More School Stuff

december 16, 2002

i went looking through more elementary school projects trying to find the simple machines one. it appears that it’s the only one i don’t have…also the weather project, but i think i threw that out. it was the last project we did in 5th grade, most people never got it back. i went in on my own to see what my grade was. but anyway… i found a few things i want to share. i wrote stories all the time, on my own time, when i was a kid. one of these is my own, one was a school project. i was a strange kid.
1.My New Holiday
My new holiday is called Elvis day because Elvis was the king of rock n roll. Elvis day is celebrated July 16th to honor Elvis Presley. Everybody loves Elvis’s music. You want to know how it is celebrated, you have balloons that say Elvis! Elvis, you hang up banners that say Happy Birthday to Elvis. You through confttie, you have pictures of Elvis hung all over, and this is what you have been waiting for, someone that looks like Elvis, someone that plays music like Elvis but is not Elvis. If you do not like Elvis you are weird. To sign up for an Elvis fan club call *my phone number*. You can not call between 9:00AM and 3:30PM. Why? Because I am at school.
2.The Great Story
Once apon a time there was a little girl named Jenny. She made a story and tryed to publish it. It was a very good story, and I do not know why it did not get published. She was going to give it to her friend Andrea for Valentine’s Day. The story was about her and Andrea going to the park one summer day. She talked about what they did and they had fun. They went on the swings and went on the water slide. Then they went to Andreas house and had dinner. They had Macroni and cheese with straberry milk. Then Jenny asked if Andrea could sleepover. The next day they went to the plaza and went to hills. They bought the same pair of roller skates. They were 15$ a piece. When they got home they roller skated around the block 2 times. It was so cold Andrea got sick. Finally the book got published and she gave the first copy to Andrea. Andrea liked the book. The doctor said that she would not get well. She would die in a few days. Jenny said that they would always be best friends. Jenny said that if Andrea died she would die with her and if Jenny did not die with her nothing would be the same. Jenny I know that you would find another best friend.
WTF WAS THAT?!?! This had to be around 4th grade…and i was writing about best friends dying?!?!? and how they’d die without eachother?!?!?!? i don’t even know what to say about Elvis…
my mom constantly contradicts herself…years went by without my mom saying anything about my mental state…like…recently she has said she thinks i’m depressed (and i mean past year, not past few weeks) and that I should see someone about it…so i told her shes about 8 years too late with that, that i consider myself to have been depressed most of my life…so she’ll say i was a happy child, and they let me do whatever i wanted blah blah blah. well today, looking through old stuff, i found something that said “I am happy when _______” and i wrote “when it rains because i can play in my basement”…to which my mom replies how i was such a weird kid and she always knew something was “wrong with me”…that i never had friends, and never called people to play with, that i was always a loner…how i was so weird to be a kid that liked when it rained. then reading my 2nd grade journal, every entry was about calling my friend over to play after school, having hot chocolate parties with my friends (?!?! mom doesn’t remember this either haha), etc…so then mom says i just didn’t ever keep friends…that i never made friends for very long, i hopped around from friend to friend, and i was always standoffish and stuff…so to all of this, i said, well you should have gotten me help back when i was 7. she said that if i ever freak out and go looney to a psychiatrist she can take all this elementary school stuff to show them that i was a happy kid and had a good childhood…