Friendship Fest with David Usher

haha “i dont see nothing wrong, with a little bump and grind….with 12 year olds” haha sorry. this commercial is on for Monsta Jamz, and it has a pretty decent tracklist, one of them being r kelly. i couldn’t resist 🙂

anyway. long day. work was good. i didn’t get validated (tested) today, but my trainer said i knew everything. so i guess i’ll do it tomorrow. i work 5 – 12 tomorrow. after work, got my free food, raced home to leave for friendship fest. it was this chick holly something, edwin, and david usher. we got there around 7:30 i think, mid holly set, found joe and mary up front. the holly chick was decent, for a girl singer haha. edwin was up next. didn’t really care for them. they blew the PA out twice, then towards the end of their set someone threw a rock onstage, hit edwin in the head, causing him to gush blood everywhere. so he ran off stage, the band took off after him. the crowd was surrounding whoever it was who threw it. some of the band members came back onstage, and then jumped off to go beat the shit out of the kid who threw it. edwin came back onstage to see what was going on, blood running all down his face. he was taken to the hospital for precautions but was ok. so obviously, that ended their set. david usher came out after that. another great show. he did his solo stuff, a few moist songs, and the rocking ozzy/pink mix of crazy train and get the party started. and of course, the show didn’t progress without an almost fight haha. crowd surfers started during the moist songs, one came by us and was dropped. so then they’re starting with eric
“wtf you took my buddies shoe?”
eric: “i didn’t take his fucking shoe”
the kid:”i saw you take it and throw it. why the fuck did you take his shoe?”
eric: “chill out, i didn’t fucking take his shoe. why would i want his shoe?”
of course, eric took the kids shoe 🙂 hehe. the kids found the shoe when the mosh pit broke out behind us. i think it’s funny, and great, how my guy friends are protective of us girls at shows. as soon as the first crowd surfer started, eric moved behind danielle. i was ok, so it was all good. then when the shoe kids were behind us and stuff, i felt someone grabbing me. then i was like, oh it’s joe, and he pulled me between him and mary. haha so the 3 of us girls were all protected haha.

anyway, it was a good show. david usher always has alot of energy and stuff. sounded good. had a good time. but oh my god do i hurt. i stood for about 14 hours today. legs are so not happy!!

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