Velvet Revolver

tonight was the alice in chains/velvet revolver show with adr2 at darien lake. lawn tickets, we be cheap. haven’t been that far away during a show in a long long time.

we got there while Kill Hannah was on. they sucked. crap emo tho the band seemed to actually be able to play their instruments. they might actually be good with a different vocalist. they murdered (or i should say the vocalist murdered) a cover of Billy Idol’s “rebel yell”. if billy idol was dead he’d be rolling over in his grave haha. thankfully they weren’t on for much longer after we arrived.

darien now has a little corral in the center of the lawn that is non smoking and non drinking. it was awesome LOL cuz no one was in it. the only people in it were along the lawn rail, and we hung against the back rail of the corral and no one bothered us and we could see. rock. it was also amusing to watch security stop people with beer from coming in the corral the entire time. it also contained a few amusing dancers.

anyway. as soon as the first alice in chains riff started i thought “god bless grunge!” so great. i guess it’s that “what you grew up with” sort of nostalgia thing, but that era fucking rocked lol. it was refreshing (which is odd to say) to hear compared to the emo shit on the radio. i’ll get the set list from eric eventually, but adr2 said it was the standard “greatest hits” set, and it was quite good.

then velvet revolver. they came on stage to “straight outta compton” ROFL. and fucking slash! hah i was excited to see him play, even from so far away. he’s the guitarist in my fantasy band haha. and he didn’t disappoint. and scott weiland, still heroin skinny, still very hot. the band sounded fantastic (how could most of guns n roses not sound fantastic) but scotty’s voice seems to have seen better days. i couldn’t really tell until they did a few Stone Temple Pilots songs (yes they did STP songs! surprise) but it seemed stressed – too much smoking. They did Vaseline, Interstate Love Song and Sex Type Thing. They also played some Guns n Roses – Patience, Mr Brownstone…was there another? I forget. One of the encores gave us Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”. some song during the end, one that i knew, they showed images of serial killers paying special attention to ted bundy…and we just didn’t get it…anyway. A good rock and roll show. worth the price of admission.

we realized at one point however, that half the audience wouldn’t know the STP and GNR songs because THEY WEREN’T EVEN BORN YET! gah we’re old.

and we only had about 5 people come up and bother us – one guy looking for drugs, one guy who liked my hair cut, a guy who liked my boots, and lots of people who liked adr2s tattoos haha. and it was the quickest exit from a darien lake show EVER. we were out immediately, no traffic backup at all. helped that we were parked on the pavement and not the dirt.

tomorrow is the 10th Anniversary of the CTRC party at the terminal. i must not forget to call in.

oh and today was the employee of the month lunch. no big deal. good food, crap speeches, blahblahblah.

adr2 convinced me to go to the heaven and hell tour, sabbath, alice cooper et al to people watch all the metal heads hehe

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