Stolen Wallet


March 10, 1998, my wallet was stolen from my locker at school. As well as $150.00 in cash, there were all my good friends senior pictures, my bank card, phone card, social security card, drivers permit, etc etc etc.

I don’t know HOW they got into my locker. But after 4th period I went to my locker, and there it was open, the lock locked but the door open. They also took my pudding out of my lunch (to add insult to injury).

From this experience I’ve learned the complete incompetency of establishments in my town. Let’s start with school.

 My high school hires security guards. God knows why. Nothing big happens in my school. God they can’t even catch someone going through my locker (there excuse was, if they saw someone, they would just think it was that students locker, and he was looking for something). The security guards don’t do a damn thing all day, but walk around and pretend to look important and pretend to know what they are doing. For all I know, it was one of the security guards who took my wallet.

Next let’s go into my school office. I found out my wallet was gone, and went to the main office to report it. I stood at the main desk, waiting for someone to help me. 3 secretaries were at their desks right behind the main desk, they all looked at me. I stood there, looking at them. About 5 minutes go by, finally one of them decides to ask me what I want. Then this morning, I went back in to see if anyone had found the wallet. I stood there, 2 of our principals were standing right there, and 1 secretary. After about 5, 6 minutes, they decide to ask me what is wrong, and when I asked if anyone had turned in a wallet, the assistant principal just kinda stood there, and just looked at me as if I wasn’t speaking english.

Ok, so then after school we went to the police station, to report it. We told them we were there. We sat there for 15 min waiting for the police to write the report. Once they finally got around to us (you know, North Tonawanda Police are SOOOO busy with other BIG TIME drug deals and what not :Þ sarcasm, I love it) everything went fine. The booked it as GRAND LARSONY (how cool is that?!?!?).

Next the DMV. I had to get a new drivers permit (although my road test is next Wednesday). What did I have to do? Oh, you have to fill this ENTIRE form out again, even though we have it all on file, we just like to make you do more work.(there’s that sarcasm again). They lady said if you had your original you wouldn’t have to fill this out again. Um.. HELLO?? It was STOLEN, that is why I’m here, to get a NEW one! OF COURSE I DON’T HAVE IT STUPID! So I had to fill out this form AGAIN, and everything. It was so stupid. Then she was like, do you have id?? um.. HELLO? IT WAS STOLEN, S-T-O-L-E-N….!!!

I think the public library was the only place that wasn’t filled with incompetency. I paid $1 and got a new library card.

Even AT&T, whose phone card I had, was incompetent. I didn’t realize that my first phone card, had my pin number printed on it. HOW STUPID IS THAT? So they asked if we wanted the pin number printed on it again.. NO dumb question.

So there you story. It also kinda bothers me, that someone was going through my locker.. my coat, my lunch. It kinda makes you feel weird, and untrusting of anyone you come in contact with.