what a freaking draining night. nothing i really feel comforting talking about – but it’s not personal in the slightest bit. it’s organizational. it didn’t make me want to quit, so that’s a good thing. it was accompanied by a surprise dinner with an out of towner that was very interesting as well. i actually ate something from the ocean (shrimp) hahah. something interesting – the guest of honor didn’t know what sex offenders were. and i don’t know if that’s a product of being muslim, or a product of being raised in the UK, or what but it was sort of shocking.

and i get to go on a yacht on saturday afternoon. i have nothing to wear on a yacht. mike said i have to go buy a new preppy outfit for the occasion hahahahah. i’m not sure i can force myself to walk into abercrombie or hollister. maybe target has something boat worthy. jk i’m sure i’ll find something buried in my closet.

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