metallica everywhere

on a normal day i drive 15 min to work and 15 min home. ive been trying to listen to the radio (it’s difficult) and it seems that everytime i am in the car surfing my 6 stations i can find a metallica song on. if I’m lucky i can find 2 ha ha got 2 last night and 2 just now.

metallica buffalo

We only had tickets to the metallica show for, oh, 7 months, and it finally arrived. eric had gotten us floor seats, justifying it with “well it won’t be any worse than other pits we’ve been in”, and in the end it was the most ridiculous GA crowd i’ve ever been in. no it wasn’t rough, there was NO ONE AROUND US…the metallica stage is truly 360 (unlike u2), at center ice, with the crowd fully surrounding the set up. we had been hanging out in the parking lot since 3:15 but didn’t get in any lines until we saw them open the doors inside. we joined into a line which went super fast, and when we got in we could still get rail. that was a surprise to say the least. they really utilize their entire stage, with mics set up for james hetfield all around the stage, so no matter where you stood you were never really “in front” or “in back”. lars drum kit rotated, and the other 3 wandered around all night. but for some reason everyone clumped together in the traditional front and back of the stage. we were toward the side, hanging around with plenty of space. i actually left during the 2 openers to hang out with frank and jenn in the concourse, and when i went back after lamb of god finished i expected to have to fight to get back to eric and his friends – nope. walked right up, STILL. i was amazed. surely the floor would fill in by the time metallica started. nope. had so much room i could have danced like a freak all night and never touched anyone. ridiculous.

so as i said, i left during the openers so i have no comment. they were volbeat and lamb of god.

i am not familiar with a big chunk of metallica’s catalog, so this really was a show where i had absolutely no expectations. i could care less what they played cuz most i don’t know, and could just appreciate it as a sort of outsider. from beginning to end they were really together and on fire, and even tho i hate lars, he didn’t do a bad job hehe. they had pyro as expected (and no one started on fire! ha), which you could definitely feel the heat of on the floor. my only disappointment, if i could have one, was when they came out for the encore they started playing “bleeding me” (eric thinks it was “outlaw torn”) which is one of my favs from “load”, and for whatever reason lars stopped them all. they look confused about it too, but whatever. would have liked to hear that one (or “outlaw torn”, if eric is right, that one is great too).

1. That Was Just Your Life
2. The End Of The Line
3. Creeping Death
4. No Remorse
5. One
6. Broken, Beat And Scarred
7. Cyanide
8. Sad But True
9. Turn The Page (Bob Seger cover)
10. All Nightmare Long
11. The Day That Never Comes
12. Master Of Puppets
13. Damage Inc.
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman
16. Blitzkrieg (Blitzkrieg cover)
17. Phantom Lord
18. Seek & Destroy

they stayed on stage quite long after “seek and destroy”, throwing out TONS of picks, and drum sticks (which lars wasted, by trying to lamely throw them into a bullseye sign someone had made, and kept missing). it was funny to walk out of the place watching people struggle to deflate the giant black metallica balls that came down from the roof during the last song. i walked out empty handed but that was fine with me, i’d rather have a true fan get souvenirs.

so it was a pretty good show. having hair to headbang with was sorta fun haha. would i pay so much to see them again, i’m not sure. i’m getting old and cheap haha.

oh and btw…my hot water tank exploded sometime between 6:30am and 2:30pm on monday. woke up and went to go to the basement as usual and the carpet was all wet. shit. so after a waterless day, a plumber came around 9pm to look at it, turned the water back on then came at 8am tues morning to replace it. so we’re back in business $1200 later.

yahoo re: metallica’s induction into the rock and roll hall of fame: “The evening ended with a jam for the ages as Metallica, Beck, Jimmy Page, Aerosmith’s Joe Tyler and Flea brought the house down with a performance of the Yardbirds’ “Train Kept A Rollin.””

who is joe tyler? did aerosmith get a new band member? 😛

the u2 tickets arrived in the mail, and you know how the first ticket in the bunch is your receipt…i didn’t realize quite how high the fees were until i saw that receipt…$53 in fees. that’s almost one whole extra ticket. i really wonder what that money goes to…$12 per ticket x 10,000 tickets = $120,000 for what? that is a racket and a half. arg

new metallica

new metallica songs on their myspace. maybe it’s being on myspace, or comp speakers, but the quality is so tinny, hetfield’s vocals sound so high, the whole thing lacks depth and so almost sounds like a demo – but it’s not. and i’m not sure if i like the song. i think metallica is trying too hard to sound like themselves, just like u2, and aren’t doing it very well. but then again, i’m not an old school hardcore metallica fan so what do i know 😛

tour starts again tomorrow. taking the laptop but no idea what connection will be like.


cassie and i, for some reason, had a discussion about metallica yesterday. which lead to me reading their wiki article and getting really irritated. i tried to make my case that lars is a total douchebag, but she thought hetfield was the main asshole. well speak of the devil…lars today tells rolling stone that metallica is considering giving their new album away for free on the internet, that they’ve been paying attention to what was done by radiohead and nin. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the band that killed napster and sues their fansites is now going to let fans have their music for free afterall. fuck metallica. fuck em all!

it amuses me that trent blogged meathead’s flash video for “discipline” as “leaked pre-production ideas for stage sets” hah what a sense of humor.


of all things i decided to listen to metallica in the car today. i can’t remember the last time i listened to load. i still love love love “until it sleeps”. i don’t care what anyone else says. and king nothing, hero of the day, and bleeding me are just awesome

apparently on march 21st, the full moon, rolling rock brewery is going to advertise by using a laser to project their logo onto the moon. someone please tell me that is a joke. please, i beg you. because i couldn’t think of anything more horrendous than using the moon as an advertising device. if it’s true, and it works, that just begins a long line of companies who are going to start doing it, and who wants to look at the beautiful moon every day and see a fucking ad!?!?!

i had a nightmare about russell sending out an email regarding the lack of board participation in the dyngus day clean up and calling my dedication to the project into question. it made me so mad i woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.


another reason on the list why i’ll never pay for metallica anything ever again….

“Attorneys for the gaming companies named in the lawsuit were bemused by the lawsuit. “Our company paid a licensing fee to feature the track ‘One’ by Metallica in Guitar Hero III,” counsel for Activision/Red Octane told reporters. “We don’t understand why Metallica would turn around and sue us, unless they’ve gone from insane completely batshit insane since 2001, but we’re confident that the law and our contracts will be enough to have this thrown out.”


“Some speculate that the various arms of the band’s crumbling media empire are so out of touch that they don’t know what they have and haven’t licensed, while others believe this may be one last desperate grab for attention from a band that has lost all cultural significance outside of reruns of “I Love the 90s” on VH1.


“The band infamously blamed file-sharing programs, which were quickly rising in popularity at the exact same time that Metallica was quickly disappearing from the mainstream consciousness, for the decline in their records, believing that it was Napster, not their own douchebaggery, that stopped fans from buying their albums.


haaaa Metallica: Terrorist threat?

Metallica singer James Hetfield was investigated by UK airport officials who believed he was a terrorist this week, it has been claimed. The star was barred entry to Luton airport on Thursday and questioned by staff who were concerned about his appearance. Fears that Hetfield might be involved in terrorism were apparently founded on his “Taliban-like beard”, according to The Times. He was allowed to leave the airport after a brief interrogation, when he persuaded officials that he was a rock star. Metallica play Live Earth at Wembley Stadium in London tomorrow, before headlining the venue for their own show on Sunday evening.