looking up withdrawal symptoms of elavil, and found out one of the side effects of taking the meds is breast enlargement. damnit why couldn’t i have gotten that side effect? lol

withdrawal is in full effect, and is just how i remembered it being from 3 years ago.

  • Side effects due to a rapid decrease in dose or abrupt withdrawal from Elavil include:
    Headache, nausea, vague feeling of bodily discomfort
  • Side effects due to gradual dosage reduction may include:
    Dream and sleep disturbances, irritability, restlessness

we’ll see how sleep is tonight. i think it should be fine for a few more days but we’ll see. i’m not shaking yet, so that’s good.

in other news, russell and i had a moment of sheer panic at the terminal today. we were in the concourse when we heard loud “things collapsing” noises coming from the restaurant. we just looked at each other – as there was an architecture class in the building with our architecture firm – and bolted to the restaurant. fearing the worst, we found it was just some of the wooden shit left over from ghost train that fell over. our architect looked panicked too haha. it really really sounded horrible, and exactly like what it would have sounded like if it had been the ceiling as we feared. *phew*

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