looking up withdrawal symptoms of elavil, and found out one of the side effects of taking the meds is breast enlargement. damnit why couldn’t i have gotten that side effect? lol

withdrawal is in full effect, and is just how i remembered it being from 3 years ago.

  • Side effects due to a rapid decrease in dose or abrupt withdrawal from Elavil include:
    Headache, nausea, vague feeling of bodily discomfort
  • Side effects due to gradual dosage reduction may include:
    Dream and sleep disturbances, irritability, restlessness

we’ll see how sleep is tonight. i think it should be fine for a few more days but we’ll see. i’m not shaking yet, so that’s good.

in other news, russell and i had a moment of sheer panic at the terminal today. we were in the concourse when we heard loud “things collapsing” noises coming from the restaurant. we just looked at each other – as there was an architecture class in the building with our architecture firm – and bolted to the restaurant. fearing the worst, we found it was just some of the wooden shit left over from ghost train that fell over. our architect looked panicked too haha. it really really sounded horrible, and exactly like what it would have sounded like if it had been the ceiling as we feared. *phew*

what a freaking draining night. nothing i really feel comforting talking about – but it’s not personal in the slightest bit. it’s organizational. it didn’t make me want to quit, so that’s a good thing. it was accompanied by a surprise dinner with an out of towner that was very interesting as well. i actually ate something from the ocean (shrimp) hahah. something interesting – the guest of honor didn’t know what sex offenders were. and i don’t know if that’s a product of being muslim, or a product of being raised in the UK, or what but it was sort of shocking.

and i get to go on a yacht on saturday afternoon. i have nothing to wear on a yacht. mike said i have to go buy a new preppy outfit for the occasion hahahahah. i’m not sure i can force myself to walk into abercrombie or hollister. maybe target has something boat worthy. jk i’m sure i’ll find something buried in my closet.

10th Anniversary

tonight i used my last sick day to call in for the 10th anniversary at the terminal. kate did an awesome job putting it together and it looked great. i wished for more politicians to show up but ah well that’s ok 😛 jerks. haha. i intended to leave around 9:30, didn’t end up leaving til midnight haha. spent the time talking to bill and tracy, and whoever else stopped by, had some drinks, etc etc etc. good time. it was funny cuz most people dressed up, and it was all “double take” on everyone, because we’re all usually pretty scummy when in the building. tracy wore a dress, and i was like OMG, and i wore a dress, and she was all OMG! hahah. amusing. i have a feeling a certain person is going to complain about the event, given the fact that he made a comment when he got off “stage” after his little speech. and it’s just, you know what, fuck off. it was a nice event, and it was nice to treat ourselves for once.

i have SO much cake left over tho, if anyone local wants it, let me know. it’s really really good 🙂

i spent 6.5 hrs at the terminal with the wedding party as they decorated. they had a big ole group of people working – including cleaning our marble and kiosks – and it still was that long. gotta hand it to them though, they came prepared, rented a fork lift and everything. i was impressed. glad i brought my mp3 player though as they blasted christian music a lot of the time, and had a 15 minute prayer circle…i forgot about the piercing, and jamming an earbud into it wasn’t very happy. tho it still seems to be healing very nicely.

while there and bored i took tshirt inventory and yeah, we are SO not ordering as many shirts of the new design. we have so many beige shirts still it’s ridiculous.

i also finished reading The Road. I can’t remember if this the book Carolyn recommended, or I saw it on the Daily Show, or what but my mom saw it on Oprah and bought it for me for my birthday (and so she can read it) without knowing it was on my wishlist. Pretty easy read, took about a week and I only read for about a half hour a night. Mixed feelings. It was sort of boring but somehow at the same time suspenseful and you want to know what happens next. I’m not quite sure how one accomplishes that haha. It sort of reminded me of the Dark Tower series – mostly Roland on the beach with the lobster things that bit off his fingers (i forget which book that was, drawing of the three?), and the Wastelands. I didn’t like the end much, I totally did not understand the last paragraph, and it irritates me that they don’t explain why the entire earth was burned….was it a nuclear war, or god’s wrath, or a meteor? that bugs me. I liked it, it just wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

