10,000 days…

i got an advance of tool’s new album “10,000 days”. with all the driving i did today, and their massively long songs, i’ve only gotten through track 8 but i think it’s safe to form an opinion on the album. it’s…tool. that’s for sure. it’s that tool sound where you could hear one note and know it’s a tool song…and i can’t say that i’m disappointed in it, because i really don’t hold tool up on that pedistal where what they do can or cannot disappoint me…but…seriously, the album is lateralus part 2. at many points in the album i thought i was listening to “Schism”…ok now this is not a bad thing necessarily because i really like lateralus, but…maybe they need a bajillion years between albums so that they come up with a slightly different sound from the previous album. lateralus didn’t sound like aenima…but this one definitely is an extension of lateralus. now my problem with that is i can’t listen to lateralus, or this album i can already tell, for a long time because the sonic texture starts to get to my head…i don’t have that problem with aenima and undertow. and nothing so far off 10,000 days has really blown me away like parts of lateralus did. but maybe upon further complete listens….so it’s good. it’s definitely good, i don’t think tool could ever put out anything bad unless maynard did it on purpose to make a joke haha…you’ll love it if you loved lateralus and you might not if you loved undertow. i didn’t try to get tickets to the toronto show, trying to win a pair. but they’ll be around again at some point so i’m not stressing.

game tomorrow. i guess we’re taking phil’s brother and his friend to dave and busters to eat before the game. i dunno it doesn’t matter to me so i didn’t really pay attention lol. i haven’t heard back from channel 2 yet, the anchor that called me does the early morning show so she must have been gone already when i called back. maybe they’ll call tomorrow. grr. they better! hehe

didn’t do a damn thing at work tonight and left 2 hrs early…i should count tokes sunday to make up for the money.

and for those who were worried, kitty has settled in quite nicely. just took about an hour of hiding in the closet and behind the couch.

elaaetesfa grr of course tool is playing near by on NOT my days off…and i just asked for the 7 days off i need in june so i SO can’t ask for anything else. i’m gonna have to see if someone will switch a tuesday with me for the toronto show on may 16th. where is the hummingbird theatre? i’m sure i can find someone at work to go with me. oh holy shit 58$! maybe not…esp if the playoffs go well…tool will be back around.

Tool @ Copps

tool. gah! so great!

eric and i went to Tully’s for dinner before the show. they sat us in a section with no waiter, so we were sitting there for 10 min before anyone came to ask us if we had seen anyone. so this kid took drink orders, and the mgr came over and was like blah blah blah sorry, we’ll pay for your drinks and you can order any appetizer you want. so we were like rad, we were going to get potato skins. so the waiter who was now taking care of us came back and we told him what we wanted, he said…well if you’re getting it for free you might as well order the most expensive appetizer we have. haha it was a sampler thing, so we got that. we had so much food LOL. it was great. took tons home, and our bill was 16$ lol. we left him a 6$ tip.

came back to my house to wait for muhammed and his girlfriend jenn. headed out to the falls, cuz mom said the lewiston bridge was hella backed up. rainbow was fine, little bit of a wait at the booth, no biggie. then we got pulled over and searched LOL. no biggie either, we had nothing to hide. just a time waster.

got to hamilton around 7:30 i guess, and found where we had to go in and everything. tickets said 8 pm, i assumed doors at 7. don’t know when they actually opened – there were tons of people outside still, but when we got in around 8 and found our seats, we managed to only see the last Tomahawk song (no loss there, sounded shitty anyway). but we were like woah, talk about perfect timing. and lemme tell you about the seats we had. omg. they were perfect. they were 1 section over from what would be right next to the stage. we had row 13, which would be fine anyway, but turns out we were on the edge of the front, because they removed the lower seating in that area. so we had a railing in front of us, and no one else obstructing our view. it couldn’t have been anymore perfect. go me and my ticket buying skills haha.

tool fucking rocked. maynard has the most amazing voice. during “The grudge” he holds this note/scream and me and eric just looked at eachother and were like o.m.g. haha. maynard is such a freak tho. performed the entire set with his back to the audience, standing on a platform back by the drum kit. never saw his face til the end, when he was throwing water bottles into the crowd, and he had painted a black stripe down the middle of his face and head. haha. he reminds me of someone from blue man group, he’s such a spaz. so it rocked. they sounded great, and they had cool video things playing with their funky animation things. it was an awesome, awesome show.

Edgefest in Barre

edgefest – barrie on – july 1, 2001

We (me, danielle, adrienne, eric and david) headed up to the great white north on sunday morning with eric’s friend and a bunch of other people following us. got there, went in, walked around the 2nd stage and the tents a bit before settling on the grass at the main stage for the rest of the day. the weather report was 72 and mostly cloudy. well it probably was 72 but it was way windy, so it was freezing. had 2 shirts and a jacket on all day (still got sunburned, even tho i had sunblock on and it was cloudy). Danielle froze, she had shorts on.

so we spent most of the day at the main stage. first band was project wyze…they absolutely sucked. rap rock piece of shit band, 2 “singers”…they were just terrible. after that was…bif naked? i think. i know they played so they were next. chick singer, boring, i slept through most of it. gob was next i think, not my thing. also sat through big wreck and finger eleven. whatever. went to get food after finger eleven, was in line a long time and missed most of 3 doors down. then was the tea party followed by tool.

The tea party rocked. i was disappointed that they opened with “temptation” and it didn’t sound great. i dunno, it was good, but i expected the song to be way louder, or something. i dunno, just didn’t do anything for me, and i love that song. They premiered 2 new songs that they’re working on, the first one rocked, it’s called “lullaby”. the second one was more mellow, they called it a pot smoking song I think, forget the name of it. that one i didn’t like as much but it was cool. They inserted “cashmere” inside “save me” and “paint it black” inside “sister awake” for the finale. i forget the rest of the set, they played about an hour i guess.

tool was incredible. couldn’t see alot of it cuz of people standing in front of me. stage was mostly dark, they had a screen playing graphics and video, which maynard stood in front of and was silhouetted on it the whole time. They sounded so good, perfect, and maynard was on, as always. he is one of the most incredible singers i’ve seen. He sings so effortlessly and it’s just so great. Setlist was: The Grudge, Stinkfist, 46&2. Schism, Sober, Parabola, Lateralus. They played about an hour. highlight for me was “sober” cuz i love the ending of that song, and it sounded spectacular. They closed with “lateralus”, and i love the ending of that song too. a friend went with a guy who taped it, so probably will get a copy at some point.

took an hour to get out of the parking lot. Got home around 3:30. thank god i switched my day off to be monday.

no pics, no point.