tonight was new kids on the block with jenn. 19 years later i finally get to see them and it was still super fun, and nice good old pop show. they performed for 2 hours, lots of new stuff that i didn’t know, and pretty much every old song that was at all popular. jordan did a reworked version of his solo hit “give it to you” (super hot) and joe did one of his solo songs as well. and joe doesn’t have tourettes when he is onstage πŸ™‚ they still sound great (better than i remember them sounding live back in the day actually), and they dance and everything. openers were the dance crew jabawokees (sp), who were really good (makes me want to see MJ again), and jessie mccartney (young pop singer, i recognized one of the songs) who reminded me of Cory Heart (sunglasses at night) for some reason, maybe the 80s jacket. ran into mary and her sister, and some girls from work.



I wasn’t picked to work the New Kids on the Block show at work last night, but instead I dealt to 3 of them πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Wow saturday was a great day…in the Aud, Sabres beat Montreal, and dealing to NKOTB. sweet


did i mention new kids on the block are coming to my casino in march? since we’re technically not allowed to go, i signed up to work the show hahah. so i’m on the list, however tony said it’s a long list so i may not end up getting picked πŸ™ we shall see.

and yikes, gas bill 224$!!


HA i had a dream about nkotb last night. i thought my dreams revolved mostly around urbexing something also called spaulding in las vegas that involved water and the tide coming in and out and weird stuff. but that was only the beginning. was urbexing and then i realized what time it was and i was supposed to meet my friends, so i left and went to find them, and they were in a treehouse type thing in a playground. we were discussing what we were going to do, and i mentioned that me and someone who turned out to be angela had tickets to nkotb tomorrow and that after the show we’d be leaving to go back home. except our flight was at 7pm and the show didn’t start til 8. that made me realize that the show was that night, and not the following. and here we are all scummy from exploring but we had no time to shower and change or anything. so we went to the hotel where the concert was, and it was a reunion show, and an extra special one at that because it was to be the only one, and jon even gave in to being in the show. i was running around trying to find the box office, because for some reason the tickets we got sent were just preliminary tickets and we had to turn them in for the real tickets at the box office. i had to run around and deal with stupid crap before finally getting the tickets and going back to where they were playing…oddly they were playing live, and there was a section of seats, but they were also broadcasting it on a big screen in another room for overflow from the main room LOL. i managed to score 4th row tickets. i went to this lobby area where there were ppl standing around to try and find angela and i found my other friends. and at this point we were a half hour late for the show. found angela and that was about it….hahah

Jordan Knight in Buffalo

tonight i reverted back to 1990…5th grade…14 years in the making. i saw jordan knight live!!! and oh my lord it was fabulous.

lei, adr, jenn and i went. we HAD to. it was at club infinity in williamsville/clarence. there were 3 openers. the first band was totally fun, mainly because the drummer/lead singer was 11 years old. and they covered guns n roses and limp bizkit. they’re 4 year old brother also pretended to play guitar, and the whole thing was totally cute. and they were pretty good. some audioslave, white stripes, i think hoobastank, and linkin park as well. totally fun. the drummer was doing the worm on the dance floor later on. unfortunately i forget the name of the band. 2nd band was floozie, from niagara falls (representing) and they sucked. period. 3rd band, also from the falls though they claim to be from buffalo, was seven day faith. such a frat party band. they weren’t bad, just nothing i would ever listen to, so it was boring. they managed to blow a fuse or something and set off the fire alarm in the bar….haha. then jordan.

haha jordan was soooo fabulous. gah he’s so hot. really, how can you be 30 something and live with yourself being so damn gorgeous. and the moves, the dancing…lovely Β opened with “my favourite girl” from back in the day. so great. i don’t know if i’ve ever laughed so hard at myself at a concert before. i totally didn’t act all teenie boppery, seriously, i didn’t. but it just made me so happy lol. it was so much fun to sorta be reliving it. going back down memory lane as jordan’s dj guy said. so he did various new kids songs in between his own songs from his first solo album and the one coming up. played the piano for a few. danced. did the New Kids Dance…wonderful. brought this girl with the most whore shirt ever on stage to sing “baby i believe in you” to and my god she was hilarious. it was fantastic.

