back from vegas.

headed out to visit adr in vegas on tuesday. arrived in the afternoon, and wow. hot. for those who don’t know, flying into vegas in the summer sucks. lots of turbulence from the desert heat, and i was in 2nd last row of the plane. not fun. good thing i hadn’t eaten since work the night before. and as you come into town and look below, it’s nothing…nothing…desert…more desert….nothing…desert…hoover dam…nothing…bam vegas. and looking at all that desert wasteland you have to think, who in their right mind ages ago was traveling the continent and thought, “hey this is a nice place, let’s settle here.” it’s almost uninhabitable hahah. i still think vegas is the most bizarre place on earth.

anyway. first stop, eating at a SONIC! omg! FINALLY. after being tortured with all those sonic commercials and the closest location being 3+ hours away, score! we NEED a sonic, it is SO good, i’d eat there all the time. just the best. tues night we went downtown and played pai gow at binions for 3 hours or so, only losing $50 haha. walked around and got some dinner at the golden gate diner.

wednesday we were supposed to take the nevada test site tour. as you may have read 2 months ago i joyously posted we were taking the tour…2 months ago i said that…got it? 2 months ago we were confirmed for the tour, but the paperwork we were supposed to get the week before never came. so we called on tuesday to find out, and low and behold we’re not on the attendance list for the tour. adr talked to the lady to try to find out what happened, the lady looked and oh yeah, she has my email with our information and confirmation but somehow we’re not on the list, and she just can’t go and bump someone else off the tour for us. she said we could go at departure time anyway, to see if people don’t show up, but 6 people would not have to show up to allow us to go. we had at first said yes, we’d go and see but later that day we decided not to even try. 6 ppl was alot to not show up, and it would suck to get up that early and not go. we decided to go to hoover dam on wednesday instead. checking my email at 9:30 wed morning, the lady emailed me saying we could go on the tour – and not even on standby. well gee thanks. she KNEW i was on vacation, why would she think i’d be checking my email in time. so we missed it. stupid government incompetency. how hard is it to prepare an accurate list of tour attendees…

so hoover dam. it’s only like 30 miles away, and i didn’t realize it was that close. i don’t think i really knew where it was haha. drove over the dam and parked on the arizona side, so now i can say i’ve been in arizona (barely ha). walked across the dam back to the nevada side and the visitors center and tours. we took the “power plant tour” which takes you down into the dam/rock above one of the intake tunnels (i think that’s what it was), and then into the nevada generator room. it’s not a super detailed tour, as after 9-11 they’ve closed down most of the place to public tours. there was another more in depth tour that takes you to 2 other parts of the dam, required hard hats (which were the most flimsy plastic pieces of crap that would protect you from NOTHING), but we didn’t take that. there was a museum portion and over look to see the front of the dam (or is it the back…? haha). i didn’t realize how stylized and art deco the dam was. now a days you’d just get some cement, no decoration or anything. and building it was crazy. it was 110 out that day and the guide pointed out that the workers worked 24hr/day, 7days/week, in 3 shifts for $4 a day…2 days off a year…in that kind of heat. unions would never allow that now…maybe that’s why the dam was finished 2 years ahead of schedule, and everything the government does now is delayed for ages.

back into town that night…i think we just stayed in and watched harry potters. i’m not a big partier to begin with, but the heat just exhausted me so staying in was no problem.

thursday we went out to red rock canyon, outside of town. it has a 13 mile scenic drive with stopping points and trails (if you’re nuts enough to go hiking in 110 degrees ha). the scenery is just so foreign to me, being from the north east. the government totally could have faked a moon landing out there. it was very cool tho. we unfortunately did not see any burros though ๐Ÿ™

thurs night was Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, 2nd row! awesome to be that close, and see the details in the set (especially during masquerade). the show was a bit different from the traditional broadway version…they cut some parts – 2 i can think of, the crew member scaring the ballet girls with stories of Phantom hanging people in the 1st act, and rehearsals of Don Juan Triumphant and more notes in the 2nd act. There was no intermission, so the chandelier did not fall midway, it fell after Point of No Return, and it fell straight down into the audience (and back up) and everyone started screaming hahahah. those were the only differences i noticed, but it was still really good. i don’t know how anyone can not like phantom haha. walked around a bit after then headed home. more harry potter i think lol.

