dream: sabres were in a shoot out and they lost. the other team was celebrating, and all that, and suddenly a dog was running around on the ice. then a woman and 2 guys came out on the ice to try to catch the dog, and the woman finally did. then for some reason, they had to do the shoot out over again, because of this interruption by the dog on the ice, and this time the sabres won.

Aces and Blades

went to Aces and Blades with Jenn tonight. it is a charity casino night with the Buffalo Sabres, the players are the dealers and there are all sorts of auctions and stuff. it was supposed to be a big group thing but then other people didn’t have money, couldn’t get off of work, or the event sold out on them (seems they sold 500 tickets, and ours were 494 and 495! just made it!) right away we were totally nerdy, walking from the parking ramp into the arena, behind the big team picture taking pictures of it hahahah. inside they gave everyone sabres “poker” dice, like yahtzee.

walked around a bit checking out the auctions. they had all sorts of things for the live auctions like, take a sabre player to school, ice time with the coaches, etc. they also had 4 blue seats from the aud signed by alumnis, and the coolest bubble hockey game ever! it was an ice bowl superchex with sabres and penguins players, and it was all autographed. so so cool, too bad i couldn’t have afforded to bid. there were lots of silent auction items, signed stuff, other sports stuff like A Rod’s 500th home run autographed photo (why?). then there was a chinese basket auction and each player and their wives, or apparently if they didn’t have sig others, 2 players, created the baskets. some of them were pretty cool with PSPs and ipods in them and stuff. too bad we didn’t win 🙁

we were checking out the food situation when the players came out to start the games, and upstairs was some weird poker game, and the money wheel! woo Vanek was the one relegated to the money wheel, and he had to have a lesson on how to do it LOL it was hilarious. Vanek being Jenn’s fav and no one really being up there we were able to get pics real fast and play a few spins without being pushed around. Teppo Numninen was on the weird poker thing. Back downstairs was all blackjack games, in groups of 4 mostly, with the other players. Walked around and took pics of Hecht for Adr1 and Kaleta for Eric. And apparently Kaleta was talking about me to the “pit boss” but I didn’t notice, Jenn did haha. We tried to play with him but no one was getting up. Ended up sitting with Nathan Paetsch and playing with him for a while. He was very fun and I won 14$ hahaha. Talked about seeing him at work and we told him to come find us next time. Eventually got up to walk around more and took pictures of each player at their table (except we forgot Peters, went back to get him and by this time it was 9 and it was their curfew so they were leaving, got distracted by taking a picture with Paetsch, and then Peters was gone). The players were all leaving pretty quickly so we dashed over to Pominville for Jenn to get a pic, cuz he is Megan’s fav player. The only players who stuck around the rest of the night were Tallinder and Tellqvist. (*edit* realized later that Max, Spacek and Lydman weren’t there, and who was the entertainment? none other than lance diamond, so it was my typical friday night ha)

the live auction was up after the games, so we went back upstairs for food, and after the auction was the alumni as dealers. we forgot that we should have just picked a table and sat at it to wait for the alumni, so again we didn’t have a seat. walked around to see who was dealing and i hardly know any of the alumni…gil perrault, lindy ruff, rob ray, james patrick, and matt barnaby are really the only ones i recognized, and some people who had jerseys on i recognized the names (shannon). there were 2 who were REALLY young and i just couldn’t figure out who they would be, so young and alumni…barnaby looked like alot of fun to play with, ray didn’t know wtf he was doing haha. james patrick was upstairs on the money wheel this time around haha.

cashed out our chips and headed out. we were going to meet people out for drinks but it didn’t really happen so we went to Towne for food and headed home. it was super fun, definitely will go again.


The St. Louis Blues are responding to tight economic times with a fan bailout plan.

The team announced Monday that at every remaining Saturday home game beginning Nov. 29, the organization will call the seat number of a fan and pay that person’s mortgage or rent for four months, up to $4,000 total.

wow the sabres so need to do that too hahaha. then i could watch as someone buying our seats wins free mortgage payments!!

