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back from rolling rock. the weekend was fun. camped at a KOA in a motorhome. i’ll comment a bit on the fest.

oleander – same as artvoice
tantric – whatever
staind – good, aaron is boring on stage tho. the 2 guitarists are nuts. aaron yelled at the ppl throwing mud, and they stopped. aaron had crowd sing most of “outside”.
incubus – i hate incubus, i still hate incubus
deftones – good. chino is funny.
live – awesome. very impressed. ed is really sexy on stage. new song “deep enough” was really cool…their new sound is sorta rap-rock…different
stp – awesome as always. scott got naked, which is always a bonus 🙂

general impressions: as a festival it seemed better done than k-rockathon. they planned for 5 min set changes. we were like no way…try at least 15 min. they were damn good though, because they had a 2 sided rotating stage. so while band was performing, other band was set up on other side of stage. THIS SHOULD BE DONE AT EVERY CONCERT. the Deftones and Live set changes were so fast no one realized the band was actually there. Live was so fast, they started playing, and no one was paying attention figuring it was the roadies checking stuff. Everything there seemed to go really well.

now my email is broken, fuck geneseo. i need to get it cuz i’m expecting some…like the kid from kitchener i met at EC and the guy who sent me hate mail…

Rolling Rock Fest

rolling rock fest – latrobe, pa – aug 4, 2001

danielle’s family headed down to Pa on friday afternoon. we camped in the motor home for the weekend at a koa. camping sucks, but it wasn’t that bad. i avoided taking a shower however. whatever.

saturday morning we woke up and it had rained. the sky was overcast, and before i had looked at the weather and it was supposed to be thunderstorms all day. that was good and bad. good because it would have been cooler since it had been mega hot the days before. i didn’t know what to expect there, and i didn’t want to roast. storms would be bad because we’d be stuck in the rain, and it would be muddy, etc. it didn’t rain.

so we drove to a mall, and took a shuttle to the fair grounds where the fest was. we got there around 11. i tried to sell 4 extra tickets that i had gotten from joe, but no luck. so we went inside, walked around the vendor area for a bit, then went and sat in the bleachers on the right side of the stage. the grounds were muddy, so everyone was a mess. we stayed on the bleachers the entire day. the sun eventually came out and it got hot, and somehow danielle got sunburned even tho we were sitting under a roof. but whatever. the people out in the field were muddy and hot and ick.

well when we sat down in the bleachers this really shitty band was on. we thought they were the winners of a battle of the bands contest, and we were wondering who the losers were… turns out they were Clyde, voted the best NYC indie band…right, they fucking sucked. Oleander was on after them. They were the same as at Artvoice in june. Tantric was next, they were whatever. I only know 1 song, it was good i guess. Didn’t overly impress me. Staind was on after Tantric. People started throwing mud, Aaron yelled at them, then someone threw a smoke bomb on stage. Staind was good, Aaron is boring on stage though. People broke out into a huge mud war after that behind the sound booth.

Incubus followed Staind, but they should have gone on before. I hate incubus, I still hate incubus. I guess, for them, they were good. Deftones were after that. They rocked. Chino is nuts. Yah they were good. Live was after Deftones. Holy shit, they were fantastic. I was super mega impressed. I expected a good show, and they delivered. The new songs they did sounded good, the old stuff sounded good, the songs i didn’t know sounded good. Ed was really great. It was just super good.

stp was the headliner, so they closed the show. awesome as always. They played for an hour and a half I think. Maybe not. I don’t know. setlist :

Big Empty
Piece Of Pie
Sour Girl (Acoustic)
Creep (Acoustic)
Days Of The Week (Acoustic)
Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart
Long Way Home
Hollywood Bitch
Interstate Love Song
Dead & Bloated
Sex Type Thing

scott got naked during sex type thing. that’s always a good thing. the set sounded awesome. it was all good.

overall the show was really good. it seemed really organized, and happy. the mud people scared me because i thought they were going to start throwing mud into the bleachers. they also found big pieces of plywood, and i’m like shit, please not another wood stock. but things were ok. the mud people basically kept to themselves, only involving a few people on the outside of the mud circle. i was really impressed with the set changes. the time schedule said 5 minute set changes, and we were like, yeah right. but they did. they were head of schedule for most of the day. they had a 2 sided rotating stage, so while one band was performing, the other side of the stage was being set up for the next band. The Deftones and Live set changes were so fast, the band came out and no one was paying attention. Live started and everyone figured it was roadies checking guitars until everyone realized no, it really was the band. Every concert should have a 2 sided rotating stage lol. the fest’s main bands started at 12, and it was done by 7:30ish.

so after the show, took a bus back to the mall, went back to the campground, etc. left early sunday morning for home. it was cool. dunno if i’d go again, it would depend on who was playing. but it was good. best festival i’ve been to.

