haha i’ve got a story. last night adrienne and i went to Benny Hinn’s Miracle Crusade at HSBC Arena. I became interested in going to a big revival after seeing a show about evangelists and exorcisms etc…I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, a big scam, so i wanted to go and check it out. It was free. We ended up getting free parking (even tho later I don’t think we were supposed to). It was frightening and comical. I’m gonna write something up about it later, tuesday probably, so I won’t get into it now.

But, was talking to my mom today, and she’s like, well we weren’t going to tell you this til you were older (cuz i’m not a full fledged adult finally) but…when I was in england in 1997, and with my psycho ex boyfriend, my parents went on vacation at the same time. They were at some hotel or whatever, and met these people from Canada… they were kinda strange hippy sort of people. Well they were talking to them, and the guy said he was becoming a diciple of this Indian woman who was a healer. Everyone called her mother. She had the power to heal ppl blah blah blah etc. Well as a diciple she had given him the power to help people also. Well my parents told them what was going on with me and psycho ex, and he said that he could pray over my picture and blah blah blah. WELL THEY DID IT! They went and got my picture and had this wacko pray over it so that me and psycho ex would break up! Then I got home from England and a week later we did break up, so my parents really think that this healer man and “mother” are responsible for us breaking up. YEAH FUCKING RIGHT! My dad is an atheist and he believes this?!? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

But it’s an amusing story none the less. I was amused as hell when she told me. Yeaaah.It was a healer who is responsible for breaking up, not the fact that he was psycho and I was tired of putting up with it. haha

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