well it appears i don’t have a whole lot to say the last few weeks.

christmas. spent christmas eve with my parents as usual. no detroit this year even though i was off of work both days. parents got me a 19″ hdtv for my bedroom and a roomba. ha kitty doesn’t seem to like the roomba. he watched it for a while but when it turned towards him he took off. i guess there will be no roomba riding for kitty like that youtube video. shame. christmas day adr1 and i had dinner with my parents and just hung around. i think. christmas doesn’t mean a whole lot to non religious adults.

ended up having new years eve/day off as well. amazing! eric and tiffany invited adr1 and i over, so after hitting up the mall and dinner at fridays we drove out to rochester and finally got to see their house. only took 2 plus years haha. just a little get together with lots of hockey watching and just hanging out. the drive wasn’t bad at all, just a little snow on the way there. new years day adr1 came over to watch the chicago winter classic and the sabres game. lazy lazy.

i guess the biggest thing is that i’ve been having chest pains most nights since about thanksgiving. it’ll start hurting before work, hurt all through work, and hurt til i go to bed. then it started happening during the day too, so presumably not stress. had a drs appt yesterday where they did an ekg which the machine said was abnormal but the dr looked at and said was fine. i do have some very common abnormality, right branch bundle block or something, which doesn’t cause problems. but i have to have a chest xray and echo next week. as i was leaving he came out and had looked up side effects of my antibiotics…even tho i’ve taken them for 2 years or so, they can cause pericarditis so he said to stop taking them for a week, take 3 ibu-800s a day, and see if it stops. not taking it last night seems to already have made a difference, so maybe that’s the problem. of course stopping them is going to make my face break out 😛

and my car is still not fixed. haven’t heard from the guy since xmas (yes i have his number but haven’t called him either). now everyone thinks he’s going to screw me over. i don’t care that much about fixing it, but i know my parents will get on my case if i just let it go and not fix it. i’m certainly not paying for it, the car is 7.5 years old and it’s really not that bad. or maybe buy one of those as seen on tv car paint repair kits hah.

sabres played early today and now i’m tired. supposed to explore tomorrow with alex and maybe chris. i hope it’s not frigid. then more boring life. winter is slow haha

party time

christmas party season. did a secret santa thing with my work friends on thursday at brian and danielle’s house. i got lindsay who had me last year, and got her like 8 pairs of fun socks (she likes fun socks). danielle had me (but she admitted she cheated cuz she saw the gift before she picked the names ha), and got me these 2 neat framed pieces of glass that have architectural drawings on them. had a good time with everyone at their house. on my way home there was a house with EIGHT deer on the front lawn…8!?!?!? i’ve never seen so many at one time, and all on one lawn. i mean REAL deer too, not like, christmas decorations hahah

been busy running errands and making xmas gifts. slowly. i can only make one at a time so it’s taking awhile.

it appears that i’m really unknowingly stressed out about work. i’ve been having alot of chest pains, but realized only at work, or on my way to work. yesterday they started after i put my uniform on and was watching the sabres game. on my days off, or in the afternoons, i’m totally fine. it was sorta worrying before i realized it seems to be stress. still probably not good though. i have a drs appt on the 31st and the 2nd (maybe i should change the one on the 2nd because next year my benefits go up to a $25 copay).

but yeah, work hasn’t been fun. people are still upset and uneasy about more layoffs. jenn just told me quite an interesting rumor about the CEO getting fired today, but no one knows what is really going on. i just go to work with my chest pains and deal and go home.

i finished reading ender’s game, which was recommended by mary months ago. i quite liked it so i added the remaining 4 in the series to bookmooch. but while it’ll be months before i get them, i decided to read Atlas Shrugged again. with the economic problems and business/bank failures it sorta seemed appropriate. i read it in 05 and don’t remember enough to draw parallels so i figured i might as well read it a 2nd time. i’m remembering a bit even having just reread the first chapter and i’m thinking that john galt’s philosophy is actually the reason we’re in this trouble now…but we’ll see if it gets clarified in my head as i go. it’ll probably take me 6 months again to read hah (i found my boarding passes for my flights to reno to see nin in 05 inside the book haha). and i fully expect to skip john galt’s radio speech again too haha.


thanksgiving in detroit. we headed up wednesday afternoon and had a basic pizza dinner at my dad’s sisters house where we were staying. thursday we surprised ed and laurice who didn’t know we were in town and went to their house for a few hours and then back to my aunts. my 2 cousins arrived with their kids, 9, 7 and 3. i haven’t been out there in probably 5 years, and had never met the 3 year old. i don’t know what to do with kids but some how my bedroom became a dance party, where they figured out how to use cassettes (i didn’t think they even knew what they were!) and blasted rock and roll (disco really) and danced and jumped on the sofa bed. the little one announced he liked motley crue and that “dad has alot of loud cds” hahaha. he started dancing “like a cowboy” with his hands on his waistband, and doing what i would sorta call the “new kids dance” haha it was cute. the 7 year old was disco dancing like john travolta and i’m like, how do you know that, you’re SEVEN?!

back home early friday morning, so i could nap cuz i barely slept, and then work tonight.


so…blah i like this boy at work. and it just can’t happen. too many problems. but i keep dreaming about him and it really needs to stop.

in the end, i only had 1 trick or treater so i’m very glad i didn’t go and buy more than one bag of candy. i didn’t carve a pumpkin but it got smashed anyway. there was quite a lot of pumpkin debris on the street when i got home from work. i ended up being michael jackson for halloween, i remembered i still had the thriller jacket at my parents house. it went over pretty well, though i was surprised at the number of people who didn’t know what i was…some people got it right away, and other people would ask if this was what i wore to NIN shows…um i think if i went to shows dressed as MJ i’d get beat up. i took some bad phone pics and threw them up on facebook. real cam pics turned out badly, and i didn’t feel like doing proper self portraits.

