my one and only april fools day prank! i rock.

i’ve never really enjoyed april fools day, mainly because i have enough trust issues as it is, i don’t like to be tricked. i’ve fallen for a few ninhotline tricks in the beginning of my nin fandom (like nin touring with filter ha!), but smartened up since.

but i pulled off the best prank yesterday. my first attempt ever. the key to pulling off a good prank is believability. so updating facebook to say i got arrested at the aud was pure brilliance on my part. completely believable!! a few people were observant and smelled a rat right away, but i got quite a few txts and comments from people asking if i was ok. the best part of all was getting a txt from phil, who’s not even on facebook, asking what happened. thanks to desi everyone at work thought i really was arrested LOL. phil’s like, you’re gonna have some explaining to do. what’s to explain, you’re all fools! 🙂


i dreamed i was at some club/bar on allen st waiting for a show to start. there were a few bands playing, don’t know who and there weren’t many people there yet. i wasn’t paying attention and a band started to play, a song i recognized. holy crap it was the tea party, reunited. they were playing “halcyon days” i got so excited to see them back together again. jeff martin had lost a bunch of weight and looked really good. i went to talk to him after the song, and asked if they were supposed to be playing that day, and he said no it was a surprise for the people who had come to see the other bands. i was just so flippin excited and i was texting everyone i knew who would be happy at the news that they were back together. they kept playing and still hardly anyone was there, and i was like, booo no one is going to know they got back together cuz no one is here to see it. then i started to question whether it was really happening or if it was a dream, but told myself no this is so totally real and not a dream. ha.

went to the aud today cuz it was warm out. it’s better to go on a cloudy day though because it’s so back lit. bad pics. lots of weird people there today, all talking to me, and they trapped me standing on the big blue thing in front and i couldn’t get down and away from them haha. one looked like trevor hurst if trevor was a shriveling old man. he claimed he used to work there when he was younger, and remembered running around all the ramps and running around empty sections of seats. and he said something about alice cooper but he wasn’t making alot of sense. other guy was telling me how he saw his first hockey game there, and the sabres/philly finals fog game. all the ice surface is gone now, and they’ve started taking down the seat sections. the garage doors are either gone or just left open now, you can see through to the street on the other end. it’s going to be just a shell soon… 🙁

the text boxes that come up on youtube videos now, with comments or whatever, are the most obnoxious thing on the internet.

watched u2’s grammy performance on youtube. the screen, the platform, and bono are very reminiscent of the fly. which is a good thing. but then i listened to 30 sec clips of the album on walmart’s digital music store, and i am so incredibly disappointed. really really very sad about it. i’m hoping the whole thing redeems itself some how, but from the clips…i’m going to hate it.

aud demo started last week, and i took a drive down there on saturday to take some pictures. i need someone to drive me down there with a ladder so i can get shots from above the fence (here’s looking at you and your van adr2 🙂 hehe). there’s no way to get any elevation around the building, unless i want to risk death by stopping on the skyway haha. i was going to go down today again for some action shots (hopefully) but i slept too late, and tomorrow is going to be warmer so i’m going to try again tues.

i want to buy the stuffed severed horse head (a la the godfather) that i found using stumble, it’s only $45, but then i remembered i wanted to buy the florida voting machines that caused all the problems in 2000 with hanging chads, that ended up with the worst 8 years in recent american history. that was $99 and limited quantity so i did that instead. for now. haha.

the aud

2 articles showed up in the buffalo news about items stolen from the aud…being auctioned on ebay…and the city is mad. the first article said they wouldn’t go after the people selling these things that were obviously stolen, and new article today has the mayor asking people to turn their stolen aud items in to the police no questions asked. even goes as far as to say they’d look into the guy with the huge huge HUGE sabres collection who runs who is even displaying his stuff at the aud farewell this weekend.

here is a tip, if you don’t want stuff stolen from a building you all but forgot about the last 10 or so years, LOCK THE FUCKING DOORS!

sick sick sick

i’m sick. finally. i say that, just cuz adr2 is constantly sick, and i rub it in that i’m never sick. once a year, and here it is. my throat was burning all night, and having just finished the last book in the twilight series before bed i dreamed i was a vampire all night…er well, during the very little sleep that i got. jaw/teeth hurt, can’t stop swallowing, sorta want to throw up but not really. head hurts and feels weird. nose drippy. i may have to call into work. i can’t imagine working like this. i gave friday away so i could go to the sabres home opener and i have to call in next friday to go to the vancouver game with adr2. so my paychecks will be hurting, but good thing i have 25 hrs of sick time haha.

anyone know where you can stream live tv? cuz channels 4 and 23 still aren’t back on time warner, and tomorrow is top model…*shame*
Demolition of Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium is now officially less than a month away.

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. today approved a contract with Ontario Specialty Contracting, Inc. that removes the sports arena from the waterfront landscape by May 1.

The $1.49 million contract includes $177,000 to salvage several design elements from the 69-year-old structure’s facade.

Pending formal sign-off by the Empire State Development Corp., the harbor panel’s parent agency, demolition crews will start setting up shop at the Aud site by the end of the month, with actual dismantling to start in November.

