i spent 6.5 hrs at the terminal with the wedding party as they decorated. they had a big ole group of people working – including cleaning our marble and kiosks – and it still was that long. gotta hand it to them though, they came prepared, rented a fork lift and everything. i was impressed. glad i brought my mp3 player though as they blasted christian music a lot of the time, and had a 15 minute prayer circle…i forgot about the piercing, and jamming an earbud into it wasn’t very happy. tho it still seems to be healing very nicely.

while there and bored i took tshirt inventory and yeah, we are SO not ordering as many shirts of the new design. we have so many beige shirts still it’s ridiculous.

i also finished reading The Road. I can’t remember if this the book Carolyn recommended, or I saw it on the Daily Show, or what but my mom saw it on Oprah and bought it for me for my birthday (and so she can read it) without knowing it was on my wishlist. Pretty easy read, took about a week and I only read for about a half hour a night. Mixed feelings. It was sort of boring but somehow at the same time suspenseful and you want to know what happens next. I’m not quite sure how one accomplishes that haha. It sort of reminded me of the Dark Tower series – mostly Roland on the beach with the lobster things that bit off his fingers (i forget which book that was, drawing of the three?), and the Wastelands. I didn’t like the end much, I totally did not understand the last paragraph, and it irritates me that they don’t explain why the entire earth was burned….was it a nuclear war, or god’s wrath, or a meteor? that bugs me. I liked it, it just wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

it poured all day, i was exhausted after being up early to go to the terminal so i just went to see my parents for 4th of july. fell asleep at their house so i went home. ended up messing around on facebook and coming across old neighbors and exs. it is quite alot easier to use than myspace but i don’t like that you can’t look at people’s profiles if they’re not a friend or are in a different network. decided to be productive after that and got the new webstore application for the terminal up and running. and not looking like complete shit. why do these aps always give you the ugliest templates? anyway…that’s done. tomorrow is scanning photos to blow up for the CTRC 10th anniversary party, and the meeting with a developer at the Statler. and mailing a bunch of stuff.

my laptop won’t last on battery for more than a half hour. it’s pissing me off. anyone know of cheap toshiba laptop batteries so i can try replacing it? or any other suggestions. a half hour life is pretty ridiculous.

oh and finally a legitimate reason to use my steven colbert wrapped in a flag icon heheheheh

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