Princess Diana


I woke up this morning to the news that Princess Diana had died in a tragic car accident that was thought to be caused by photographers, chasing her for that 1,000,000 dollar picture. How sick can humans be? Why is it that we eat up tragedy? We look for those pictures of the bloody crime scene. I found out a bit ago, from a friend on IRC that the National Enquirer, a US tabloid newspaper, has boycotted the crash scene photographs. Bravo to them, but how can they be so hypocritical? One day they are printing pictures of Jon Benett Ramsey (excuse the spelling I know it’s wrong), and pictures of Nicole Simpson, and now they are boycotting pics of Diana’s crash? Talk about double standard. It just bothers me that people can be so sick.

I ask again, what is wrong with humans? Why do we eat up tragedy? Why do we waste our money on those rags, tearing everyone down? How can we support something that RUIN’s people’s lives? How can papparrazzi, (my spelling skills strike again) live with themselves, knowing they are torturing these people? I applaud Alex Baldwin, who punched the photographer who was trying to get pictures of his new daughter, and I applaud Tom Cruise for calling CNN last night (August 30th, 1997) complaining about the stalkerazzi, and I applaud a former British Parliament member who calls for laws against the paparrazzi. Yes celebrities know that they will be photographed, but when people chase them at high speeds, and practically live outside their homes, it’s gone too far. We need to stop it NOW!

On tabloids: “Don’t read it, it’s garbage, it’s junk food..” ” With your pen you torture men.” – Michael Jackson

My thoughts are so clouded, and mashing into each other it’s hard for me to write them down. So, I just wanna say, I want to


something about the tabloids, and the stalkerazzi. If you have any plausible ideas about how to stop this, or try our best to stop this, I’d greatly appreciate an email. Thank you. More later.

” I don’t mind freedom of the press, as long as they leave some freedom for others.” – Late Princess¬† Grace of Monaco