Top Ten


On Halloween my school held an assembly. It basically was a sports assembly. We had 9 out of 10  fall sports teams going to playoffs, or sectionals or something. And for the fun of it, and to make sure they didn’t seem SO preoccupied with ONLY sports they decided to throw in some academics into  the assembly, by announcing the Top Ten ranked seniors for the Class of 1998 (me).

Well in 6th period study hall the teacher gets a call, that said I had to go down to the main office at 1:10. I  thought I did something wrong, I’ve never gone to the office to see the principal, or the assistant principals for that matter. I freaked out. But I went down at 1:10 and I was ushered into the office where I found myself surrounded by 9 of my friends, we had made it into the top ten of our senior class. They gave us cookies, and told us congrats, that we all made it to the top ten. But they wouldn’t tell us which rank each of us were. We had to wait until the assembly.

So we went to the gym and waited for a half hour until the assembly started. It was for the entire school so we got to sit first row, and watch everyone come in. Then they went through all the dumb sports stuff, and FINALLY they got to the top ten. They congratulated all of us, and then called our names in the order of our rank. I ended up being 9th. We had to go up in the front of the entire school and we got flowers, and our pictures taken. (Since it was halloween I was dressed all in black, and some people had halloween costumes on) The whole school gave us a standing ovation, and it very nice. People who I didn’t even know, or knew casually were congratulating me and giving me hugs. It really made me feel special. That night I was giving out candy for halloween, and some girls congratulated me, I don’t even know who they were. It was really nice. I’m proud of myself.