Depeche Mode in Toronto

depeche mode – toronto, on – june 16, 2001

I had gone up to Toronto on thursday to attend the American Psychological Society conference with my professor. I had my name on two posters being presented on friday. So after the whole conference stuff I went to Carolyn’s for the rest of the weekend. Eric, Amanda and Danielle came up on Saturday afternoon. We spent the day downtown, had dinner, then went over to the Molson Amphitheater for the show. It was mega hot. We took a street car to Ontario Place, but it let us off way far away. So we had to walk over to the place, but we followed those people who (it turns out) went a really long circular way to the theatre. So we get there, and go through the gates and get in this line that is there. Then we’re told that’s not the GA lawn line. So this guy from the park takes all these people who were in line through the park to where the entrance to the lawn was. It was so hot. haha. So then we had to wait in the line for a while, and then we were let in. We had a pretty decent spot in the middle of the lawn, near the front…It was far away, it was lawn, so whatever.

Poe opened. She was good. I saw her before in 1996 at Edgefest. She was 200 times better than PJ Harvey. Sounded better, songs were better, she was way more entertaining. I think she played a shorter set than normal. I guess Canada has an 11 rule, that concerts must be over by 11. Carolyn said Poe usually played 45 minutes, and she seemed to play about 30 or so. Whatever.

The show was great. Very impressive. I didn’t know what to expect really. They had really cool lighting effects, these fluorescent light things, that they used for some songs, and then just a generally good lighting setup. They had screens behind the band that showed some videos at times. One was rain and water drops, another was 2 goldfish and a shark (we were all waiting for the shark to eat the fish but it never did), they played the “its no good” video during the song. Overall it was a really good show.

Easy Tiger – Dream On (Live Instrumental Acoustic)
The Dead Of Night
The Sweetest Condition
Walking In My Shoes
Dream On
When The Body Speaks
Waiting For The Night To Fall
The Bottom Line
Enjoy The Silence
I Feel You
In Your Room
It’s No Good
I Feel Loved
Personal Jesus

Black Celebration
Never Let Me Down Again

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