Econoline Crush at Playdium

econoline crush -playdium -missassaugua, ontario – august 2, 2001

thanks to dan and joe again.

Joe invited me as part of his guest list allowance to go to the show. so of course i wasn’t going to pass that up. we went up there with 2 of his friends, got a bit lost, found it eventually. the playdium is like a big fun center. there’s mini golf and gokarts and stuff.

So we found the bus and Dan was outside so we talked to him for a big, johnny came out to say hi, got a hug, talked a bit. they left to get ready for the show, we went inside during smoother. Smoother i guess is from Hamilton. They were really young. not bad, but not my thing.

now i was supposed to meet heather at the show, by the bathrooms, at 8:45 because Dan had initially said they were playing around 9. Well i didn’t find any bathrooms, and they went on around 8:15. Not good. So i tried to look for her during smoother, and during EC and after but never found her.

The show was good, except it was too hot, and this fucknut kid messed everything up. They were supposed to do 16 songs, they did 11. After Wicked they left the stage, and this kid came out onstage and did his thing about thanks to these ppl and the playdium and that EC would be signing autos at the booth in 5 min. THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO AN ENCORE U RETARD! So he totally fucked things up and ruined the end of the show, which was the best part of the set. I got Trevor’s setlist from the roadie. here it is

sparkle and shine surefire
you don’t know what it’s like
all that you are
my salvation
make it right
encore that wasn’t played:
by the riverside
the devil you know
may i go

they never play burnt! grrrr so we were pissed about that. in the crowd we were standing with a couple of other people we know from buffalo, and some other ppl who are always on the guest list. We were all waiting for the encore, and were like wtf…

so after they did the autograph thing, and me and Joe waited around in there looking for heather, but then we got kicked out by security. So we went back to the bus and sat on the curb there. a few other kids showed up at the bus and we talked to them. EC came back changed, came out and did their thing with the fans. took a few pictures of this kid from kitchener and various band members, Joe and trevor and me and Dan only 6 pics tho so won’t be developed for a while. The band was pissed about the fucked up encore thing, and the kid who did it was there and apologized to them and felt really bad. BUT SO WHAT U RUINED THE REST OF THE SHOW! grrrr. but yeah, we hung around and talked to Johnny for a while more, more hugs, then they had to leave cuz they were flying to Regina.

Dan said they were going to Regina, i responded, where’s that. He thought i was insane that I didn’t know where it was, and i’m like HELLO IM NOT CANADIAN! and hes like oooh yah i forgot u guys are from america. hah.

So it was cool, sucks about the encore and not finding heather, but oh well. it was still good.

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