foo fest recap

Foo Fotos

back at home….boooooo. tho i am looking forward to my bed haha. but i miss the foos already, and even the foo dog. 🙂

so some observations on la
– it was not as gross as i thought it would be. i never really had any desire to ever go there, i just figured it was all pollution and crime and bums and it’s not.
– hollywood blvd/sunset blvd were not as seedy and fabulous as i was expecting
– there were alot of nice buildings, including a whole ton of old theatres. most of them were completely closed, or closed to the public but available for rentals. there was also alot of art deco which totally surprised me.
– taco trucks were not as easy to find as i thought, and i didn’t get to eat out of one. but we did have yummy mexican twice.
– we did not see any celebrities
– seemed to be alot of things i’d like to see if i ever went again, neighborhoods that looked neat, and all that

some observations on san diego
– i don’t feel like we saw all that much, cuz the weather was shitty, and it prevented us from walking around town
– old town looked neat, wish we had more time to check out the shops
– what we did see seemed nice and well taken care of

some general observations
– the drive up to neverland, and that general “Santa Barbara county” area is really really pretty.
– mj lived on a ridiculous mountain road LOL
– the traffic wasn’t pleasant but it also wasn’t the complete horrifying standstill all the time that i was expecting. i actually think chicago is worse.

that’s all i can remember right now haha

the last of la

last night we headed back to hollywood blvd to madame tussauds. took obligatory pics w the wax stars and all that. they had a pretty good mj statue in a different pose than others i’ve seen.

wed brought the last things on our must do list – neverland and forest lawn. forest lawn was up first. thanks to we knew he was in the grand mauseleum, holly terrace, and that it is all locked and private. and indeed it was. jackie brought flowers and gave them to security to take in. then using pics taken my security and on findagrave we figured out just where he was…not going to lie it was incredably sad to realize it. that’s the closest we’ll ever be to him and it was outside of his grave. 🙁

after that depressingness we hit up the grammy museum which had a small special exhibit of some of his famous outfits and all his grammy moments were available to watch. the musuem is ok…same vein as the rock and roll hall of fame but waaaay smaller. they had another exhibit called elvis at 21, which was a display of photographs from a photog who had all access to elvis at the time. so cool even tho i dont care about elvis, just cool old photos.

after that we drove the 3 hours up to los olivos to find neverland, which was quite the trip ad apparently none of us were paying attention when we passed it the first time and the gps took us another 7 miles up a ridiculous mostly one lane mountain road…where we had to let a fire truck and ambulance pass, passed bikers in an accident (why there was a fire truck and ambluance), eventually passing a forest ranger station and arriving at our location of absolutely nothing lol.

back down the mountain we went and eventually found the gates. the neverland sign has been gone for awhile (and the ranch itself has been renamed sycamore ranch on google maps). what was odd was that a truck left while we were there, then a car arrived, then 5 more cars left…something is going on there and that surprised me. i sorta just assumed it was still empty awaiting a reuse.

anyway, fans had written messages on the rock walls and trees around the driveway, and jac contributed for us as well. took some pics and headed on back to la.

we all leave tomorrow, so off to bed…

price is right

the price is right was way fun. had to get up and go to the studio which happened to be down the street at 6 am to get a number, then go back at 8:30 to get in line and start the processing. you get your name tag and some forms, where they ask for interesting stuff about you, or why you want to be on tpir. then you get your pic taken in front of a green screen that can be things like plinko or the wheel. then more waiting in line until you get let in to the studio for the show.

the studio is waaaaaay smaller than you think watching on tv. it was only 11 rows of seats in 3 sections, maybe 200 ft across. i was surprised. the announcer guy went through some rules and pumped everyone up.

so i was not the next contestant on the price is right, but 2 ppl in front of us were so we’ll be on tv most likely. in between segments drew carey talks to ppl and cracks jokes. entertaining. it was fun. loooots and looots of clapping lol. but def a good time

zoo etc

sunday we went off to the san diego zoo in shit ass weather. what the hell cali! it rained most of the day and was chilly, but it meant that it wasnt at all crowded which was nice.

it’s a very nice zoo from what i know about zoos. it’s decently big but you can see it all in one day if you plan right. we took the guided bus tour aside from walking around to the various sections. they have pandas including a baby which was cool to see.

monday we caught lunch in old town before taking tony to the airport and heading back to la and the museum of death. soooo fabulous. hit up hollywood forever cemetery where 2 ramones and various others are buried.

