Rolling Rock Fest

rolling rock fest – latrobe, pa – aug 4, 2001

danielle’s family headed down to Pa on friday afternoon. we camped in the motor home for the weekend at a koa. camping sucks, but it wasn’t that bad. i avoided taking a shower however. whatever.

saturday morning we woke up and it had rained. the sky was overcast, and before i had looked at the weather and it was supposed to be thunderstorms all day. that was good and bad. good because it would have been cooler since it had been mega hot the days before. i didn’t know what to expect there, and i didn’t want to roast. storms would be bad because we’d be stuck in the rain, and it would be muddy, etc. it didn’t rain.

so we drove to a mall, and took a shuttle to the fair grounds where the fest was. we got there around 11. i tried to sell 4 extra tickets that i had gotten from joe, but no luck. so we went inside, walked around the vendor area for a bit, then went and sat in the bleachers on the right side of the stage. the grounds were muddy, so everyone was a mess. we stayed on the bleachers the entire day. the sun eventually came out and it got hot, and somehow danielle got sunburned even tho we were sitting under a roof. but whatever. the people out in the field were muddy and hot and ick.

well when we sat down in the bleachers this really shitty band was on. we thought they were the winners of a battle of the bands contest, and we were wondering who the losers were… turns out they were Clyde, voted the best NYC indie band…right, they fucking sucked. Oleander was on after them. They were the same as at Artvoice in june. Tantric was next, they were whatever. I only know 1 song, it was good i guess. Didn’t overly impress me. Staind was on after Tantric. People started throwing mud, Aaron yelled at them, then someone threw a smoke bomb on stage. Staind was good, Aaron is boring on stage though. People broke out into a huge mud war after that behind the sound booth.

Incubus followed Staind, but they should have gone on before. I hate incubus, I still hate incubus. I guess, for them, they were good. Deftones were after that. They rocked. Chino is nuts. Yah they were good. Live was after Deftones. Holy shit, they were fantastic. I was super mega impressed. I expected a good show, and they delivered. The new songs they did sounded good, the old stuff sounded good, the songs i didn’t know sounded good. Ed was really great. It was just super good.

stp was the headliner, so they closed the show. awesome as always. They played for an hour and a half I think. Maybe not. I don’t know. setlist :

Big Empty
Piece Of Pie
Sour Girl (Acoustic)
Creep (Acoustic)
Days Of The Week (Acoustic)
Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart
Long Way Home
Hollywood Bitch
Interstate Love Song
Dead & Bloated
Sex Type Thing

scott got naked during sex type thing. that’s always a good thing. the set sounded awesome. it was all good.

overall the show was really good. it seemed really organized, and happy. the mud people scared me because i thought they were going to start throwing mud into the bleachers. they also found big pieces of plywood, and i’m like shit, please not another wood stock. but things were ok. the mud people basically kept to themselves, only involving a few people on the outside of the mud circle. i was really impressed with the set changes. the time schedule said 5 minute set changes, and we were like, yeah right. but they did. they were head of schedule for most of the day. they had a 2 sided rotating stage, so while one band was performing, the other side of the stage was being set up for the next band. The Deftones and Live set changes were so fast, the band came out and no one was paying attention. Live started and everyone figured it was roadies checking guitars until everyone realized no, it really was the band. Every concert should have a 2 sided rotating stage lol. the fest’s main bands started at 12, and it was done by 7:30ish.

so after the show, took a bus back to the mall, went back to the campground, etc. left early sunday morning for home. it was cool. dunno if i’d go again, it would depend on who was playing. but it was good. best festival i’ve been to.

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