3 Doors Down @ Geneseo

3 Doors Down – Dust for Life – Shades Apart – Geneseo, NY 11-18-00

Yes, that’s right, Geneseo actually had a decent concert this fall. The line up was  supposed to be 3DD, Dust for Life, Cold and Shades Apart. Adrienne came up  from Erie for the show, and Eric and Mary came down from Rochester. We spent  Saturday between the gym and my room. After lunch-ish we headed to the gym  to hang out around the busses to see if we could meet anyone from any of the bands. There was no barriers or anything from the direction we were coming from, so we walked past the busses and stood under an over hang with people who were working the concert (college kids, they can’t afford to hire real security). We stood there for about a half an hour, no one said anything to us. Then Brad from 3DD walked by, he had a hat on, and we didn’t realize it was him until he was past us, and went inside. So then a few minutes later, he comes back out, and no one would say anything to him, so I went “Hey Brad, can you sign some stuff for us.” He stopped signed some stuff, took a few pics and left on his little scooter thing.

Then maybe 10-15 minutes later, this prick kid working the show came over to us and asked us if we were allowed to be there, and I said yes, and he asked who said so, and I said, I couldn’t remember his name. So he was giving us a hard time, telling us we couldn’t stand there. So we left and went behind 3DD’s bus, and waited there for a few minutes until this other kid, who hadn’t said anything before, and we could tell really didn’t care if we were there or not, told us we couldn’t stand there either, and we had to go to the front of the gym. I was arguing with him, and asking what the big deal was, we were just standing there. He said some bullshit about how if something goes missing from the bus they get in trouble. I told him a huge lie and said that we didn’t care about going on the bus (haha yeah, me, not wanting to go on the bus!) and stuff, and asked how come real venues don’t have stupid rules like this about hanging out by the busses. He said they had more money or something than Geneseo. So instead of hanging out by the busses, we went inside the gym, no one stopped us. We stood around listened to the sound check, and saw Chris from 3DD walking around in the gym with his guitar. We got his attention and had him sign some stuff for us. Then we found out that Cold had canceled, so Eric and Mary were pissed off and pouting about that haha. So after standing around inside the gym for a while, and watching little kids play hockey in the ice rink, we went back to my room for a few hours. We had dinner, and David and his friends arrived, and we went back down to the gym to stand outside in the cold until doors opened.

For the show we got up front, 1 man back, stage right (or is it left? its right when you look at the stage). Dust for Life played first. They were all right, I took some pics of Blond Paige (lol he looks like Paige Haley with blond hair, but his name is Jason), the crowd was lame. Then this kid in a wheelchair drove up front right next to me and David. Who thought that was a good idea, I don’t know, because Shades Apart came on and the crowd got retarded. Shades Apart sucked, their music sucked, they were just stupid. The crowd seemed to know who they were and liked them, tons of crowd surfers. I spent the whole set trying not to get hurt, trying to make sure no one fell on the wheelchair kid, and listening to this mother bitch about the crowd surfers. She kept trying to get the security guards (the Geneseo rugby team) to tell everyone to stop crowd surfing (yeah right). At one point, someone almost got me in the head, and she told me “you almost got it to the head” to which I replied “yeah, well it wouldn’t be the first time”. It’s a concert, what do you expect? Anyway, eventually a crowd surfer landed right in the wheelchair kid’s lap, and he left, thank god. I was worried about getting knocked down on to him, and getting my back broken when I fell on the chair..

Anyway, after Shades Apart, I decided I didn’t want to stay in a retarded crowd like that for a band I’m not a huge fan of, so me, Eric and Mary left and sat in the bleachers for 3DD. The show was good, longer than the Rochester show, and they played 5 (I think) new songs. Brad still lacks a good stage presence, probably because he used to be a drummer. Overall it was decent, Adrienne and Danielle enjoyed it hehe. After the show, we came back to the room, and then went to Denny’s which was too packed, so we left again without any food.

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