Ozzfest 2003

oh how i love guitars and double bass drums….ozzfest today. headed out early afternoon, arrived around 1:30. walked around the 2nd stage passed different booths they had set up. we ended up seeing the end of despwa’s set, chimera, motograter, and vovoid. we wandered around the whole time, didn’t exactly watch the 2nd stage, but we heard them. we ended up wandering to the merch tent which was set up next to the FYE autograph tent. and just in time for disturbed to be making an appearance. now the deal with the autograph tent was, you needed a wrist band to get an autograph. and to get the wrist band you had to buy that band’s cd. even if you already had it. for the extraordinary FYE prices of 18$. good money making idea, bad idea for fans. we ended up standing against a barrier next to the tent and watching the whole thing. all of disturbed came to sign stuff. then after them was korn (2 members) and zakk wylde. danielle debated buying another untouchables cd to meet korn, but figured it wouldn’t be jon davis…well it was jon…and fieldy. so we watched them for a while, then zakk came out on the other side of the tent – closer to where we were. he had a dick of a manager/entourage guy who made all of us leave. why? we were on the other side of the barrier just hanging out, not doing anything wrong. so security made everyone standing there get out. that was lovely. the whole time it was off and on sprinkling, but nothing too bad. we wandered over to the lawn section cuz there were more booths around, and by then they were letting people into seats. got our seats, sat around, it started raining really hard. well i wanted to catch some of cradle of filth’s set, so we went back out in the rain, which wasn’t that bad, to watch a min or two of their set on the 2nd stage. they had a cirque du solei type acrobat girl as part of their show. back to our seats – just in time. it fucking downpoured. the rain running off the tent was crazy. lots of soaked people. and lots of mud.

so the main stage show started with chevelle. they were ok i guess. in the middle of one of their last songs (well, it turned out to be their last), everyone turned around to watch the people who started throwing mud on the lawn. cuz people are smart. so the singer goes, turn around, the show is this way, not that way. and i guess he got pissed enough at everyone turning around to watch the mud, that they just stopped playing. he said to turn around again, then said, “fine, you’re not getting the rest of that song” and they all walked off. LOL. it was great. then some guy threatened the mud throwers with arrest. disturbed was next. i will admit that they were better this time than the first time at UB before STP. but i still do not like them. and i still do not like david’s little wrestler act on stage. and as adr said, i do not like the preacher act, calling everyone his sisters and brothers. but david did do a nice little shout out to their “fallen brother” marilyn manson, who couldn’t join us today, and how no one should be able to tell us who we can watch, and what we can listen to etc. it was funny, all sorts of people had “where the fuck is marilyn manson” shirts on. which brings me to a question. how the hell can six flags disagree with marilyn manson, and ban him from appearing on stage, but let cradle of filth play, when they have more antichristian rhetoric than manson could ever create. such hypocracy. just because they know of manson and his whole stupid image, they think he’s evil, but they got super anti christian people playing on second stage, cuz they have no clue who they are. pisses me off.

korn was after disturbed. korn fucking rocked. they played about an hour, which was expected. opened with blind, then twist, and adidas. or got the life. i dont know they order, but they also played freak on a leash, falling away from me, did my time, faget, here to stay, somebody someone, shoots and ladders, i think more than that, but i forget. jon played the bag pipes so danielle was happy, but no kilt. they just really rocked. i had so much fun.

ozzy…was ozzy. lol just like you see on tv. jumping around, throwing buckets of water, spraying hoses…shaking, looking disoriented etc. one part was really kinda sad, cuz it looked as if he had no clue where he was, or forgot the words or something. but he was good most of the time, as far as that goes. cant say what he played, i just know he played iron man, mr crowley, bark at the moon, crazy train, mama i’m coming home…and others i recognized but don’t know the names of. good show.

i love metal shows. they’re so much fun. partly because they are so cliched hahah.

now i don’t quite understand what the problem is, when leaving darien lake after a concert. how have they not figured out the correct way to do it, so you’re not sitting at a standstill in your car forever?? why have they still not paved all the concert parking area. cuz tonight, that turned into a huge problem. lots of rain = lots of mud. lots of mud = lots of cars stuck in the mud. including mine. we got to one part of the lot and we noticed the car in front of us was stuck. wheels spinning, going nowhere. we’re like fuck, we better not get stuck. but of course every car got stuck when you don’t have the momentum to keep moving cuz you gotta sit there sinking in the mud forever before the line of cars moves again. i thought i was ok, and then nope, car just wasn’t going anywhere. there were some guys standing around pushing people out of the mud. so a guy got us out, which was really nice. cuz he’s covered in mud now of course. my car…gah. it’s drenched in mud lol. we actually didn’t have too bad of a wait to get out. it was about 20 min. and the show was over and we were in the car by 9:30 lol. the wait was so much better than the STP wait which i swear was over an hour.

so home around 11, tired out. had to wash my feet, since smart me wore my sandals. i should have worn the asbestos shoes. oh well. ran into a kid from work who always takes me off my roulette game. he grabbed me and was like, we need you on blackjack. i’m like NO! hahah. i bought some earrings. managed not to spend any other money, no food, or souvenirs, or alcohol or anything. my earrings were 5 bucks.

i’m really tired. might be heading out to the terminal tomorrow afternoon with jerry. i want puddle pictures damnit! i got my case of film today, so i’m all set for another month now

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