we had looked at it in the store and wondered how it worked. she said it doesn’t wash out. she was right. my hair felt so wacko after my shower, cuz it’s still coated in wax. i wonder how long it’s gonna stay in there. now it’s coated in mousse and hairspray, maybe it’ll disintegrate the wax haha.

my mom is so funny sometimes. years ago she commented to me that she’d know if i was having sex, because i’d start wearing nicer underwear. lol. so i come home from toronto and she’s reorganized my room, including putting aaaaallll my nice pairs of underwear at the top of the drawer, and hiding the ones i usually wear. LOL. what exactly is she trying to do here? lol. she’s ruined it for herself, cuz now she can’t deduce anything since SHE’S the one prompting me to wear nice ones hehe.

finally got a hold of muhammed – 3 different phone numbers later. haha. i’m wondering if i should do anything between now and when we leave…lol. i’m so lazy. i should wash my work clothes but i can do that tomorrow lol. mom will be gone all day tomorrow.

someone (assume: mom) wrecked my window clings in my car. i noticed yesterday when i was checking out the possibly new scratch on my passenger side of my car. SHUT UP CAROLYN. i’ve decided the scratch was there before friday night. when i hit the car with my keys it wasn’t hard enough, and in such a way to actually scratch the paint like the way whatever happened to make the mark did. that’s a really ackward sentence. whatever. yeah. the clings – someone washed the inside of the window, so the ink is all wiped off onto the actual glass. all screwed up now. arg. thanks alot.

i forgot to mention that mgr at work handed me a big bag of canadian change the other day, since they were going to throw it out again (i guess). it ended up being probably around 15$ lol. there was 8 or 9 in just loonies, then tons of quarters. i still have the 6 bucks she gave me when i rolled coins for her lol. not complaining!

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