spy kitties

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Most people wouldn’t think of the common house cat as being a potential master of espionage, but the CIA sure did. In the 1960s, American intelligence is said to have spent over $20 million on “Acoustic Kitty,” a top-secret project that used cats as recording devices. The project took a group of specially trained cats and surgically implanted microphones, antennae and batteries into their tails, and then set them loose near the Russian embassy. The idea was that an unassuming cat would be able to stride right up to groups of communist officials and listen in on their conversation, which it could then beam back to agents with its sophisticated radio equipment. The plan was eventually put into action, but the first cat sent into the field was supposedly run over by a taxi before it could make a recording, and operation ‘Acoustic Kitty” was abandoned shortly thereafter.

wtf kitty!

i was woken up at 6 am (granted an hr after i went to bed) by the most horrific noise i’ve ever heard come from a cat. kitty was not in my room, and i seriously thought something had killed him. my first thought was, someone is in the house, kitty was trying to warn me and got himself killed and i’m going to stupidly go out of my room to look and get killed myself (yes this is how i think). i turned the light on and called really loudly for kitty (because of course that would scare the crazy rapist serial killer away) and kitty made this horrible screech again. turned on hall light, go into kitchen and kitty is not dead and no one is there, but he is freaking out at the window with a low guttural growl and hissing. so maybe the serial killer is on the back porch, crap, he’ll see me now. i looked out to try to see what was out there, and finally i see this really pretty golden cat on the steps. i knocked on the glass door to scare him away but he wasn’t scared (he must be someone’s cat), and tried to pull kitty away from the door but he wouldn’t go just kept growling and hissing. finally the other cat started to leave so i went back to bed.

seriously, this was THE WORST noise i’ve ever heard. it really must be what a cat sounds like when dying. it scared the crap out of me, so after all this i go back to bed with adrenaline flowing and my heart beating like nuts. i’ve heard a lot of cat fights too from the Murphy days, but this was unreal. and i don’t know why he did it…the other cat must have been around before, there were paw prints in the snow in the winter on the porch…maybe he tried to come through the glass and freaked kitty out…hopefully that’s the last time.

i love lolcats…pictures of cats (and sometimes other animals) with silly captions on them. they make you smile or snort milk out of your nose.

a whole blog of lolcats: http://icanhascheezburger.com
LOL dear lord i should go get ready for Spamalot but….love lolcats!

from atu2.com “Comment: Matt Cooper: It’s About Time Someone Told Bono Just to Shut Up and Sing” ROFL. i almost passed the article by on my rss reader cuz i’m out of love with u2, but then i was like wait, did that say shut up bono? hahaha too bad the article is about u2 evading irish taxes by moving their publishing company to the netherlands.

one of the nights david was here, the door didn’t latch shut so the cat pushed it open and spent the night wandering the basement and stairway…and now the cat tries to get out all the time, and just did on my way in. chased him around the basement, finally got him back in and he has not stopped meowing for 2 seconds since. SHUT UP CAT!

ziggy’s gone and done it again. it’s winter and she doesn’t like to get her feet wet, so she doesn’t go outside. yet today my mom let her outside for a while. my parents leave to go out to dinner with friends, and i guess ziggy came inside. i keep hearing these weird noises, and i’m like wtf i thought my parents left. and then i heard a noise that sounded like my mom throwing stuff down the laundry chute, so i figure oh she must have forgotten something and my dad just went outside. then i hear these scraping noises, and i’m like alright, what the hell is going on. who is in my house? i look in the dining room and there is ziggy playing with something. i figure she must have gotten some ribbon again, but then why would it be on the chair? so i yell at her to get over here, and she goes into the living room. then i hear another loud jump thud scrap noise, and i’m like that’s it. so i go into the dining room to find ziggy and she’s in the other room jumping against the wall and washstand near the front door. and there is a bird. great. i’m alone in my house and ziggy brought a bird in again, now what the hell am i gonna do to get it out. so i got one of my dad’s big gloves on, and now the bird had fallen inbetween the washstand and the wall, and then fell to the floor. so i tried to grab it on the floor…but of course that didn’t work so the bird took off and ended up flying into the kitchen and smack into the windows. so well at least now the bird is sitting on the ledge where the top and bottom window lock. so i grab the bird and pin it against the window, while with my other hand i’m trying to unlock the window and pull it down – which was especially hard since it was half frozen, and i’m an invalid in both arms now…got the window open all the way so i could throw the bird out. no more bird. but then ziggy is still scratching and jumping against the wall the windows are in, thinking the bird is still there. and now ziggy is laying in the middle of my bedroom floor looking evil and satanic. i think she’s going insane. seriously.