10,000 days…

i got an advance of tool’s new album “10,000 days”. with all the driving i did today, and their massively long songs, i’ve only gotten through track 8 but i think it’s safe to form an opinion on the album. it’s…tool. that’s for sure. it’s that tool sound where you could hear one note and know it’s a tool song…and i can’t say that i’m disappointed in it, because i really don’t hold tool up on that pedistal where what they do can or cannot disappoint me…but…seriously, the album is lateralus part 2. at many points in the album i thought i was listening to “Schism”…ok now this is not a bad thing necessarily because i really like lateralus, but…maybe they need a bajillion years between albums so that they come up with a slightly different sound from the previous album. lateralus didn’t sound like aenima…but this one definitely is an extension of lateralus. now my problem with that is i can’t listen to lateralus, or this album i can already tell, for a long time because the sonic texture starts to get to my head…i don’t have that problem with aenima and undertow. and nothing so far off 10,000 days has really blown me away like parts of lateralus did. but maybe upon further complete listens….so it’s good. it’s definitely good, i don’t think tool could ever put out anything bad unless maynard did it on purpose to make a joke haha…you’ll love it if you loved lateralus and you might not if you loved undertow. i didn’t try to get tickets to the toronto show, trying to win a pair. but they’ll be around again at some point so i’m not stressing.

game tomorrow. i guess we’re taking phil’s brother and his friend to dave and busters to eat before the game. i dunno it doesn’t matter to me so i didn’t really pay attention lol. i haven’t heard back from channel 2 yet, the anchor that called me does the early morning show so she must have been gone already when i called back. maybe they’ll call tomorrow. grr. they better! hehe

didn’t do a damn thing at work tonight and left 2 hrs early…i should count tokes sunday to make up for the money.

and for those who were worried, kitty has settled in quite nicely. just took about an hour of hiding in the closet and behind the couch.

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