Edgefest in Barre

edgefest – barrie on – july 1, 2001

We (me, danielle, adrienne, eric and david) headed up to the great white north on sunday morning with eric’s friend and a bunch of other people following us. got there, went in, walked around the 2nd stage and the tents a bit before settling on the grass at the main stage for the rest of the day. the weather report was 72 and mostly cloudy. well it probably was 72 but it was way windy, so it was freezing. had 2 shirts and a jacket on all day (still got sunburned, even tho i had sunblock on and it was cloudy). Danielle froze, she had shorts on.

so we spent most of the day at the main stage. first band was project wyze…they absolutely sucked. rap rock piece of shit band, 2 “singers”…they were just terrible. after that was…bif naked? i think. i know they played so they were next. chick singer, boring, i slept through most of it. gob was next i think, not my thing. also sat through big wreck and finger eleven. whatever. went to get food after finger eleven, was in line a long time and missed most of 3 doors down. then was the tea party followed by tool.

The tea party rocked. i was disappointed that they opened with “temptation” and it didn’t sound great. i dunno, it was good, but i expected the song to be way louder, or something. i dunno, just didn’t do anything for me, and i love that song. They premiered 2 new songs that they’re working on, the first one rocked, it’s called “lullaby”. the second one was more mellow, they called it a pot smoking song I think, forget the name of it. that one i didn’t like as much but it was cool. They inserted “cashmere” inside “save me” and “paint it black” inside “sister awake” for the finale. i forget the rest of the set, they played about an hour i guess.

tool was incredible. couldn’t see alot of it cuz of people standing in front of me. stage was mostly dark, they had a screen playing graphics and video, which maynard stood in front of and was silhouetted on it the whole time. They sounded so good, perfect, and maynard was on, as always. he is one of the most incredible singers i’ve seen. He sings so effortlessly and it’s just so great. Setlist was: The Grudge, Stinkfist, 46&2. Schism, Sober, Parabola, Lateralus. They played about an hour. highlight for me was “sober” cuz i love the ending of that song, and it sounded spectacular. They closed with “lateralus”, and i love the ending of that song too. a friend went with a guy who taped it, so probably will get a copy at some point.

took an hour to get out of the parking lot. Got home around 3:30. thank god i switched my day off to be monday.

no pics, no point.

Depeche Mode in Toronto

depeche mode – toronto, on – june 16, 2001

I had gone up to Toronto on thursday to attend the American Psychological Society conference with my professor. I had my name on two posters being presented on friday. So after the whole conference stuff I went to Carolyn’s for the rest of the weekend. Eric, Amanda and Danielle came up on Saturday afternoon. We spent the day downtown, had dinner, then went over to the Molson Amphitheater for the show. It was mega hot. We took a street car to Ontario Place, but it let us off way far away. So we had to walk over to the place, but we followed those people who (it turns out) went a really long circular way to the theatre. So we get there, and go through the gates and get in this line that is there. Then we’re told that’s not the GA lawn line. So this guy from the park takes all these people who were in line through the park to where the entrance to the lawn was. It was so hot. haha. So then we had to wait in the line for a while, and then we were let in. We had a pretty decent spot in the middle of the lawn, near the front…It was far away, it was lawn, so whatever.

Poe opened. She was good. I saw her before in 1996 at Edgefest. She was 200 times better than PJ Harvey. Sounded better, songs were better, she was way more entertaining. I think she played a shorter set than normal. I guess Canada has an 11 rule, that concerts must be over by 11. Carolyn said Poe usually played 45 minutes, and she seemed to play about 30 or so. Whatever.

The show was great. Very impressive. I didn’t know what to expect really. They had really cool lighting effects, these fluorescent light things, that they used for some songs, and then just a generally good lighting setup. They had screens behind the band that showed some videos at times. One was rain and water drops, another was 2 goldfish and a shark (we were all waiting for the shark to eat the fish but it never did), they played the “its no good” video during the song. Overall it was a really good show.

