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oh my bowie…

morning was not pleasant. the drive was not pleasant. stopped at ikea breifly to look for butterfly chair covers, which they do not sell. made our way to air canada center, got raped for parking (25$ yikes) and took the subway a bit downtown. as soon as we got to toronto i felt infinitely better, and was getting excited about the show. went to hard rock cuz the radio station was doing a pre-show thing there, playing all bowie videos and stuff. ended up having dinner there, then walking down yonge to urban outfitters. i got james the greatest thing EVER. as soon as i saw it, it was like ROFLMAO MUST BUY!!!!!!! i couldn’t stop laughing it was so fabulous. hehehe. there was something i was going to get for brian too, to help with his spending problems, but it was ridiculously expensive for how…big the cheese factor of it was. but anyway…they had butterfly chair covers!!! they had velvet quilted covers onsale for 20$ so i had to get one. yay. by that time, doors were going to open in a half hour, so we got the subway back to the ACC and waited outside in the drizzle to possibly get a ticket upgrade to 1st row.

the opener was not macy gray thank god. it was the polyphonic spree…who were interesting to say the least. they must have went on at exactly 7:30 cuz they were already playing when we went in, and only played 3 more songs after we got to our seats.

So here is the setlist:
Rebel Rebel – while it’s not one of my favourites, i tend to find it slightly annoying at times, it’s still a great song. great energetic opener.
Modern Love – !!! yaaay he hadn’t been doing that song regularly (if at all), so it was way cool. and for whatever reason i love the song. so it was way cool
New Killer Star – new song from reality that of course i don’t know cuz i don’t have the cd – i’m a bad fan
Fame – an everlasting cool song. it’s just so funky and rad
Cactus – the song that perfectly sums up the time after nate left. it’s laughable how perfect the lyrics are “a letter in your writing doesn’t mean you’re not dead” and one of my favs from heathen
All the Young Dudes – i hate this song. but it’s a big sing along song, so it wasn’t horrible lol
China Girl – yay…so many real bowie fans hate this song, but i still think its fun.
Never Get Old – song i don’t know, but it was good hehe
The Loneliest Guy – ditto
The Man Who Sold the World – love this song. it was my first bowie song i knew, thanks to nirvana covering it on unplugged hehe
Hallo Spaceboy – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAY only one of my favs. fabulous. it’s got such a killer beat to it gah. was so happy when i saw this in the previous set lists. outside is such a great album
Heathen – mellow heathen songs, very pretty. i forget that i like heathen cd hah
(band intro, Bowie remarked that he could swear there was someone smoking weed in the place, hee — welcome to Canada, Sailor)
Under Pressure – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Days – didn’t know this one either
Slip Away – this song made me laugh the first time i heard it, talking about uncle floyd, like wtf is that…haha. it’s so pretty
Space Oddity (stylophone version) – like 2 seconds of it lol
Looking for Water – new song that was really cool
Ashes to Ashes – it was cool, i understood words i never understood before
Hang On to Yourself
I’m Afraid of Americans – gah. gaaaaaaaaaaah. !!!! gah. that’s all i can say. such a friggen great song.
Heroes – i almost cried at this. so did leighanne i found out after LOL. the song is painful. in a good way. he sings it with such emotion on the recording i can’t listen to it at times. and it sorta hit me. the lyrics. just…dunno. hit me.

Five Years
Suffragette City – leighanne wants me to put “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” her fav song, she loved it. it was so fun.
Ziggy Stardust – super fantastic closing song. ziggy plaaaaayed guitaaaarrrrrrr love ziggy

only disappointment: no “life on mars?”….here’s hoping for the shea’s show.

fantastic show. really really fabulous. he is incredible….a great show despite the fact he’s like…3 times my age. he is just the ultimate in cool. i totally can’t wait for shea’s. i might contact the college street guy and see if he can get me a press pass to take some photos. i’d die. lol. it can’t hurt to ask right?

looooove bowie ┬áhe’s so charming. he’s got such a lovely speaking voice. and he doesn’t friggen age!!! lol before “man who sold the world” he was talking about his first time coming to the US, the first song he heard on the radio was his…that song…and he was beyond excited, and shouting out the window “i’m on the radio!!” then he says, i’d probably be that excited if they ever played me on the radio now LOLOL. it was great.

so yeah…drove home. i have a wicked insane headache. i feel like my one eye is slightly falling out…it’s a strange feeling. took my painkillers, but they haven’t kicked in yet. we might go watch popmart now cuz we listened to u2 in the car. but it might make me cry…”one” on popmart kills me. gah.

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