yay winter

if you go to yahoo weather right now for north tonawanda, it says “blizzard” hahahahaha i’ve never seen that before. oh man 5-8 inches of more snow. i gave up shoveling. i barely have enough room to get out of the driveway. mom came over and shoveled too while i was sitting here and didn’t even know it. this sucks.

winter sucks

oh man, you don’t realize how big your driveway is until you have to shovel 5 inches of snow off it. omg i’m so sore, my shoulders feel like falling off.

in other news, sabres game tonight. we lost. then it gets better….car got hit after the game while in traffic. huge dent in the bumper but it then popped itself out. the guy who hit me? a player from work ha. so it doesn’t look too bad now that it’s popped out, just paint issues. he’s got a guy who does body work and we’re going to take it friday. arg.

snow idiots

first real snow fall and everyone turns into idiots. the last few hours at work we’re hearing all sorts of rumors about how awful it is outside. the GI bridges were closed because of a 10 car pile up (which was true i guess, but re opened by the time we got out at 4), that robert moses was closed (it wasn’t), so we’re all thinking its a blizzard, 6 inches of snow and ice. no. a dusting. light fluffy snow that blows off the car when you drive, no need to scrape. roads were a bit slippery, but it was no armageddon.


FINALLY a storm worth having a storm warning for. over 2 days we probably got about a foot, besides the 3-5 foot drifts. last night is the best night of the year at work – daylight savings, where we move the clocks ahead and i get to work only 7 hours but get paid for 8. except that, because of the storm, grave shift had 45 call ins – which is pretty much THE entire shift. so panicking that we were all going to get stuck working until noon, i signed to get out early. so i actually only worked 6 hours. i didn’t want to leave early, i wanted my 7 hours in, but i just couldn’t risk staying overtime that long. my car had about a 4 foot drift on one side, and 3 feet on the other. i almost didn’t get out of the space but i managed. roads were pretty good though, snow covered but plowed so you weren’t driving through 5 inches of snow. robert moses parkway was almost only 1 lane though because the right lane had so many drifts you couldn’t drive in it. my driveway however had snow above the front of my car.

i’ve realized that i make alot of bad decisions driving in the snow – like passing people in the unplowed lane. thankfully the results have not (yet) been disastrous.

but yay for me, my land lord decided to snow blow the driveway for only the 5th time this year at 11 am. it wouldn’t be such an issue except he snow blows it onto the house, thus onto my bedroom wall and it’s very loud. yesterday i was able to fall back asleep easily, today not so much. so i had to sleep later, now it’s quarter to 4 and i haven’t gotten ready for the day yet, and i have to go in early to help mary with toke committee stuff, so my day is pretty much wasted. no working on the hoodie today.

looking at 2 more houses tuesday, one as a courtesy to my agent but i’m not really interested in, and one on ruie that is new on the market, looks very nice despite wood paneling inside (whoever thought that was attractive, even in the 70s, is beyond me), and probably will go quicker than i could get mortgage approval if i end up wanting to buy it (and also has an asking price higher than i anticipate getting approved for, but oh well).


mary – most likely 99% ditching the EC show. the venue is retarded. i emailed them to find out time and price, no response. heather emailed them, and they told her to “google it”. WTF. tried asking the band on facebook and myspace no response. so i’m not going up there with no clue about the show. they’ll be around 300 more times.

weather = shit. i only worked 2.5 hrs in attempts to avoid the worst of the ice on my car. had some cocooning my car, broke my scraper (tho it’s still usable thankfully), but made it home. i was scared to end up in a ditch because i didn’t follow my parents advice in always having at least a half a tank of gas in the car in the winter. had i been stranded, almost on empty, i would have froze to death before a tow truck got to me hahahaha. must get gas tomorrow.

tomorrow brings sabres game, dinner before hand at pearl street. thursday is 1% chance EC show, 95% chance shopping with jenn in the afternoon. and if the 99% non EC show happens, most likely doing my taxes.