friday we attempted to see the Bodies exhibit at Tropicana, only it had closed the weekend before and didn’t open at Luxor until next week. Ah well, so we walked over to Excalibur and had lunch at Dick’s Last Resort. Trammed it over to Mandalay Bay and through Luxor back, some guy was being put on a stretcher at Luxor. They had all the security and gaming officials standing around, so it looked suspicious haha. stopped at the world’s largest gift shop before going back to the apartment to cool down. more harry potter. hahah.

flight left vegas at 11, and oh…incase you’re looking for something in a vending machine, other than an ipod or psp, you can also buy pro-activ solution kits from a vending machine at the airport. because yes, when i’m walking through an airport i’m in desperate need for acne products. wth! got home at 11am, my phone battery died and my parents were waiting for a call in the cell phone lot…but i don’t know anyones phone numbers without the phone. oops. so called around to neighbors to call my parents for me, and eventually found them. got lunch and then home to sleep the rest of the day. called into work, apparently 1 of 14 hahah oops. starving now and i have no food, gotta go to the store.

Vegas Photos


eric sent this to me, and yes it really is the best video ever made. but then again i love all things soviet propaganda looking. but flying twinkies? and the zombies look like a stalin/hitler crossbreed. ha fabulous.

tonight was Wicked at Shea’s with 14 ppl from work…or well 12 because 2 didn’t show up for some reason. we hit up pearl street brewery for dinner first, and tried to take the train the 5 blocks to the theatre…except apparently the train does not run past lafayette square anymore on thursdays, we we went a total of one block and had to walk the rest of the way. no problem whatever, just weird.

i liked Wicked, but i didn’t think the music was as memorable as other musicals. i knew the general story from the books, but couldn’t help picking out what parts were different. they barely touched on the reasons behind elphalba becoming the wicked witch, and more or less barely skimmed the political aspects of the book (as expected). and they made the ending happy instead. as always i am wicked (ha) jealous of musical theatre performers. i’m not sure i’d go see it again, i think my friends all liked it more than me. where as phantom…going to see it again in vegas in 2 weeks hahah.

afterwards we went back to pearl st and hung out on the patio and had a few drinks. they stopped serving food so we went to jims steak out, my very first time despite being born and raised here. twas a good fun night. and no bug bites. ๐Ÿ™‚

oh and for anyone buying a house, don’t accept the interest rate they give you on mondays. i waited 3 days and got one that was way lower. score!

new nin!!

another new nin song…”echoplex”…distributed by way of just like leaked songs before year zero…if we are getting a new album, perhaps on monday, i really need to listen to the album in full. i didn’t have much of an opinion on “survivalism” and “my violent heart” when they were leaked for the arg, but as part of the whole album i love them. i think the same about “discipline” and now “echoplex”….they’re both “ok”. sorta dancy, “echoplex” makes me think of all the “80s” like openers trent has had on the tour the last 3 years. do i particularly like that style? no. but i didn’t really like year zero leaks, and i didn’t really like “the hand that feeds” and i thought “the day the world went away” was boring, but in the end always, always, like the full albums.

presale info was posted, toronto tuesday. a bunch more wednesday, then 1 each the following 2 weeks.

i went to see Avenue Q on thursday with jenn and jeff at Shea’s. HILARIOUS! for those who don’t know what it is, it is a musical that is basically Sesame Street on crack. adult themed puppets. i enjoyed it much more than Spamalot, as it was something pretty novel. the songs are very funny, most of the dialog too. one character is japanese complete with broken english and the r/l mispronunciation. she was quite funny to us because she sounded just like all our players at work. the best puppets were the “bad idea bears” ha!!! yeah. it was great. highly recommend it.

Dirty Dancing

i just remembered an impressive thing about the berin “subway/metro” system. they had french fry vending machines on the platforms. of course, i had to try it. and omg. they are fantastic. they actually fry french fries in the machine, and they come out in a cup all hot and with salt and ketchup packets and everything. we need those over here.

and wow…further proof that the Spears family is white trash…britney spears’ sister, who is SIXTEEN and stars in a nickelodeon show, is pregnant. LOL. what a role model!

