New Years in Toronto

Toronto- New Years 1999

I went to Toronto to visit my friend Carolyn for the New Millennium. I arrived on Thursday night and she picked me up at the train station downtown. The train ride was an event. First there were a bunch of hot boys in the train station before we left, and I was going to try to sit by them, but the train was way full and so I had to find whatever seat was available. So we’re on the train, and people start to get up for the next stop.

This guy came next to my seat and put a box down, and pushed it under my seat a bit. He left and I looked at the box, it was a Tide laundry detergent box, wrapped partly in christmas wrapping paper, and brown plastic tape. I freaked out, because I thought it was a bomb. A sketchy looking man left a wrapped up taped up Tide box under my seat and left. I seriously thought I was going to die. I looked around for the guy, and at the box, and it was so sketchy looking. Then I figured, if the people get off, and no one takes this box, I’m telling a train attendant, because I am not going to die. I kept looking at the box to see if it was ticking or anything. Then I figured, well if the bomb goes off, at least it’s right under me and I’ll die instantly. So after freaking out for a while, some other sketchy looking person came and picked up the box. They got off the train with the box and I didn’t die.

Then, before some other stop, this stupid lady who was sitting in the seat next to me decided to get her luggage down way before the stop. Well she had one of those really nice hard body suitcases, and she hit me with hit. I was really excited let me tell you, because it didn’t hurt, NO NOT AT ALL, I ONLY GOT A BIG HUGE BRUISE FROM BEING ATTACKED BY HER SUITCASE! Then she put it down, and it fell onto my foot. I loved her :-P…

Anyway, Carolyn picked me up, we drove to her neighborhood and went to a pub to get some food. After we ate we walked a block to her house and talked for a while before bed. She had to work the next morning, and I slept for a while. I got up and she got home from work with pizza for lunch. We decided to go downtown to shop at the record and poster stores during the day. We took the subway downtown and I ended up buying a poster from the movie “The Crow” and 2 CD single imports…”We’re In This Together” part 2 by Nine Inch Nails and “Give It To You” by Jordan Knight. At the one poster store (where her friend got a gun pulled on her… NOT THE SAME DAY) I was looking at stuff, and this guy came up to me and said something like, “you hair is nice, but your pants and shoes are so excellent” and I was like, “ok cool thanks.” So then we’re looking around still and he comes back up to me and goes, “My name is Richard, what’s yours.” and I was like “Sara.” and he was all like “It’s nice to meet you Sara, feel free to look around and stuff.” and he shook my hand, but in a very femmy way. I could swear he was gay, but how many gay men hit on me?? He wasn’t young or anything, he had to be mid-late twenties LOL.

We went to the liquor store and we headed back to her house and watched some movies. We ordered dinner and got ready to go out for New Years. We were going to go to a party that her friend invited us to, but it turned out that the girl wasn’t going, because none of her friends were going, so obviously we weren’t going to go either! So instead we decided to head back downtown to see the fireworks at the waterfront. We got there around 11, and waited in the crowd. But then I had to pee….at the best time possible. So we left the water front and ended up walking forever to find a bathroom . We went into the Air Canada center to find a bathroom and they directed us back to the subway station we were in to start with. So I went to the bathroom and we were able to get back outside for midnight and the fireworks.

They were shot off from 4 different locations on the waterfront and there were lots of them. So after the fireworks we took the subway back to her house and went to bed around 3:30. Saturday we were lazy and sat around most of the day. We went to the main street by her house to a few stores, and back to her house for dinner and to watch the Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. Two of Carolyn’s friends came over near the end of the game (where Toronto was BEAT down into the ground by Buffalo 8-1) and then 3 of us went to the pub for some food and drinks. After that we went back to Carolyn’s house and watched the movie “Blade”. Sunday we were lazy again, and later we had to go back to the train station for me to go back home. It was a fun weekend, and I’d love to go back to the big city again.