David Bowie @ Area 2


sunday: worked til 6. it was fun. i don’t remember why but things at work have been pretty good lately. i worked with cool people. i think that was why. i was in my car leaving for toronto at exactly 6, and i pulled into carolyn’s driveway at exactly 7:30. go me. and i even got lost too. because if you take the bayview south exit, you can’t go north like carolyn said. but you can take the bayview north exit 😛 now i know. once i got to carolyn’s we went to eat at the usual pub place. had awful service, left virtually no tip lol. then back to carolyn’s house. we watched the u2 specials she taped for me, which was rad. and then watched this old episode of 90210 that happened to be on the tape. that led to the major revelation of the day…..i know i’ve mentioned ultra hot server, and i think i mentioned that i couldn’t figure out who he reminded me of….figured it out….he looks exactly like Brian Austin Green (david from 90120)…so from now on, ultra hot server is known as david lol. anyway. so i was falling asleep all night cuz i was dead tired from work and then driving, so after watching half of Batman Forever on TNN, went to bed.

monday: woke up around 11 i think. got ready to go to Area 2. we decided that we didn’t want to spend from 2:30 to whenever bowie was on at the ampitheatre if you couldn’t bring in food or drink. so instead we bummed around downtown toronto for a while, hit a few cd stores, eaton center etc. had lunch at Zelda’s which is in the gayborhood, and owned by a drag queen. it was a fun place. there was this weird lady sitting next to us, and she wouldn’t leave. lol. eventually we made our way to the ampitheatre, i think around 5. ended up catching half of Ash’s set, and all of Blue Man Group. yeah…blue man group…does not translate to the concert stage. if that was the only time you were going to see them, it’s not worth it. they are so much better in the theatre. on a concert stage they had to make it more musical, they had a band, and just did alot of music stuff. in the theatre they were completely wacked out lol. so not impressed with their performance there. then david bowie came on. we were like ?!?! it’s still light out, it was like 7pm, and he was on already? what happened to Busta Rhymes? well apparently Busta wasn’t allowed over the border LOL. so bowie went on early, and played a longer set compared to the setlists that have been posted on davidbowie.com. BOWIE ROCKED. it was so good. he was so adorable. he talked alot between songs, was really funny, and he has a super accent. highlight was probably “i’m afraid of americans” and not just cuz of the trent thing… it was really good, and the crowd went nuts for it. “china girl” was good, so was “let’s dance” …it was all good. at one point he borrowed sunglasses from some girl up front, cuz the sun was shining in his bad eye LOL. it was just really great. bowie is great. so then we left. LOL. didn’t even bother to stay for even 1 moby song. soooo many people left after bowie too it was crazy. poor moby lol. so back at carolyn’s we ended up watching the end of batman forever, which was on a different station but happened to be at the part where we had turned it off the night before. weird. oh yeah, i ran into trish, from high school, at area 2. haven’t seen her in 3 years or so. talked to her for a few minutes, she seems to be doing pretty good.

bowie setlist from davidbowie.com
Life on Mars?
Ashes to Ashes
Breaking Glass
Slip Away
China Girl
Be My Wife
I’ve Been Waiting For You
I Would Be Your Slave
I’m Afraid of Americans
5:15 The Angels Have Gone
Heathen (The Rays)

Hallo Spaceboy
Everyone Says Hi
Let’s Dance
Ziggy Stardust

tuesday: left carolyn’s at 12 and made my way to oakville to heather’s house. she followed me back to my house, where we hung about for a while until we had to go to the airport. went to the airport, picked up Ty, and headed for dinner…where else… hard rock. 2 reasons. my discount and the fact that it’s next to the rainbow bridge so they could hop right over back to canada, without me needing to give them directions from my house. so good time there of course. they’ll be back down monday to do the falls tourist stuff, cuz Ty has never been to NY before. and now i’m home.

my car will hit 10,000 miles by the end of the week, a little over a year and a month since i got the car. not bad. hehe. i work the next 5 days in a row (i’m going to die)…i totally forgot danielle is leaving friday. we have to do something tomorrow cuz it’s the only day i don’t work at night. blah. i was going to see if i could get out early on saturday so i could go to brooke’s housewarming party, but i dunno. i’m going to see if someone will switch shifts with me on thursday so i can go out with danielle on her last day here. my schedule sucks.

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