Edgefest in Barre

edgefest – barrie on – july 1, 2001

We (me, danielle, adrienne, eric and david) headed up to the great white north on sunday morning with eric’s friend and a bunch of other people following us. got there, went in, walked around the 2nd stage and the tents a bit before settling on the grass at the main stage for the rest of the day. the weather report was 72 and mostly cloudy. well it probably was 72 but it was way windy, so it was freezing. had 2 shirts and a jacket on all day (still got sunburned, even tho i had sunblock on and it was cloudy). Danielle froze, she had shorts on.

so we spent most of the day at the main stage. first band was project wyze…they absolutely sucked. rap rock piece of shit band, 2 “singers”…they were just terrible. after that was…bif naked? i think. i know they played so they were next. chick singer, boring, i slept through most of it. gob was next i think, not my thing. also sat through big wreck and finger eleven. whatever. went to get food after finger eleven, was in line a long time and missed most of 3 doors down. then was the tea party followed by tool.

The tea party rocked. i was disappointed that they opened with “temptation” and it didn’t sound great. i dunno, it was good, but i expected the song to be way louder, or something. i dunno, just didn’t do anything for me, and i love that song. They premiered 2 new songs that they’re working on, the first one rocked, it’s called “lullaby”. the second one was more mellow, they called it a pot smoking song I think, forget the name of it. that one i didn’t like as much but it was cool. They inserted “cashmere” inside “save me” and “paint it black” inside “sister awake” for the finale. i forget the rest of the set, they played about an hour i guess.

tool was incredible. couldn’t see alot of it cuz of people standing in front of me. stage was mostly dark, they had a screen playing graphics and video, which maynard stood in front of and was silhouetted on it the whole time. They sounded so good, perfect, and maynard was on, as always. he is one of the most incredible singers i’ve seen. He sings so effortlessly and it’s just so great. Setlist was: The Grudge, Stinkfist, 46&2. Schism, Sober, Parabola, Lateralus. They played about an hour. highlight for me was “sober” cuz i love the ending of that song, and it sounded spectacular. They closed with “lateralus”, and i love the ending of that song too. a friend went with a guy who taped it, so probably will get a copy at some point.

took an hour to get out of the parking lot. Got home around 3:30. thank god i switched my day off to be monday.

no pics, no point.

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