Easy Tiger – Dream On (Live Instrumental Acoustic)
The Dead Of Night
The Sweetest Condition
Walking In My Shoes
Dream On
When The Body Speaks
Waiting For The Night To Fall
The Bottom Line
Enjoy The Silence
I Feel You
In Your Room
It’s No Good
I Feel Loved
Personal Jesus

Black Celebration
Never Let Me Down Again

3 Doors Down @ Geneseo

3 Doors Down – Dust for Life – Shades Apart – Geneseo, NY 11-18-00

Yes, that’s right, Geneseo actually had a decent concert this fall. The line up was  supposed to be 3DD, Dust for Life, Cold and Shades Apart. Adrienne came up  from Erie for the show, and Eric and Mary came down from Rochester. We spent  Saturday between the gym and my room. After lunch-ish we headed to the gym  to hang out around the busses to see if we could meet anyone from any of the bands. There was no barriers or anything from the direction we were coming from, so we walked past the busses and stood under an over hang with people who were working the concert (college kids, they can’t afford to hire real security). We stood there for about a half an hour, no one said anything to us. Then Brad from 3DD walked by, he had a hat on, and we didn’t realize it was him until he was past us, and went inside. So then a few minutes later, he comes back out, and no one would say anything to him, so I went “Hey Brad, can you sign some stuff for us.” He stopped signed some stuff, took a few pics and left on his little scooter thing.

Then maybe 10-15 minutes later, this prick kid working the show came over to us and asked us if we were allowed to be there, and I said yes, and he asked who said so, and I said, I couldn’t remember his name. So he was giving us a hard time, telling us we couldn’t stand there. So we left and went behind 3DD’s bus, and waited there for a few minutes until this other kid, who hadn’t said anything before, and we could tell really didn’t care if we were there or not, told us we couldn’t stand there either, and we had to go to the front of the gym. I was arguing with him, and asking what the big deal was, we were just standing there. He said some bullshit about how if something goes missing from the bus they get in trouble. I told him a huge lie and said that we didn’t care about going on the bus (haha yeah, me, not wanting to go on the bus!) and stuff, and asked how come real venues don’t have stupid rules like this about hanging out by the busses. He said they had more money or something than Geneseo. So instead of hanging out by the busses, we went inside the gym, no one stopped us. We stood around listened to the sound check, and saw Chris from 3DD walking around in the gym with his guitar. We got his attention and had him sign some stuff for us. Then we found out that Cold had canceled, so Eric and Mary were pissed off and pouting about that haha. So after standing around inside the gym for a while, and watching little kids play hockey in the ice rink, we went back to my room for a few hours. We had dinner, and David and his friends arrived, and we went back down to the gym to stand outside in the cold until doors opened.

For the show we got up front, 1 man back, stage right (or is it left? its right when you look at the stage). Dust for Life played first. They were all right, I took some pics of Blond Paige (lol he looks like Paige Haley with blond hair, but his name is Jason), the crowd was lame. Then this kid in a wheelchair drove up front right next to me and David. Who thought that was a good idea, I don’t know, because Shades Apart came on and the crowd got retarded. Shades Apart sucked, their music sucked, they were just stupid. The crowd seemed to know who they were and liked them, tons of crowd surfers. I spent the whole set trying not to get hurt, trying to make sure no one fell on the wheelchair kid, and listening to this mother bitch about the crowd surfers. She kept trying to get the security guards (the Geneseo rugby team) to tell everyone to stop crowd surfing (yeah right). At one point, someone almost got me in the head, and she told me “you almost got it to the head” to which I replied “yeah, well it wouldn’t be the first time”. It’s a concert, what do you expect? Anyway, eventually a crowd surfer landed right in the wheelchair kid’s lap, and he left, thank god. I was worried about getting knocked down on to him, and getting my back broken when I fell on the chair..

Anyway, after Shades Apart, I decided I didn’t want to stay in a retarded crowd like that for a band I’m not a huge fan of, so me, Eric and Mary left and sat in the bleachers for 3DD. The show was good, longer than the Rochester show, and they played 5 (I think) new songs. Brad still lacks a good stage presence, probably because he used to be a drummer. Overall it was decent, Adrienne and Danielle enjoyed it hehe. After the show, we came back to the room, and then went to Denny’s which was too packed, so we left again without any food.


