Car Fire

june 11, 2001

Ok so today was… eventful…I got out of work early so i could go home and shower, so I could go with Christa to see BBMak… hah i know, keep laffing….The school where Christa’s father is principal won this radio station contest to have BBMak perform at the school. Her dad was supposed to get us to meet them, and that’s the only reason why I went. I have no idea who they are, I just know they’re british, and they’re young haha. Turns out we didn’t get to meet them because they left right away.
But anyway, while we were driving to the school, Christa’s car started on fire. We’re in view of the school, maybe 1/4 a mile away, and it starts on fire. It was making this weird noise and it wouldn’t go above 45 mph, it had been before. So we’re like wtf is that noise. Then the noise suddenly stops, and the car starts SMOKING so bad we couldn’t see. So I’m like YOU GOTTA PULL OVER YOU GOTTA STOP and shes like we’re almost there, and i’m like YOU NEED TO STOP NOW WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THE CAR. So she pulls over and stops, and we get out of the car. It was smoking SO bad but I didn’t know what it was, cuz it was white smoke, not black smoke. I thought maybe it was just over heated, but it was SO much smoke. So this girl who had been going the other direction stopped and ran over and is like YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE I SAW THE FLAMES. So we leave the car and this girl takes us to the school.
So Christa tells her dad that the car is on fire, and he didn’t believe her. But I’m like no it really is on fire. We never saw any flames but it was still smoking really bad. So anyway, he took care of that, and we got to watch BBMak….I went deaf from all the high school girls screaming around me. I guess they were good, they’re cute, and they’re british so they’re ok in my book.
Ok so the concert is over, they played like 5 songs.. I knew one of them cuz they play it at work. There was this little boy on the bleachers in front of us, and these girls going nuts behind us, so the camera man for the news was filming them… so unfortunately I’m probably on tv….a bunch of people took pictures of where we were in the bleachers too, its like wtf, I’m 21, I don’t go to school here and I never did haha….
An interesting fact sorta…. the high school where the concert was at is the high school Timothy McVeigh went to when he was a kid….they had super duper security all day since today was Execution day….