MAGA Cult coup, live on TV

I’ve spent the day watching MAGA cult members storming the US Capitol and breaching the building. Scenes you’ve watched on tv before, but in other countries.

This is what America has come to? Half the population living in a parallel universe, rallying around a reality show con man? How is this even happening? How is the divide between our realities that vast?

I don’t even know what to say. It’s astounding. It’s gross.


In other news I am immensely unhappy. This shit doesn’t help of course, but I can turn the TV off at any time. I need to be medicated, but I still have 3 more weeks til I see whoever my dr is now. I am in pain of some kind every day. From the plantar fasciitis that resists treatment, to just feeling like I’m twice my age and having to hobble for a min each time I get up, the only thing actually under control is the chronic migraine. So hooray for small favors. I hate living with someone, I just want to be alone. What is the point of life?

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