today, the price the right

san diego

drove up to san diego, got lunch at a divey local place called The Menu, before going to sea world for the day. first up was the shamu show. it bothers me that they call all the whales shamu. i don’t care if it’s a stage name, they all can’t be named shamu. em said the show was alot different since she was there in the summer. guess they’re still trying to figure out what to do after the trainer getting killed in florida. but it was still entertaining.

watched the sea lion and otter show after that which was cute. they try to make it all funny with an SNL theme, different skits w the sea lions.

walked around to all the major animal areas, watched the people who paid 45$ each for the sorta lame dolphin encounter thing, got bitten by a bat ray when trying to feed it lol, and caught the trained household pets show. seriously didn’t know you could train cats like that.

at that point it started to rain so we hit up penguins and the arctic section before heading out to find the hotel. found a thai restaurant on google, so went there and what’s playing on the tv when we walk in? michael jackson history tour from somewhere lol how perfect. my first time eating thai was pretty good. and since these asians didn’t know me they had no reason to spit in my food 🙂

early night in, played uno and watched this is it. today…the zoo.


friday was Disneyland. ty got us all free tickets from work, score! we walked over from the hotel which was only a few blocks. disney was impressive at times and lacking at times. their attention to details was pretty amazing, in some of the areas, but some like tomorrowland i expected more. more ultra fabulous future retro stuff, but there wasn’t that much.

we hit up captain eo first since that’s why we were really there. it was great, of course 🙂 i still don’t think me and 3d mix well but it was cool. hit up the souvenirs after only to find disney not prepared and out of everything except xxl shirts booooooo. luckily much later we found a shop on main street with more.

i think we did most of the major rides that were open. the indiana jones one was prob my fav. space mountain was cool but extremely disorienting, prob couldn’t go on it again. i find it kinda weird that disney hasn’t really competed w major amusement parks when it comes to rides. most are still the slow rides through animatronic scenes. no giant 300 foot drop coasters and all that. i guess they rely on that whole magical fantasy aspect and not thrill rides to attract ppl.

we also didn’t see characters walking around the park at all. we saw one when we got in but after that, nothing. never saw mickey at all. weird.

so it was fun. saw captain eo again ha ha. got a slice of pizza that cost 6 freaking 50! soooooo much walking.

i can’t think of anything else lol


foo fest has begun in LA! flight left way early, small plane to dc with no seat next to me. then the big plane to la wasn’t full and no one was next to me. score! so i got to lay down and sleep a bit. arrived early, went to find ty and then tony befor getting picked up by em and jac.

we attempted to track down a taco truck, which was more difficult than anticipated and we were getting too hungry to keep looking. so we found a little food court that had a mexican place that had taco trucks painted on the window lol verrrry yummy.

off to hollywood blvd and the walk of fame. totally forgot about the oscars, so parts of the street were closed as they built the red carpet area in front of the kodak theatre. alot of walking around to see the stars and pinkberry (holy cow soooo yum).

headed to anaheim in rush hour traffic to find our hotel next to disneyland. got dinner at benihanna then back to the room. tomorrow: captain eo!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

Wow it’s been a month since I last posted. I’ve had nothing to say really.

So one good thing that MJ’s death has brought, is getting back in touch with so many friends from “back in the day”. Facebook has made it so much easier to find eachother and stay in touch, and we’ve actually gone back to chat on IRC haha. One thing that has come out of all of it, is that I’m going to Los Angeles to meet up with Emily, who I haven’t seen since London 97, and Jackie who I never met. We’re trying to get some of the other “foos” to join us too. It just started as a whim road trip, doing the MJ “tour” of the star, cement hands, his grave…and ue-ing neverland. Disneyland came up, and the fact that I’d never been astounded Em and Jac and it became part of the trip too. We joked that it’d be awesome if Disney brought back Captain Eo…and LOW AND BEHOLD THEY ARE!!! It’ll be back playing starting in Feb, just in time for our trip (March 4-11)!!! SO EXCITED. AND…I am so excited about taco trucks hahahah. The whole trip is gonna be ridiculous fun. We’re gonna try to see the Price is Right, and get down to San Diego for Sea World too. Any other suggestions on things to do from people out in the area are welcome. I know pretty much nothing about LA since I never really had the desire to go haha.

I recently realized that this is the end of the decade, and that sorta amazed me. It feels like I was just with Carolyn in Toronto for the millenium, freezing watching fireworks. Time is flying for sure. 7 years at the casino, 6 more months until 30….I find new grey hairs every day. It’s stressing me out hahaha I’m going to stay 27 if that is ok.