10th Anniversary

tonight i used my last sick day to call in for the 10th anniversary at the terminal. kate did an awesome job putting it together and it looked great. i wished for more politicians to show up but ah well that’s ok 😛 jerks. haha. i intended to leave around 9:30, didn’t end up leaving til midnight haha. spent the time talking to bill and tracy, and whoever else stopped by, had some drinks, etc etc etc. good time. it was funny cuz most people dressed up, and it was all “double take” on everyone, because we’re all usually pretty scummy when in the building. tracy wore a dress, and i was like OMG, and i wore a dress, and she was all OMG! hahah. amusing. i have a feeling a certain person is going to complain about the event, given the fact that he made a comment when he got off “stage” after his little speech. and it’s just, you know what, fuck off. it was a nice event, and it was nice to treat ourselves for once.

i have SO much cake left over tho, if anyone local wants it, let me know. it’s really really good 🙂

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