Stone Temple Pilots Saturday – October 7, 2000 – UB Alumni Arena

Oct 7th was the STP concert at UB’s Alumni Arena. Danielle and Adrienne came over in the morning so we could get ready for the show. We crimped my hair (it ended up way poofy, very cool looking), I wore my black vinyl pants, my rock star shirt, black jacket and my blue feather boa. Around 3 we left to go to UB to wait outside the arena, doors were at 6:30. It was cold, so we ended up sitting inside the doorway to the arena for a while before getting kicked outside again for the last hour. They had to lock up the building so that they could do sound check and stuff without us hearing.

So everyone was smashed outside in the cold until they finally opened the doors. We had to go through metal detectors, and of course, Danielle and I both beeped so they asked to look in our purse. While she was showing the guy her purse, I pulled out my cell phone, said that was all I had and left without them even looking at my purse. So we quickly got to the door to the seats, ran down the stairs and got front barrier. Eric, Mary, Karl and Kelly who didn’t get to UB until 630ish ended up finding us, and were a few people behind us. So we chilled up in front and waited for Liquid Gang to come on. They started at 7:30 and played for a while. They were really good, and I was really impressed. After they finished, they changed the stage around (and let me just say, they had a really good system. It only took about 10 minutes. The drum set was on wheels, so they just had to wheel it in, the guitars were tuned, and everything was quickly ready for Disturbed).

So Disturbed came on. The crowd got rough. Buffalo crowds are full of assholes. This was the worst show I’ve been to, crowd wise. Everyone was pushing, which is expected, but this was worse than normal. Being against the barrier didn’t help because there was no where to go. There was this really bad asshole between Danielle and David trying to push through the whole time. The guards were going to pull him out just because he was causing trouble but then left him. So the entire Disturbed set, I couldn’t breath, I was falling over without being able to fall because there were so many people all smashed together. Half the set I had a security guard standing in front of me pulling crowd surfers over the barrier (but that was OK, because anytime a security guard stood in front of me, I ducked and covered, knowing a surfer was near), or just monitoring the pit. Most of the time all I could see was a person’s stomach, and I was concentrating too hard on breathing and keeping my feet on the floor. I prayed for Disturbed to end so that I’d be able to stand up straight and breath. No such luck, because even after they were finished I wasn’t standing straight and was still stuck. Disturbed were OK. I was disappointed because I had heard so many good things about their show at Ozzfest, and how they were one of the best band’s there. Their set lacked energy in my opinion, and…how do I put this?…it was very WWF-ish if you ask me…The singer David looks like he could be a wrestler to begin with. The electric chair intro was cool, but very WWF-ish to me. And he was always doing that “suck it” D-Gen X thing. Danielle and David thought their set was amazing… I definitely would not say amazing. I’d say it was all right, better than a lot of stuff out there, but definitely not amazing.

So after Disturbed finished, they changed the stage again and the guys from Liquid Gang walked out in front of the barrier to talk to everyone and sign stuff. Well we were all stuck, unable to move at all. The guys in the band walked over to us, Kelly was able to get her and Karl’s tickets out for them to sign, the rest of us were too stuck to move. The singer Jose came over to us, Eric told him he was on the street team, etc. I shook his hand, and he complimented me on my boa. I ended up shaking all their hands, and telling them they did an awesome job. The guitarist Stinger ended up signing my hand because that was all I could move. He liked my hair. I talked to Chris the other guitarist, and I can’t remember if it was him, or the bassist Eric who had the tattoo on his arm that I asked about. It’s Chinese (or something) symbols, I asked him what it meant and he said basically that he wanted to be a musician. Craig was the last one to go by, and I told him they were awesome.

So then….we waited for STP to come on, everyone pushed the other way so we could all try to be standing straight. Danielle got pushed back and I ended up next to David holding on to the barrier for dear life. Then I decided there was no way I was going to survive so I had the security guards pull me out. I went back in on the left side of the stage and just stood there. STP came on, and it rocked. After a few songs I stood up on a chair in the front row of seats and it was perfect. I could see over the crowd, I could see the entire stage perfectly, and I’m sure it was way better than it would have been if I had stayed at barrier (for one thing, security would have been in front of me most of the show, and I would have died). Everyone else ended up leaving the crowd by walking out (or pushing their way out) instead of being pulled over the barrier. They ended up on the opposite side of the stage from me.