today brought Dirty Dancing on stage in Toronto with Heather. god i love that movie. and the stage version kept pretty close to the movie. they included every major scene, and every quotable line from “for the adults we” to “i carried a watermelon” to of course “nobody puts baby in a corner”. the dialog was actually so close i could have recited it haha. strangely, there wasn’t a lot of singing in it, and the singing that did occur were by 2 girls from the ensemble, and the man playing Johnny’s cousin (his name escapes me). there were very very small parts that the main characters would sing (old man shumacker sings a small thing, vivian the “bungalow bunny” sings a few lines, lisa sings her talent show songs, the kellermans song etc). a lot of the music was just played, with the sound as if it was coming from a jukebox or record player (which fit in those parts), other songs were instrumentals only played live. the performers were great, dancing was awesome, and as always, musical theatre people make me so jealous. i wish i had talent. a couple scenes were added, that didn’t really add or detract from the story (the one that sticks out is penny telling mrs houseman about the abortion, and both housemans talking about it). my one complaint was that our seats in the lower balcony were obstructed, and i was not told that when i bought them. it wasn’t a HUGE deal for this show – the ceiling of the upper balcony came down into our vision obstructing the top of the set. for this show, there were stairs that went up both sides of the stage to a top walkway which they used to simulate walking around kellermans…some of the songs, the singers and/or band were up there. so not being able to see more than people’s feet on it was not a huge deal. but for another show that has a lot of props at the top of the set, it would be a big problem. spamalot if i remember correctly would be a big problem haha.

we had gone to a matinรฉe and then got dinner…so traffic leaving toronto was rush hour. it took us an hour to get down king st and spadina to the gardner. re-fucking-diculous. i HATE traffic, and not for the obvious reasons, but because it makes absolutely NO SENSE to me. especially highway traffic. traffic on a highway should NEVER stop unless there is an accident. yet traffic was at a crawl if not standstill on the gardner for miles FOR NO REASON. no accident, no construction…NO REASON. and i HATE HATE HATE that. why can’t people just drive!! arg.

in other musical news, jenn’s getting us tickets for avenue Q at shea’s, and everyone at work is planning a trip to see Wicked at shea’s in june (i think).


thursday night brought monty python’s Spamalot to Shea’s Theatre in buffalo. a bunch of us from work (15 i think) went out to see it, meeting up at pearl street brewery for drinks and food. i hadn’t eaten anything all day, and had a huge very dark beer. yeah. drunk. haha. had a mixed drink after we ate, and i didn’t realize that pearl st gives you mixed drinks in pint glasses LOL. it was huge. drunk. then the bartender gave me a 3rd drink free even though i didn’t want it hahahah. it was fun! Spamalot was hilarious. i could have used a monty python refresher beforehand i think, but it was still hilarious. i had trouble understanding the dialog, the accent and speaking so fast, and being sorta drunk, but it was fine. personally i liked the flashing star of david haha. very good. next season at Shea’s they’re bringing in Wicked and Avenue Q! exciting hehe. some of us went out again afterwards to the tap room, where a blues band was performing. very low key and more my kind of place than if we had decided to go to some club on chippewa (actually, i wouldn’t have gone in that case haha). wasn’t out too late but we had fun.

sabres won tonight in overtime. stressful haha. 1 more win for this round, and 2 games left to get it. stressful haha. then bring on (most likely) ottawa. *choke* ๐Ÿ™‚

oh a certain ex sabres defenseman with the initials J.M. was in again tonight…without a hat. for the first time ever. i didn’t recognize him. especially because he cut his hair real short. and when i looked at him i did a triple take because he looked exactly like eric. i mean, it’s RIDICULOUS how much he looked like eric. dimples and everything. the spiked hair did it i think, cuz i never noticed the resemblance before. it was unreal.


What are your initials?

What is your favourite thing to wear?
eh whatever is comfortable

Last thing you ate?
french fries and a barfy turkey burger

I say Shotgun, you say?

Last person you hugged?
um…my mom i guess?

How many U.S. states have you been to?
Hmm. NY, NJ, MA, PA, VT, CT, RI, FL, OH, DE, NH, Maine, MI, WV, VA, LA, Minnesota, NV, CA, TX, MD, oh apparently KY, CO, i think that’s it…23?

How many of the U.S. states have you lived in?
NY only

Does anyone you know wanna date you?

Name something you like physically about yourself?
hmmm…i’m tall

Who is your best friend?
blahblahblah whatever, the usual suspects

Have you ever run away?
No, thought about it lots, especially when I was like 6…totally thought I could make it on my own haha

Why are you still up?
Just got home from work

Who/What made you angry today?
No one really, didn’t have many players at work, and the Sabres won!

Favourite Food?
Ice cream and potatos

Favourite holiday?

Do you download music?

Do you care if your socks are dirty?
I change them daily, except on vacation haha. if they’re super gross or something, cuz I stepped in mud, then yes I mind.

Would you date the person who posted this?
i don’t think i could date anyone, boy or girl, with the same name as me haha sorry

Has anyone ever sang or played for you personally?
i seem to be bringing back an unfortunate unhappy memory about one incident like this, but let’s not remember that.