it poured all day, i was exhausted after being up early to go to the terminal so i just went to see my parents for 4th of july. fell asleep at their house so i went home. ended up messing around on facebook and coming across old neighbors and exs. it is quite alot easier to use than myspace but i don’t like that you can’t look at people’s profiles if they’re not a friend or are in a different network. decided to be productive after that and got the new webstore application for the terminal up and running. and not looking like complete shit. why do these aps always give you the ugliest templates? anyway…that’s done. tomorrow is scanning photos to blow up for the CTRC 10th anniversary party, and the meeting with a developer at the Statler. and mailing a bunch of stuff.

my laptop won’t last on battery for more than a half hour. it’s pissing me off. anyone know of cheap toshiba laptop batteries so i can try replacing it? or any other suggestions. a half hour life is pretty ridiculous.

oh and finally a legitimate reason to use my steven colbert wrapped in a flag icon heheheheh

artists and models

tonight was hallwall’s annual fundraiser Artists and Models, this year held at the terminal. went out there with mike, initially to sell merch but there was no room and it was too dark so we just looked at everything and drank and hung out with the crew. it was a very cool event, very different, attracted a very diverse crowd. aside from one asinine decision by a certain person in the organization to let “performance artists” use one of our baggage carts, the one restored cart, which led to it being covered in paint…it seemed to be a very chill good successful event. the event ends at 2am, and they say it’ll be cleaned up right after but…the place is trashed and we have a tour at 11am. that’ll be interesting. there was nothing set up on thursday when we were meeting there, so we had no idea what to expect. lots of custom made blow up things…like those lawn decorations everyone has at holidays. except instead of snow men and christmas trees, there were penises, and a naked woman with a big vagina, octopus, WMD, a space ship, the 2 headed horse of sins….etc. it was pretty cool, i wanted to keep the WMD one and bring it home. adr2 met me there and we took a look around and flyered 400 cars for the show. let me just say, next time there is a flyer on my car i am reading it because wow it’s a pain in the ass to flyer cars hah. ran into an old elementary school classmate, which i found to be very odd. but it was fun. adr2 took me home, and i went back with my camera because it looked cool to see colored lights coming out of the arched concourse windows – tho it didn’t quite turn out in the photos. ah well.


top 5 buffalo central terminal moments
1. picnic on the plaza I: 2003 – a train went by during the picnic, blew its horn, and the entire crowd started cheering.
2. the first 2 bct tours: 2003 – finally seeing the place, brian, james on the raft in the tunnel, “she went down the hole” etc
3. 75th anniversary
4. spencer tunick installation day. except for realizing russell would be exiting the building naked. ha.
5. sitting in the catwalks talking with dan and josh/curiousgeorge. who knows where dagr had wandered off to at that point.

dyngus day

happy dyngus day. this year was the first dyngus day parade, and first dyngus day party back at the terminal since the early 80s. and it was damn cold. as expected. having to work i only got to stay until 6, but the best thing, sabretooth! he was on one of the parade floats and came in the building for a bit. love sabretooth. in a purely snuggly stuffed animal way, and not in a plushy/furry sort of way hahahah. just wanted to clarify. also, best thing, iraq war protesters in the parade. fabulous. as i left, the line was out the door and down the plaza, with a good number of people inside already. me thinks we’ll be doing this next year.

on the ride home i started thinking about my top 5 BCT moments of the past 5 years, will have to post them later. i’m sick and freezing and now off to work. totally leaving early today. i can do that now without feeling bad since i get paid so much extra to be on toke committee hahah.

sabres vs islanders in round 1. game 1 is thurs, we’re so there.


dreamed that an episode of southpark, specifically season 3, episode 13/6, contained some sort of story line which brought them to a train station. it was a futuristic train station that was modeled after buffalo central terminal. i was watching it, and this drawn terminal, which didn’t look exactly like the building, but contained definite similar elements came onto the screen and i was like WOAH did you see that? and whoever i was with was like, yeah, that definitely looks like BCT. so i went to try to find out which episode it was so i could download and frame cap it to show people they modeled the station after ours.