Pigeon trophy ;)

how freaking adorable is this….

The Sabres are off to a flying start. Whether they win or lose, that will continue all season.

The Sabres’ equipment staff recently purchased a stuffed pigeon and placed the team logo on the wings. The players have begun awarding it as a trophy, giving it to the player most deserving of an honor from the previous game.

“You always have something to make it interesting and have some fun with it as well,” Sabres goaltender Patrick Lalime told the team Web site while explaining his former team, Chicago, had a tomahawk it passed out.

The pigeon came out because of a statement made by defenseman Jaroslav Spacek when he joined the team two seasons ago. The players were looking for another card player, and Spacek said he was ready to take cash from the “pigeons.”

The bird will accompany the Sabres (5-0-1) on their trip, which starts Thursday in Minnesota and continues Saturday in Colorado.

“It has to fly behind the plane,” Spacek said. “It’s got to come find us.”

And when it’s located, it’ll be in the locker of the hottest player.


first game of the season, and i had absolutely no faith in my sabres. i bet phill that we’d lose…so now i owe him a pretzel cuz we won in a shootout!! YAY A SHOOTOUT! nothing like a shootout win in the first game to give miller some confidence. we scored 2 and montreal scored zero in the shootout so it wasn’t even a close one. we can score and stop them now yay. it had been far too long since the last game, it was exciting to be in the building again.

bad thing…they’ve replaced the dippin dots with those crappy imitation ittsy bitz. and they are not good! they come in little prepackaged bowls, with 3 crap flavours – cotton candy, cookie dough and cookies and cream. and they taste crappy. if we had ended up losing i wouldn’t get them again, but now with a win i have to. but once we lose, no more crap dots. will switch to nachos. phill was mad the arena switched to coke products. what is this place coming to!

went to pearl street with pat, heather and brian before the game. we had terrible service. they reordered drinks when we ordered our food…ordered them again when we got our food…and didn’t get them til we were finished. waited forever for ketchup. in general just bad. we only gave her a 6$ tip on a 100$ bill…sorta felt bad, and yeah it was busy but come on, a half hour for 3 beers and some ketchup? they gave us a comment card that brian filled out, maybe he’ll get sent some gift certificates or something haha

go sabres!


boo on the red wings. booo! poor penguins, they looked so sad. and almost scoring with a second left…man that’d have been great. ah well. season is over, we can get on with the schedule for 08-09 🙂

on the topic of sports. i saw kevin everett the last 2 nights. he was the buffalo bills player who broke his neck and was paralyzed on the field during the first football game last year. they had injected him with cold water immediately to induce hypothermia which saved his life. he was up and walking around like nothing ever happened, no cane, no assistance, and it hasn’t even been a year. really freaking amazing story. they thought he’d be a vegetable like christopher reeves, but nope. may not play football any more but wow. lucky man.


final sabres home game of the season tonight. WIN. overtime…overall it was pretty boring and a bit depressing. we should be preparing for the playoffs and not for the golf course…wins are good though. and for the first time our section won free bigmacs (woo…:P). i took a bunch of pics during warm up for phill. most blurry, don’t realize how fast they move until you’re right next to them. there were a few that turned out nicely though. the dippin dots cart moved next to our section now, talk about convenient. hopefully they leave it there next season haha.


since it was such a gorgeous day out today, pat, phill and i went for autographs. didn’t have a whole lot of luck since there were 10 people there or so. one of the main 4 i needed, pominville, stopped so check him off the list. connolley is a bum, and even tho i had his freaking jersey with me, still won’t stop. i still need about half the team on the other poster. met bernier, who was very nice and even bigger than he seemed on tv. the other usual suspects, vanek, miller, peters stopped but alot left. we figure they got yelled at for playing like such shite yesterday.