The five-acre Aud site will be home to a 125,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store, Erie Canal/Great Lakes-themed museum, and a public plaza featuring a replica canal and other water-linked attractions.

the aud auction

aud seats auction, nov 15 and 16 at buffalo convention center. only 800 pairs being auctioned, 100 online after the event. total bull. they have an arena full of seats and they’re only offering 800. i knew i should have stolen some last year. no way are they going to be affordable. david – you were lucky yours were only 300. jealous. i want 2 seats damnit. i need them for my WOman cave hahah
When the farewell bash is held in November, people will trot out many memories of Memorial Auditorium.

Some will recall sitting in creaky Blue Section seats watching the Buffalo Braves or the Sabres or college basketball doubleheaders. Others will remember childhood jaunts to the Ice Capades or the circus. Still others will relive moments when Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and other musical icons played to a packed Aud.

On the weekend of Nov. 15-16, the city will stage “Farewell, Old Friend,” a final tribute to the Aud.

The event will be held in the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center and will include an auction of old Blue Section seats and hockey dasher boards.

The two-day extravaganza also will include interactive games for youngsters, a sports memorabilia pavilion and chances to snare the autographs of some athletes who made their marks in the old Aud. Many sports collectors have been invited to display and sell Aud artifacts.

After a competitive bidding process, the city picked Showcase Sports Marketing of Amherst to coordinate the event. Mayor Byron W. Brown said the goal is to turn the auction into a “final salute” to a downtown venue that was home to hockey and basketball games, circuses, concerts, ice shows and scores of other events over the decades.

“It will be a weekend of activities for people of all ages, and it promises to be very exciting,” Brown said.

Admission to the event will be $5 for adults and $3 for students. Children 4 and younger will be admitted free. Joining the mayor at a Wednesday news conference on the steps of City Hall were former Sabres Darryl Shannon, Craig Muni and Derek Smith. They reminisced about important goals scored in the Aud, nail-biting playoff games and “loud and crazy” fans.

Smith remembered the building’s unique ambience, saying there’s something special about older sports arenas.

“There was so much charm to them,” he said.

People who can’t attend the auction will be able to bid on seats a week later in an online auction. About 100 sets of seats will be set aside for online buyers, while 700 sets will be auctioned in the Convention Center. There are anywhere from two to five seats in a set, so in total, about 1,800 seats will auctioned.

The minimum bid for a pair of seats will likely be $100, said Kerry Atkinson, chief operating officer for Showcase Sports.

A Web site will be launched soon that will provide additional information about the weekend events and the online sale of Aud memorabilia. Money raised from the auction will be used to help create a downtown memorial that will pay tribute to the Aud. Showcase Sports will receive 20 percent of net revenues from the event in return for performing all marketing and coordinating tasks.

Opened in 1940, the building has been empty for a dozen years. It is being torn down as part of the continuing development of the Erie Canal Harbor neighborhood.


dream: the city decided to open the aud for one day so people could see it one last time. so i went with a bunch of people, including eric, adr1, phill, , david, my mom and kristen ondesko from high school who was really sunburned. sometimes there was no roof on the aud, and it was more like the ice bowl, other times it was normal but it had lights on so you could actually see what it looked like. we were wandering around, finding new places like the organ, and gift shops, and a chapel…where there were people lighting candles. so i lit a candle for the aud. more and more people kept coming and filling in the seats and it was really emotional and people were crying cuz they were so happy to see the aud full again. then all of a sudden there was a hockey game. we were like, awesome!! they cleaned the rink surface enough to play roller hockey. phill and i went down to rink side and realized…holy crap they made ice. we couldn’t believe after all those years the ice equipment still worked. i guess then the next day the city decided to open the aud back again, but now my mom and i were there still, we had never left, and we see people outside the doors waiting to get in. then they were getting mad cuz we were already inside and they weren’t being let in. my mom wanted to go to this one shop that was called the western door and apparently used to sell western gear at hockey games..yeah i dunno. i kept telling her that the aud was closed, so that there wouldn’t actually be anything in the store. but we went by it and i was like SEE, nothing…only there was stuff inside…model car kits and golf balls ha. then there was something about being outside and painting starfishes to sell that i kept getting out of the back of an ambulance…wtf. oh and there was a bit about trying to get to the terminal with mary, but we kept ending up near our lady of victory, and the pope was there standing outside waving at people, much like mascots will do outside stores advertising sales ha

some people at work drove out to Connecticut today to apply for jobs at the Hard Rock casino in Florida…7 hour drive for a 3 minute “interview” and they got rejected. glad i didn’t go.

body at the aud?

so here’s the post
sept 13
Earlier today I was walking on the waterfront with a friend and noticed Crime Scene Investigation trucks and undercover cars parked behind the Memorial Auditorium.

When we got close enough to see the back of the building, we seen that the “plywood” door that allows access into the building was open and numerous officers and detectives were standing outside.

Feeling stupid, we asked if we could be allowed to just take a peak in the building, as we are hugeeee sabres fans.

They said no this is a crime scene, if it were different circumstances we’d let you look but just not now.

My friend had the guts to ask what kind of investigating they were doing and the cop, still polite, said that a body was found.

So, when you see this on the news tonight or in the paper tomorrow, dont be shocked.



boyx showed it to me when i called him a liar. i still told him i don’t believe it. he’s like, who would make up a story like that? um lots of people, including ME and most of my friends LOL! he’s like, it seems sort of elaborate to be made up. no it doesn’t! there’s no info in that post at all. and who’s to say the cops weren’t there investigating something else – maybe caught people inside, or people stealing – and to be dicks they said they found a body. I’d do that too!! it’d fucking be on the news by now if it was true.