3-21-01 11:42 pm

I’m a bit upset over the new Madonna video. It has nothing to do with the content…no I take that back, it has everything to do with the content.

I’m upset over the fact that it was banned. If someone could tell me what is wrong with the video to have it banned I’d appreciate it. I’ve heard it’s violent. I saw the video. So she crashes her car and hits some people. Big deal. We see worse on the news.

So really, why was her video banned? It’s no worse than any of the black rappers ass videos. Please tell me how her video is worse than seeing women portrayed as body parts for men’s pleasure? Almost naked women poll dancing ¬†doesn’t get banned but a video where she sets fire to a gas station does? How does that make sense? Are you trying to set a good example for the MTV generation? Because if so you’re doing a GREAT job *sarcasm*.

I’ll be the first to argue against the media greatly influencing youth, but if you are going to make that argument as the reason to justify banning Madonna’s video I think you need a new excuse.

Maybe it’s because she’s a girl? Maybe that’s exactly what she wanted you to do. She was trying to portray in pictures what girls aren’t “allowed” to do.

And don’t you people realize by now that making a video “controversial” only draws more attention to it? Her past videos that were banned had more reason to be, but by banning them, only made more people want to see them. By banning this new video you’re only going to make more people want to see it. It’s the only reason I made a point to tune in.

Is there a point to banning videos in this era? With a single viewing of the video it will be all over the internet tomorrow. Anyone who wants to see it will be able to. So you might as well play it.

Things I liked in the video:

* Madonna backing the car up into the cop car, setting off the airbags

* crashing the car into the car of men ogling her

* the smoking gun tattoo on one arm and the cross tattoo on the other. brilliant.

I think I’m done. Time for bed.