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Attention all readers…

my cell phone contract with cingular/at&t is up in october and i’ve been waiting all year for it. i don’t want to sign a new contract again, but i am considering switching carriers.

so a question (US only need apply):
what carrier do you have
what do you get for your monthly bill
any phone recommendations

my intial research is looking at verizon and the lg chocolate. although i’m a bit pissed that you have to be 65+ to get verizon’s cheapest plan (wtf, why do seniors get everything?! :P), they offer some better options than cingular and maybe i’ll get more than a bar and a half signal at my house.

the iphone is out of the question so don’t bother. despite my hatred of all things apple, i did see an iphone in use on tuesday and i admit, it’s pretty slick. but not only am i not willing to spend that much money on a phone, i guarantee i’d break the touch screen almost immediately. definitely within a week. so no thanks.

help is much appreciated

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