Janet Jackson in Buffalo

janet jackson – buffalo, ny – aug 10, 2001

carolyn came to visit, and paid for half my ticket, to see janet jackson. i dont like pop music, but whatever. she’s a jackson.

i don’t like pop music, but i hate r&b even more. 112 opened. they sucked. 4 black boys singing r&b songs. yeah, did not enjoy that at all.

janet came on around 9. opened with “come on get up” from the new cd. we had really super good seats, right side of the stage, row 7, so we could see perfectly (i wish i had seats that good for people i really like). the show was entertaining. the stage was cool, the chorography and visuals were cool. for a pop show, it was good. not sure how much she lip synched. carolyn didn’t think she lip sycnhed anything, but i disagree. when singers wear the head set microphones many times it’s so they can lip synch. all pop stars do it. “you ain’t right” sounded way too produced to have been sang live, but who knows.

highlight for me was “rhythm nation”…lowlight was the fact that she cut out “if”. i’m figuring that everybody there would have loved to see “if”. she could have cut out any one of the new songs, in my opinion, to leave in “if”….or she could have cut out “come back to me” (if that’s the song she played, i can’t remember). of all the songs she played, i would think it was a no brainer to leave in “if” but nooooooooooo she had to go cut it out. blah on her. for “would you mind” janet brings a boy onstage, straps him to a crucifix type device, and mounts him…yeah this kid was so turned on, it was so funny. i mean what guy wouldn’t be when janet is all covered in black vinyl and mounting you…even gay guys would be turned on by that LOL.


Come On Get Up
You Ain’t Right
All For You
Love Will Never Do (Without You)
Trust A Try
Come Back To Me / Let’s Wait Awhile / Again (medley)
Runaway / When I Think Of You / Miss You Much / Escapade (medley)
Son Of A Gun
Got ‘Til It’s Gone
That’s The Way Love Goes
What Have You Done For Me Lately / Control / Nasty (medley)
Would You Mind
***If & Black Cat -cut cuz of psuedo illness***
Rhythm Nation / The Knowledge (medley)
Doesn’t Really Matter
Someone To Call My Lover
Together Again

so overall, it was a good, fun pop show.

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