First semester freshman year Danielle and I had a schedule where on some days I would get up with her and her alarm clock, and some days I’d get to sleep in. Well one day, her alarm went off, and I was entirely confused. I had no idea what day it was. I layed there and could not think of what day it was to save my life, so I didn’t know if I had to go to class or not. So I asked Danielle, who was standing at the foot of my bed (where her alarm clock was) and I asked her what day it was. She just stood there, for the longest time, silent. Then she finally said she didn’t know what day it was. NEITHER ONE OF US KNEW WHAT DAY IT WAS. She claims now, that she didn’t even know how she got to be standing in front of the alarm clock (she thinks she slept walked, and woke up standing there). But isn’t that the weirdest thing ever, that neither one of us knew what day it was. haha


I’ve never been more excited to find out that everything I thought I knew was wrong. I never thought an 8:30 am Sociology class would be fun. I never knew that economics and politics could be interesting. I guess it boils down to one thing: Dr Kurt Cylke’s Soc-102 Social Problems and Public Policy class. Everyone should be required to take this class from Dr Cylke. I’ve never so thoroughly enjoyed having my mind blown.


Chuck Palahniuk is the author of Fight Club, Survivor and Invisible Monsters. After seeing Fight Club (one of the best movies ever) I got all his books and read them. Then I felt compelled to write him, so I did. Here was my letter:

Dear Chuck,

I’m sure you’re very busy writing and all that good stuff, so I’ll keep this short. I saw Fight Club, and although it was completely messed up and sick, I was incredible fascinated by it, so I got the book. The book was amazing. I finally found a store that sold something besides Fight Club… and I just finished it. Invisible Monsters just blew me away. It was fucked up and twisted and I loved it. It really kept me surprised the entire way through. I didn’t anticipate anything that happened until right before it did. I haven’t read Survivor, because like I said, no one in the area sells anything besides Fight Club, but I’m looking forward to getting it off the net, and seeing whatever happens with the rumors about Survivor and Trent Reznor. Good luck with your new work.

I sent it on July 13th. Yesterday (july 29) I get a letter postmarked Oregon, and I’m like WTF. There was no return address. I open it up and start reading, and I was like, what the hell is this. I thought it was from someone I sold books to on ebay, and I look at the name at the bottom, and it was from CHUCK! And it wasn’t some shitass form letter, it was a real letter! So here is my letter from Chuck, one of the coolest authors around at the moment, not just because he writes awesomely, but because he took a whole 5 minutes out of writing his new book to answer some lameass girl from NY’s letter 🙂

Dear Sara,

Thanks for liking the books.

It makes me laugh (until I pee blood) how Roger Ebert gave F/C a thumbs down and condemned it. His was one of the worst reviews. But this spring, he gave the DVD a thumbs up…?!? And raved about it…?!

I think we all owe David Fincher a big apology, and a nice kiss on the butt.

Invisible Monsters, jeez, I feel a need to apologize for that one. It just got out of control. I started writing it one night with a bunch of friends at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. It was the night of the Rodney King verdict, and we could hear the rioters breaking the windows out of Nordstrom’s downtown. Then we went to the Rebar Lounge and stage dove (dived?).

You haven’t seen sick until you read Choke, due out next April. It’s a funny romantic comedy about compulsive sexual addiction, and the movie studios are already phoning me. Some with their tongues hanging out. Go figure.

Please, cross your fingers about Trent R and Survivor.

Okay, Mr. Ebert, pucker up.

Sincerely, Chuck Palahniuk

HOW COOL IS THAT?! It was typed, but he signed it and addressed the envelope, and he’s got rad handwriting. Anyway, just thought I’d share.