STP KICKED ASS!! They opened with “Crackerman”, they did a couple songs acoustic (“Sour Girl”, “Creep”, “Big Empty” I think), then went back to the normal stuff. They did the new single from “no 4” and “Down”, the rest were off the first 3 albums (only 1 song from “Tiny Music…”) During “Plush” Scott went into the right side of the crowd in the bleachers and let people sing with him. It was very cool. During “Dead and Bloated” (I think) David from Disturbed came out and sang with Scott, and that was very awesome. As an encore STP came back out and did “Sex Type Thing” (I think, god I can never remember set lists lol) and Scott wore an American Flag on his head. Then he decided to tie the flag around his waist and take his pants off. Well, first of all he didn’t tie it very good. Secondly I don’t think he realized that when he lifted his leg to get his pants off, that everyone on the left side (where I was) could see inside the slit of the flag where it was tied. You know what that means… I saw Scott Weiland’s penis…HAHA. At end, Robert (the bassist) went over to Scott and started to untie the flag, so Scott put his hands under the flag and over his balls, and Robert took the flag and danced around with it. Then Scott had to walk off stage naked, so we all got a nice shot of his ass. Haha.

The show kicked ass, it’s up on my list of one of my favorites (despite the bruises, and  complete bodily pain everywhere). So after the show, I had to find everyone else. I stayed on my chair and looked over the crowd to find them but couldn’t. The guys from Liquid Gang were behind the side barrier so I went back over there, now that I could move, to get their autographs. I got all except Craig, who wasn’t around there. I got Eric’s signature first (I had to explain that all I had for them to sign was a pad of paper from a Funeral home, they laughed about that), then Jose started playing with my boa and put it around his neck as we were talking. I was getting Chris’s autograph and I asked if I could touch his hair (it was all spiked, tons of gel, very cool). Then I had to chase Stinger up the seats (not sure where he was headed) but caught up to him and got his autograph. I didn’t stick around there to see if Craig was going to come out.

I left the inside part and went to find my friends. We had the possibility of going backstage after the show through a girl who works for 103.3 the edge so I figured they’d be by 103.3’s van. I was right, I found Danielle Adrienne and David, but then we had to wait for Eric and the rest because they went to look for me. So then we went back inside where Eric and them were buying merchandise. After we decided to head around back to see if we could meet anyone else in the bands. It was raining, which sucked, but that wasn’t my first time out in the cold rain waiting to meet famous people. Eric and them were ahead of me and Adrienne, Danielle and David, and we were walking behind the busses, which the area was blocked off with yellow caution tape. So I had the bright idea of going under the tape anyway. I figured what are they going to do? Kick me out? I’ll be no worse off if I do it, I’ll just end up behind the tape again. So Adrienne followed me, along with Danielle and David, and very spy like, we walked in between the busses and stood around with some other people who had the same kind of idea. Eric and them left, I guess. I got to see inside one of the busses finally!

So then a cop/guard came and told us all we had to leave and go behind the tape. So we started to leave but I went in between the busses and decided I wasn’t going to leave. Adrienne and I ended up “hiding” behind one of the busses, while everyone else went behind the tape again. There were pine trees we were standing under behind the bus, and then 5 guys who had the same idea joined us and we stood there talking. Then more event staff and cops came, and they told the people behind the tape they had to make sure to stay behind it. 3 of the guys with us went behind the tape, 2 others hid between the busses again, and Adrienne and I stood there. A bunch of the event staff people saw us there, 2 cops looked right at us, and no one said anything. I kept joking around that if we don’t move they can’t see us, you know, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. So for about 10 min we stood there without anyone bothering us or asking us to leave. Then finally one of the event staff kids asked us if we had passes. I told him we did, but we lost them. He said if he didn’t see a pass he’d have to ask us to leave. So we said OK, but then just stood there. We jokingly argued with him about bribing him, and he told us that he’d get in trouble if he let us stay there. But we just stood there. We waited for about 5 min, and he kept telling us, “you’re not moving”. I said yeah, I know.