to canadians – please tell me why the age of consent for straight couples and lesbian couples is 14, but for gay men, it’s 18…

yesterday brough the buffalo brewfest at central terminal. for the most part it was a pretty good event, and we shoud get a nice chunk of money. the place was packed – apparently only designed to hold 3500, i’d say there were that many or more. 3000 tickets were presold, and they had to turn about 200 people away at the door. it was strange to have to walk through the mass of humanity to get to the other side of the concourse. when you’re used to it being empty…it was almost too crowded, and i was gonna get concert mentality and start throwing elbows if i had to keep walking around. there weren’t any drunken fights or any major problems – only us having to chase people out of the dark baggage cart area and waiting room, where they decided to take a piss on our floor. not happy.

after the event a bunch of us went out to dinner, had a good time. talked about religion with a nice mix of people with various views on it. and no one killed eachother. haha

next week is oktoberfest but i’ll be at eric’s wedding. too bad it’s in the finger lakes area or i could try to make both. adrienne will be in friday morning, i’m sure i’ll need help with my costume. i cut it all out yesterday but it took me like 3 hours and kitty wrecked one of the patterns so i wasn’t in the mood haha. i’m bored to tears at the moment though.


recent dreams:

the government decided to restart it’s nuclear testing program, and started detonating atomic bombs at the nevada test site again. when i found this out i wanted to try to be one of the people who got to observe the tests from the press hill. i guess i found out right before any of this was happening tho and i wasn’t able to. then i thought, oh adrienne must be able to see the tests from las vegas. then suddenly i was in the area or something, and i got the bright idea that if they were doing tests, i should be able to see them from any of the surrounding areas. so i was gonna drive out to the desert to try to watch. i got delayed and the test was performed, and it was so huge that i was able to see it from wherever it was that i happened to be.

adr2 bliss and i were trying to go to bethlehem steel, and we met at some location, and bliss was driving. she was like, wtf are we gonna do, we can’t walk in through the gate with armed police standing there. and i was like DUH we’re gonna go in near the marine star, and they were like oh, yeah smart. so bliss started driving toward the marine star from wherever it was that we were and we couldn’t find the right street. so we got out of the car and started walking down this very strange stone path, much like the trail through watkins glen, just not pretty. then suddenly there would be weird pipes and machines blocking the path, and one pipe spontaneously combusted, and it all seemed really dangerous. so we decided not to go. then i guess it was another day and i was trying to talk to adr2 on IM about going that day, and she said “only” in response and i was like wtf does that mean, and it was some sort of thing she bought and it really made no sense. but i guess it meant they weren’t gonna go. i really wanted to go shoot the coke plant at sunset so i was just going to go by myself, but i knew my mom would freak out so i didn’t.

i was doing something at the richardson complex, outside, and i was in the back of the property when i noticed someone going through a revolving door in the fence. so i figured, hell i’m gonna go in too and finally get to see the building. so i got my laptop bag to look professional and i went in, and walked in the back door which led you into the lobby of the admin building. the whole thing was pristeen and perfect looking. i had some sort of thought about it being the nicest kept kirkbride in the country.

in other real news, i’m so totally excited about this slide show i put together on dvd for the terminal. someone had one up on youtube and bev liked it and asked if we could show it on a loop at the train show. well the persons slide show didnt necessarily use the best and most recent photos, so it really gave the impression that it was still a bombed out shell. so i put a new slide show together last night, took me about 6 hours (including searching the web for photos i wanted but didn’t have), and i set it to the unfortunately titled – for this slide show – nin song “leaving hope”. i set it to “ripe with decay” first, cuz that also seemed to be appropriately titled, but besides the odd coincidence of a weird background noise that sounded like trains playing right when i began showing trains, it didn’t really fit. too many loud points that didn’t coincide with the images. “leaving hope” worked much better. but i’m a dork cuz i’m really proud of it, and i swear if russell picks it apart and tells me what i should have done i’m gonna stab him. *edit* ok i just watched it again, and i’m really really really proud of it. i think it looks great. haha well done me!