*waits for the power to go out*


time to bitch about the weather.

when i was a kid, i don’t remember there constantly being winter storm warnings issued when we were going to get 2 inches of snow. now, again, i was a kid, i didn’t pay that much attention. but even in college when i checked the weather every day to know what to wear to walk to class, i don’t remember there being constant winter storm warnings every time it was going to snow. i swear, every day now, i look at yahoo weather and there is a warning from the national weather service about snow. IT’S WINTER, it’s going to snow sometimes and we don’t need a storm warning every other day for an inch of snow. besides that, almost every warning they’ve issued so far, has ended up being wrong and these “storms” have not produced what they were supposed to.

now all week this weekend was pegged to be a massive snow storm, with 15-20 inches of snow, and high winds on sunday for blizzard conditions etc. it was supposed to start snowing saturday night, so that there would be 10 inches on the ground by the time i got out of work. there was about 1″. then we were supposed to get another 10 inches by the time i’d wake up on sunday…there is about 6″. it’s barely snowing, and they claim we’ll get another 6″ by 7pm. right.

thank you national weather service for scaring the crap out of everyone about a major storm, and having it not really occur, again. i’m wicked disappointed, and tired of the constant wrong warnings.

it is currently 0 degrees out, and feels like -22 with the wind chill. and i must say, coming home, my small 15 minute drive, i thought my fingers were going to fall off. with gloves on. it’s brutal!

i could never commit a murder and get away with it, because i always have cat hair on me, and they’d be bound to fall off of me onto my victim, which forensic detectives would find and trace back to mr kitty. haha. *watching forensic files again*

the landlord finally decided to snowblow the driveway. now that it’s all packed down and turned to ice. i looked out, it barely looks plowed at all. yeah, cuz snow blowers don’t cut through ice smarty. arg. i thought sharing a driveway with my landlord would make going outside to the car a much more pleasant experience than it was at the last apartment when the asshole management company decided to never plow our parking lots. guess not. at least it hasn’t snowed that much this year. there is a lake effect snow advisory for niagara falls tonight….

ice storm

so yeah. the ice storm continued through monday, and when i left to work my driveway was delightfully icy. i was barely able to back out. i head to work – and as my txt entry said, i almost hit a telephone pole and a tree all in one skid. i was driving just fine, then suddenly the car is ice skating…toward the pole. crap. brakes and steering were absolutely useless. i don’t think i’ve ever slid that much before. somehow i get traction enough that i stop going toward the pole and start sliding into the opposite side of the road, toward a tree. and throughout this whole thing, not a moment of panic. just reacted. and i did honestly think “i can’t crash my car or i won’t have money for europe” haha. then the tires took hold and i continued to work. i was half hoping to end up in a ditch so i wouldn’t have to go in haha. it was very slow, but oddly it went pretty quickly.

after i got out i thought, i have to go shoot in this weather. so i drove home, took my drugs, got the camera and drove back toward work – there was a really pretty tree on the property next to our parking lot, and there was a frozen flag down the street. have you ever shot a frozen flag in the freezing cold? it sucks. so it doesn’t flap around in the wind, but it still moves arg. stupid flag. maybe i got some interesting shots. anyway. the flag was really odd, as it moved in the wind and hit the pole, it sounded like a sheet of metal! very cool. spent about an hour down the falls way before coming home.i think the theme of the shoot is “couldn’t quite get the picture right” haha. and it wasn’t the best idea to start fooling with options like ISO and white balance when it’s freezing out.

i sure am glad that i turned the heat on as i do when i get home from work, before i went back out shooting. because as i was washing my face the power went out. fabulous. well at least it’s 71 in here and not 60 (yet), because who knows how long it’ll be out for. unfortunately that means no fan on, which means no white noise to drown out the screaming in my ears and the cars going by. it’ll be interesting sleeping.

apparently my parents lost power some time last night or earlier today. this power outtage made my dad finally buy a generator.