ok so WORK SUCKS!! really really badly. i hate it. I got a raise, yeah an insulting 35 cents. it’s not even worth it. i do so much shit there and they give me 35 cents…

so i had a sorta job interview today with a psychologist. I contacted a bunch of drs looking for a job/experience. well one finally contacted me. i went to see him today after playing 5 days of phone tag. so i talked, we worked out an arrangement. i was hoping i could quit mcds…no, can’t, cuz hes not going to pay me. i get to type up client files and stuff and hes gonna show me stuff about testing etc… it’ll be good, just wish i was getting paid so i could quit mcds.

it’s way too freaking hot

oh, and i am so inlove with Bono… haha

and if i have to hear “with arms wide open” at work another 4 times tomorrow i’m going to go postal.

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