so we hung out in the back to try to get some pics with him. he apparently was running late so they just left “right away”. so we followed the limo. LOL it was hilarious. we didn’t intend to follow them that long, but it came to a point where we didn’t know where we were, and we figured they were going to the airport (where i would know where we were) so we kept following them. yep to the airport…but they didn’t go to the airport…they kept going to the 33, which meant we had to keep following them since that’s the way we HAD to go to get back home LOL. it was great. so much fun

tomorrow is open doors day one. gotta end up at the terminal at some point, but going to drive by the wollenberg silo that we were planning on going to sunday…cuz the site says theres no inside access, so then what’s the point? i could drive by any day…and i need sunday to do laundry and pack for vegas if wollenberg isn’t going to be cool. so i’ll investigate tomorrow. yep.

and in completely other news… mark david chapman (he shot john lennon) is in attica?!? i thought he was in a prison downstate…huh…who knew. hmm now that i think about it maybe i did know that. i seem to remember kids in high school wanting to find chapman during our attica field trip so they could kill him..lol


my grandpa died. instead of spending my vacation in las vegas i will be spending it in detroit.


July 20th, 1999 was the Nsync/Jordan Knight concert at Six Flags Darien Lake in NY. Danielle (my roommate) and I left to go there at about quarter to 5, and we got there around 5:30. We parked, and got to the line. IT WAS HUGE!! So we found the end of the line and waited for doors to open. Then all these people started screaming (I guess it was because people thought Nsync came out to see the line, I dunno) and lots of people left the line to rush the gates (sort of). So the line disappeared, and we figured, what the hell.

So we mushed into line near the front, and we ended up getting in a lot sooner than many people who had been there all damn day!! So we got inside, and went to the field, where our tickets were for. We weren’t lucky enough to get seats, so we had to settle for the general admission part of the theatre. So we made our way through the crowd (using our mad awesome crowd maneuvering skills learned from Orgy concerts πŸ™‚ lol) and we turned up being about 4 away from the front barrier of the field “seats”. We had a pretty good view of the stage. So then… after waiting a while, there was this chick who came on stage and sang some song. Then this group called PYT (awesome Michael Jackson reference) came on. They were 4-13 year old girls. They sang some song, and left. Then some 4 black guy group came on and sang 2 songs (I think). Then I guess you could say the concert began.

Sugar Hill Gang (the first rap group ever) came on. They did some stuff, played some songs that have recently been sampled by people like Puff Daddy. Then they played Rappers Delight, the only song anyone actually knew. So then after they left the stage they got it ready for JORDAN!!! YAY….They had a big picture of his album cover on the stage, and after awhile this DJ guy (DJ Finesse) came on and started the set. Jordan’s dancers came on and did some stuff and Jordan finally appeared. Oh my god he is sooo gorgeous. He was wearing all black, a suit with a jacket and everything, and sunglasses. He began to sing “A Different Party” and it was soo totally awesome. The dancing was amazing (and you can soo totally tell he is influenced by Michael Jackson). After that song he took his jacket off and was talking to us. He said that his album was for sale at the vendors stands if we wanted to get it “it’s right next to the glow sticks”! AHH he was so adorable!!!!!!!! So after that he talked a bit more about how beautiful we all are (LOL, all the little 12 year olds) and he began “Never Take the Place of Your Man” and I almost died. He is just so amazing. So then, his DJ did something, and Jordan was jammin. Then he took his other shirt off, and so he was wearing this black sleeveless shirt, oh god! LOL…So then he did “Give It To You” after asking us all if he could give it to us (hell yeah baby! right here!)… Everyone sang along to that song, and he did a longer version of it with way more SUPER sexy dancing. Oh god. He is just amazing.

So he only did 3 songs, and that’s ok since it wasn’t his tour, and my god, was it worth it!!!! So then after a break Nsync came on. We watched from way further back than we were for Jordan. We were way high up on the hill and could barely see anything, not like we cared. We watched for a while. They did this thing where they showed a clip from the 60s, and then sang “That Thing You Do”. Then they did the 70s, and in their clip was tons and tons about the Jackson 5, and then they performed the Motown Medley from Jackson 5. It was really good actually!! Then they did a clip from the 80s, and they showed some of MJ’s motown 25 performance of “Billie Jean” and me and Danielle screamed LOL. They did “Celebrate” for that song.. then they did the 90s and went back to their own stuff. Blah LOL.. we left during “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You” (that is too long of a damn title, that’s worse than Jordan’s “Never Take the Place Of Your Man”). We pigged out in the car, and started home. It was so rad, and Jordan is so god damn gorgeous!!! I can’t wait til he tours himself in the fall. I’m there dude, every damn show!