let me tell you how much i HATE ticketmaster. trying to buy Aerosmith tickets today from ticketmaster.com. I’ve never had a problem with ticketmaster (besides the service fees) until now. I go on, and I click Aerosmith at darien lake, and i put in 7 tickets, i pick seats, blah blah blah I get to the confirmation number, and it tells me I bought Black Crowes and Oasis tickets. NO that is SO wrong. So I freak out of course, cuz that’s $293 on my credit card for tickets of a show I don’t want to see.

So I think maybe the confirmation page is messed up. So I call ticketmaster and I send an email. Well of course the line is busy in Buffalo, so I called every ticketmaster location in the STATE! I ended up getting through in BINGHAMTON! So I’m on line, long distance to Binghamton…listening to the cheesy music. So finally I get to talk to a person, they check the confirmation number and I indeed purchased 300$ worth of Black Crowes tickets. So they send me to customer service.

Talk to customer service lady, she said she can’t cancel ticket orders the day they were placed (why, i dunno…) but to call back on Monday and they can cancel my order THANK GOD! I asked to be sure, that I can go and buy aerosmith tickets AGAIN, and then cancel Black Crowes on monday, which she said yes to.

Fine, thank god, I’m so relieved I’m not going to have to sell those tickets on ebay. But now I’m back to ticketmaster.com trying to buy Aerosmith tickets again. This time they page is way different, which means they fixed the link so that its not going to Black Crowes when you click on Aerosmith. But anyway, they have no prices listed, so I just do best available, and I get 70$ tickets now! UM NO! So I go back, and I choose lawn seats….that goes through, I get 7 lawn seats, and now it says it won’t accept my auto billing information! YOU ASSHOLES! So now I’m trying to get tickets again, by manually entering my billing info, AND ITS NOT CONNECTING! YOU FUCKING LOSERS I HATE YOU.

Stupid ticketbastard with their outrageous service fees, websites that purchase the wrong things, and not enough people to take your calls so now i’m going to have a 2456 dollar phone bill.