Finally Adrienne and I went behind the yellow tape. We ended up talking to this girl and her boyfriend, the girl was a singer and wanted to sing for Jose. Then there were 3 boys next to us who had caught Scott Weiland’s towel and were waiting for him to come out and sign it for them. They were really cool. Then David from Disturbed came out, he came over to me first and signed my paper I had, and I shook his hand (my hand was freezing). He signed everyone else’s shit, and left. We decided to leave, STP doesn’t cater to their fans much, and it was cold. The 3 guys invited us back to their dorm room to party, but we had to go. We drove home, I managed to get my pants off and inspect my bruises. The show was awesome, but a very asshole filled crowd (most of the people we had been up front with had left during STP, even the annoying kid with the “Still Remains” sign). Definitely looking forward to seeing STP again eventually…and Liquid Gang (they just impressed me beyond belief… and they were so nice).


July 20th, 1999 was the Nsync/Jordan Knight concert at Six Flags Darien Lake in NY. Danielle (my roommate) and I left to go there at about quarter to 5, and we got there around 5:30. We parked, and got to the line. IT WAS HUGE!! So we found the end of the line and waited for doors to open. Then all these people started screaming (I guess it was because people thought Nsync came out to see the line, I dunno) and lots of people left the line to rush the gates (sort of). So the line disappeared, and we figured, what the hell.

So we mushed into line near the front, and we ended up getting in a lot sooner than many people who had been there all damn day!! So we got inside, and went to the field, where our tickets were for. We weren’t lucky enough to get seats, so we had to settle for the general admission part of the theatre. So we made our way through the crowd (using our mad awesome crowd maneuvering skills learned from Orgy concerts 🙂 lol) and we turned up being about 4 away from the front barrier of the field “seats”. We had a pretty good view of the stage. So then… after waiting a while, there was this chick who came on stage and sang some song. Then this group called PYT (awesome Michael Jackson reference) came on. They were 4-13 year old girls. They sang some song, and left. Then some 4 black guy group came on and sang 2 songs (I think). Then I guess you could say the concert began.

Sugar Hill Gang (the first rap group ever) came on. They did some stuff, played some songs that have recently been sampled by people like Puff Daddy. Then they played Rappers Delight, the only song anyone actually knew. So then after they left the stage they got it ready for JORDAN!!! YAY….They had a big picture of his album cover on the stage, and after awhile this DJ guy (DJ Finesse) came on and started the set. Jordan’s dancers came on and did some stuff and Jordan finally appeared. Oh my god he is sooo gorgeous. He was wearing all black, a suit with a jacket and everything, and sunglasses. He began to sing “A Different Party” and it was soo totally awesome. The dancing was amazing (and you can soo totally tell he is influenced by Michael Jackson). After that song he took his jacket off and was talking to us. He said that his album was for sale at the vendors stands if we wanted to get it “it’s right next to the glow sticks”! AHH he was so adorable!!!!!!!! So after that he talked a bit more about how beautiful we all are (LOL, all the little 12 year olds) and he began “Never Take the Place of Your Man” and I almost died. He is just so amazing. So then, his DJ did something, and Jordan was jammin. Then he took his other shirt off, and so he was wearing this black sleeveless shirt, oh god! LOL…So then he did “Give It To You” after asking us all if he could give it to us (hell yeah baby! right here!)… Everyone sang along to that song, and he did a longer version of it with way more SUPER sexy dancing. Oh god. He is just amazing.

So he only did 3 songs, and that’s ok since it wasn’t his tour, and my god, was it worth it!!!! So then after a break Nsync came on. We watched from way further back than we were for Jordan. We were way high up on the hill and could barely see anything, not like we cared. We watched for a while. They did this thing where they showed a clip from the 60s, and then sang “That Thing You Do”. Then they did the 70s, and in their clip was tons and tons about the Jackson 5, and then they performed the Motown Medley from Jackson 5. It was really good actually!! Then they did a clip from the 80s, and they showed some of MJ’s motown 25 performance of “Billie Jean” and me and Danielle screamed LOL. They did “Celebrate” for that song.. then they did the 90s and went back to their own stuff. Blah LOL.. we left during “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You” (that is too long of a damn title, that’s worse than Jordan’s “Never Take the Place Of Your Man”). We pigged out in the car, and started home. It was so rad, and Jordan is so god damn gorgeous!!! I can’t wait til he tours himself in the fall. I’m there dude, every damn show!