Do you love anyone?
hahaha no.

Do you like Bush?

Have you ever bungee jumped?
nope, someday. or sky dive.

Have you ever gone white-water rafting?
No i used to think it would be fun, but i seem to have an aversion to water since i turned 15

Has anyone ten years older than you ever hit on you?
God yes all the fucking time. barf.

How much money ya got in ya pocket?

Have you met a real redneck?
hahah yes

How is the weather right now?
Perfect in my opinion

What are you listening to right now?

What is your current favourite song?
“meet your master” nin

What was the last movie you watched?
does a movie on an airplane that i didn’t pay attention to count? if so, then “night at the museum”, if not then…part of “moonraker” and god was it awful.

Do you wear contacts?
occasionally i wear non prescription colored contacts. which reminds me i haven’t done so in a long time…

What are you afraid of?
getting injured exploring, or getting arrested but i seemed to have over come that a bit lately haha

How many piercings have you had?
i’ve been pierced 8 times, but i only have 2 in my ears now.

How many pets do you have?

One thing you’ve learned?
people are idiots

What do you usually order from Starbucks?
i dont really go there, because it’s not close, and it always upsets my stomach. but i used to get the mocha coconut frapp when they still had it.

Have you ever fired a gun?
yes a small hand gun when i was like…12.

Are you missing someone?
nope cuz i’m a cold blackhearted little girl. and really, i just don’t miss people.

Favourite TV show?
simpsons and arrested development i guess. and daily show and colbert report.

Do you have an iPod?
no i have an mp3 player, iPods and Apple are evil.

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celeb?
a few times…the only one i remember is someone at work said i looked like the “band geek” from american pie…

Who would you like to see right now?
ah any of my friends

Favourite movie of all time?
fight club and dirty dancing and hedwig and the angry inch

Do you find yourself loved?
Boy X tells me he loves me like every day LOL

Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to?
I’m an urban explorer, of course I have.

Favourite flower(s)?
Eh flowers whatever…

Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?

What magazines are you reading?
None and I don’t think i even get crappy subscriptions from frequent flyer points anymore.

Have you ever ridden in a limo?
Yes a few times

What’s something that really bugs you?
LOLOLOL omg i have SUCH the thing to put in here right now but i’m not going to. adr2 and bliss and amira can recall the conversation at dinner last week and answer the Q themselves hahahahhah. the list of things that bugs me is miles long.

Do you like Michael Jackson?
hahahahahah oh i suppose

What’s your favourite smell?
something not gross….cake!

Favourite baseball team?
um. hockey.

Favourite cereal?
i don’t eat alot of cereal, but i’ve been trying to eat special k to lose 10 lbs.

What’s the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?
oh however long it was when i drove to boston, slept for like an hour and a half, went to the u2 show, and immediate left to drive back home. never. again!

Last time you went bowling?
dear god FOREVER…with joe and mary when nate was still around. so like…4.5 years!

Where is the weirdest place you have slept?
i don’t sleep good in a bed let alone weird places. airplane i guess, which isn’t weird at all. my aunt fell asleep standing up at a railing inside Watkins Glen watching the laser show. how is that even possible!

Who was your last phone call?
absorbent ink printing company

Last time you were at work?
an hour ago

What’s the closest orange object to you?
my anti static dust cloth for film. hm…the fact it’s been on my desk for months collecting dust probably doesn’t make it dust free anymore…

We Will Rock You

we will rock you – so fantastic. i’ve always thought queen’s music was made for musicals haha. so of course, now that it actually IS a musical, of course it’s fabulous. one of the great things about it, it’s a comedy too. and it’s up to the minute contemporary, making reference to britney spears shaving her head. they also make an effort to connect to the audience – canadian jokes and references. so it was very amusing as well as having excellent singers and a cute story. well…don’t know if cute is the word. it’s not exactly “deep” but it’s fun, making fun of pop culture. the basic plot is it’s 300 years in the future and the world is run by a single giant corporation and everyone dresses the same and acts the same and listens to the same computer programmed music. an underground resistance group is trying to bring back the rock by finding “the dreamer” who is the only one who can find brian may’s hidden guitar, to save the world. and it ends in front of the ruins of wembley stadium hahah. one of the main girl characters is played by susie who was on Rockstar INXS. kinda funny since Mig on Rockstar INXS had been in the London production. anyway. loved it. cute, funny, great music, great singing, definitely recommend if you have the chance.