Dave Gahan @ Koolhaus

before getting to today, i just uninstalled xp. it makes my comp run worse than it did before, esp in the internet department. but that means my net is set up wrong again, and eric, you need to come over tomorrow and fix it for me please. i’ll buy you dinner.

ok, today. i’m so glad we left so much extra time for all the traffic we DIDN’T ENCOUNTER! no traffic on the way in. we didn’t even really get lost. we got there around 3. the yahoo directions told us to take hwy 2, which is lakeshore drive, then the jarvis street exit. which would be fine if lakeshore had a jarvis exit…it doesn’t have any exits at all cuz its a normal street. but the gardner has a jarvis street exit. and would have been faster too. but we found it anyway. since we were about 5 hours early we ventured down town, parked in some lot, and walked up queen to yonge and got lunch and stuff. we ate at this movenpick marche place. it was really cool. they had all different kinds of stations and you went and found what you wanted and they’d make it there for you. i had a belgian waffle with strawberries and chocolate sauce. it was super yum.

so we killed time off and went back to koolhaus. which is not the same place that we saw orgy at, it’s the other part of the building. i think it’s a bit bigger. we parked in the lot across the street. it was 15$..ok. gave the guy 15$ and he gave us 40$ back. we’re like !?!? i was like, did you give me 55 to give him? i thought it was 15. yeah we gave him 15. well we just made a bunch of free money.

so the show. the opener was kenna and the new sacred cows or something. really good actually. then gahan. he played for almost 2 hours, 2 encores. it was really cool. i’m not too familiar with his new album, but i recognized a few. and he did a bunch of depeche mode stuff too. i think we counted 7 DM songs but we might have forgotten some. the entire end of the show, the 2 encores, were all DM songs. i’ll try to get a set list tomorrow.

i hate summer shows though, cuz everyone always smells. and i hate people touching me when there is no reason. if we’re up in front in the crush, that’s fine, but when there is plenty of room and someone is hanging on me, i want to scream. during “walking in my shoes” and then through almost the rest of the show, this guy who was making me nauseus all night (he was chewing some kind of gross strawberry smelling gum) started leaning on me. i kept moving over, he kept leaning on me. it’s like GET THE FUCK OFF ME. oh and then besides that, we’re waiting for the show to start and the most annoying couple ever is standing in front of us, constantly like, hanging on eachother and making out. i seriously wanted to go “i didn’t pay 50$ to watch you grope eachother, the bathroom is over there, just go and fuck already and get it over with”…then to top it off, another couple came and stood in front of us. and then a 3rd…AND THEN A FOURTH. by then i just yelled IF ANOTHER COUPLE COMES AND STANDS IN FRONT OF US IM GOING TO PUNCH SOMEONE! it was so bad. at least they were kinda good during the actual show. in my facist dictatorship PDA would be illegal.

dave’s band was interesting. the guitarist looked super familiar, kinda like colin quinn from SNL. the drummer was just weird, way too into it, and just…weird. and he looked like a fat, older, ugly ed norton. the bassist was missing teeth. lol. dave was dave. how can he not be gay? he is so….flamboyant. he’s got the mick jagger hip swivel thing, and then like, the elvis poses. speaking of mick jagger. during dave’s song “I need you” he started doing the stones “i miss you”…kinda funny. he held up some sign someone had that said “screw the stones we crave dave” haha.

so yeah. the show was good. very good. he sounded good. he’s got a great stomach/hip groovies *drool*.

we leave the club and go to the parking lot. i open my car door and a paper falls out. i picked it up and it was some power of prayer thing, so i dropped it on the ground. i go to get in the car and this guy goes miss!! i’m like…what, i littered, who cares. no it was the parking attendant guy. he said he left that note for me about the extra money he gave us LOL i didnt see the note on the other side of the ad. but he went on about how we gave him 15$ and he gave us 40$ back and how if we don’t give it back it’s gonna come out of his pocket and blahblahblah. well of course we spent half of it at the show on drinks (1 drink each) so we’re like, um…here’s 20. he like…looks devistated that he’s gonna have to pay for this mistake out of his pocket. so i offered him american money. we gave him 15$ more US hahaha. we’re like…it’s kinda creepy he remembered who we were, and that he remembered my car enough to leave the note, and then accost us about the money.

so we leave. after all the non existant traffic, we get to the border in an hour haha. we were home by 1. i saw a big ass bright shooting star. so i made a wish – for nate to be impotent.

time for bed i guess.

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