Merry Christmas

i should probably post something. merry christmas.

to me holidays are all pretty uneventful. once you’re past a certain age and don’t get toys anymore, it’s just another day. monday was dinner with the parents and aunt trudy and gifts. among other things i got the wide angle lens for my cam i wanted, and an ice cream maker. i worked monday night. tuesday was dinner with parents and trudy again. adr came over later that night, as i had the day off. wednesday was a trip to the casino for lunch, and i managed to find some cheap tickets to the sabres game… (yes i have seasons, we had sold them, and then adr wanted to go haha). the game was fun despite the loss. adr and i hadn’t been to a game together in like…4 or 5 years probably. thursday i didn’t leave the house 🙂 friday was back to work.

i’m a 10-6 tonight, for the first time in months. the ice bowl is tuesday, and of course, i get scheduled 10-6 on monday as well. so my plans to call in on tuesday have been foiled and i’m being forced to call in on new years eve instead. there i just no way i’m working the late shift, then getting stuck over time because there’s no way i won’t get stuck on new years eve, and then going to the game on zero sleep. so screw you guys i’m calling in on the busiest day of the year. you did it to yourself, as i would have gladly worked my normal 8-4. i may just call in after the game as well, it’ll only give me 1 point and i finally have zero points, so it’s not like they can fire me or anything 🙂

now seeing that i’m giving myself new years eve off for the first time in 5 years, i should really do something other than sit home. but i really just can’t bring myself to go out to a bar or something like that. if i had more than 2 friends here who wouldn’t be at work, maybe a house party would be in order, but it’s not. and again, new years is just another day to me…

i think i’m going to go try the ice cream maker now.

happy thanksgiving

my early thanksgiving memories all involve elementary school, with the teachers and room mothers making a thanksgiving feast for the whole class. we always learned about columbus, and then the pilgrims on the mayflower. we always made construction paper turkeys by tracing our hands and cutting out different color “fingers” to make the turkey feathers. and in the early years, for the feast we’d always dress up in costumes made out of paper bags, more construction paper, and of course lots of paste. to be fair, i guess, all the kids had to draw pieces of paper out of a hat that either read “pilgrim” or “indian” to determine what kind of costume each kid made. i always wanted to be an indian because they made fun paper bag vests and construction paper headbands with feathers. but i always always always was a boring old pilgrim. with a stupid white construction paper apron and stupid black construction paper hat. i hated being a pilgrim.

still waiting for eric’s obligatory turkey cartoon post…

in other news. phill and i had sold our hockey tickets for yesterday’s game vs toronto a week ago. i got a call today from the kid i sold them to, and apparently when he tried to go to the game they scanned as “invalid”. wtf. they took him to the accounts office and treated him like crap, and told him the tickets had already been sold on the sabres “replay” system which allows season ticket holders to resell the tickets they can’t use. basically they said there were already 2 people in the seats, and that his tickets were invalid. of course i’m sure this kid thought we screwed him. i talked to him on the phone and he told me the story and i’m just like wtf, because we’ve never used, and haven’t even signed up for, the my replay system on sabres.com. then it dawned on me, someone must have pulled the scanned tickets image off our ebay auction and printed themselves a pair of tickets. and in that case, what the hell is wrong with the arena ticket people that they couldn’t tell the difference between badly scanned and printed fake tickets and the real ones. i guess the bar code would still scan, but COME ON! i have to meet the kid to give him his money back, so we lose out on that $150 plus the actual cost of the tickets since we weren’t able to actually use them. we’re going to go down to the arena and be like wtf give us a refund. but if the mistake is on their end, and they have our account marked as invalid for some reason, we need to fix it since we’ve sold almost every other game too. we’ll find out tomorrow if the kid who bought the montreal game tickets gets denied. gah. i’ll be so pissed.

NO. christmas ads and merchandise is NOT ALLOWED before thanksgiving. god, next thing you know, they’ll have christmas stuff out in february!!


my costume. a dead zombie nurse. thx to dan for stealing the dress from some abandoned hospital


santa came early

yesterday was christmas with my parents, as they went to detroit today. had dinner, brought kitty along, gifted, got adr to come over and watch the sabres lose (Grrrrrrrrr). chased the cat around the house when it was time to leave, as adr sat in the car waiting haha. it was funny.

i got a laptop. yay! i have another aim screenname for when i’m on the laptop, ask me for it. got other random little things as well, but that was the big gift. ordered a case for it today. and since there are at least 5 wireless networks i can leech from in my building, i haven’t gone to get a new wireless router yet haha.

in total pain. both shoulders now, tho the left is still worse. my right armpit hurts the way it did when i had mono. blah. nothing i can do either except dope myself up. hopefully i don’t have to do alot of work tonight. i have tomorrow night off, so i can rest more.

so merry christmas and all that.

put my xmas trees up today. i’m tired of the silver tree. and i can’t put any ornaments on the green tree because the cat constantly climbs in the tree. haha. i took a picture on my phone but it’s too big to send, so it’ll just sit on my phone. if i wasn’t so considerate my god my neighbors would hate me. because i bought a glowing plastic cow. haha. cows played a very important part in the birth of jesus. *ahem* yeah. i was going to get a camel, but decided on the cow. they had sheep too but it sorta just looked like a white blob, but i might go back…. i plan to display it year round. but it’s inside, not outside, so the neighbors aren’t like wtf. plastic glowing cow and pirate flag hahahah. pirate flag hasn’t found a home yet either.


anyone want a chicken machine that doesn’t work, but most likely could if you knew anything about vending machines? it’s free.