Static-X at Water Street

back from static x. it was rad. we went all out for the show, which is the first time we’ve done that in a long, long time…i think since APC march 2001. wow that IS a long time. i forgot how much i like doing it. i got to wear my new leather (plastic) pants…the non shiny black ones. and omg i love them so much. hahaha. so we headed up to eric’s and set out from there. we were late, doors were supposed to be at 6, but there was a huge line still. once inside we waited forever to be let upstairs to the balcony because no way was i going to get killed by all the 15 year olds being dickheads on the floor. and i realized 2 things. i need breast implants and i need to bleach my hair blond. because that way you get special treatment from security and get let into the balcony with all your friends before they open it to everyone else. but i shouldn’t complain, because after our bitching security noticed danielle and let the four of us up (me, her, eric and jason). but it’s all good cuz the whores got made fun of by wayne static. he called them handicapped because they were sitting down through the whole show. hahahah.

anyway…my taste in men just keeps getting weirder and weirder….so sinisstar played first. they came out, and the first thing i thought of when the guitarist came out was OMG HE’S HOT! he was wearing a dress. and really ripped tights, big black boots, leather shorts under the dress and a long sleeve shirt. and he had reaaaally long hair/dreds (couldn’t tell) and it was all done up on top too with shiny things (couldn’t tell). yeah and my first reaction is omg he is so hot. apparently his name is China…he reminds me of Twiggy from marilyn manson…but hot. lol. so while i thought they weren’t all that good, they were really entertaining (besides the hot dress wearing guitarist). i really don’t know what’s wrong with me 🙂 but all i know is that if i had a boyfriend who was a cross dresser i wouldn’t care ahaha. i’d encourage it. AND DANIELLE THOUGHT HE WAS HOT TOO!!!! lol

after sinisstar was earshot. ok…anyone who thinks they sound like tool YOU COULDN’T BE ANY MORE WRONG! the music doesn’t sound like tool, and the singer DOES NOT sound like maynard. and they didn’t impress me at all. they seemed to be having some problems though…like out of tune and feedback and stuff, so i dunno. maybe it was just a bad show.

so staticx came on after an hour…dunno why it took so long but whatever. it was really fun. they were having fun on stage, goofing off, and it was a good time. tripp (guitarist, ex-dope member) is so cute/insane. he was crawling over everything, took a strole on the bar during one song and wayne didn’t know where he had gone to. and he kept eating pixi stix lol. he threw a bunch in the audience too. they were just really entertaining and fun. so i’m glad i went. it was interesting seeing the floor from above…looking down on the pit and stuff. it’s really surprising more people don’t end up dead. oh and on the way out we saw a 7 year old girl with her mom/sister (not sure which)…insane.

i really need a shower but going to bed. i’m deaf again, right after i recovered. but i don’t think it’s as bad this time. tomorrow is study day (no exams for entire school) so going out to lunch with proff and research girls, then starting to study for my 2 on friday. yay for me.



went to lunch with the proff, it was fun. talked a lot, all good. new orleans is gonna rock!

there were 2 new cases of meningitis here at school. one viral one bacterial…not happy. i got the vaccine, but now i gotta worry about the other type, and blah. i hate disease. hahah.

when i took a shower this morning, i had so much stuff in my hair from yesterday i had to rinse and repeat for the first time in my life LOL. and my hair STILL moved when it was all windy and stuff. i commented that i went to a concert last night, and research girls were like who, and so i’m like Static x, and they’re all like never heard of them. lol i’m like yeah you wouldn’t like them. and beth commented on how we have to go to the garden district so i can find my husband lol. good times.

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