recent dreams:

the government decided to restart it’s nuclear testing program, and started detonating atomic bombs at the nevada test site again. when i found this out i wanted to try to be one of the people who got to observe the tests from the press hill. i guess i found out right before any of this was happening tho and i wasn’t able to. then i thought, oh adrienne must be able to see the tests from las vegas. then suddenly i was in the area or something, and i got the bright idea that if they were doing tests, i should be able to see them from any of the surrounding areas. so i was gonna drive out to the desert to try to watch. i got delayed and the test was performed, and it was so huge that i was able to see it from wherever it was that i happened to be.

adr2 bliss and i were trying to go to bethlehem steel, and we met at some location, and bliss was driving. she was like, wtf are we gonna do, we can’t walk in through the gate with armed police standing there. and i was like DUH we’re gonna go in near the marine star, and they were like oh, yeah smart. so bliss started driving toward the marine star from wherever it was that we were and we couldn’t find the right street. so we got out of the car and started walking down this very strange stone path, much like the trail through watkins glen, just not pretty. then suddenly there would be weird pipes and machines blocking the path, and one pipe spontaneously combusted, and it all seemed really dangerous. so we decided not to go. then i guess it was another day and i was trying to talk to adr2 on IM about going that day, and she said “only” in response and i was like wtf does that mean, and it was some sort of thing she bought and it really made no sense. but i guess it meant they weren’t gonna go. i really wanted to go shoot the coke plant at sunset so i was just going to go by myself, but i knew my mom would freak out so i didn’t.

i was doing something at the richardson complex, outside, and i was in the back of the property when i noticed someone going through a revolving door in the fence. so i figured, hell i’m gonna go in too and finally get to see the building. so i got my laptop bag to look professional and i went in, and walked in the back door which led you into the lobby of the admin building. the whole thing was pristeen and perfect looking. i had some sort of thought about it being the nicest kept kirkbride in the country.

in other real news, i’m so totally excited about this slide show i put together on dvd for the terminal. someone had one up on youtube and bev liked it and asked if we could show it on a loop at the train show. well the persons slide show didnt necessarily use the best and most recent photos, so it really gave the impression that it was still a bombed out shell. so i put a new slide show together last night, took me about 6 hours (including searching the web for photos i wanted but didn’t have), and i set it to the unfortunately titled – for this slide show – nin song “leaving hope”. i set it to “ripe with decay” first, cuz that also seemed to be appropriately titled, but besides the odd coincidence of a weird background noise that sounded like trains playing right when i began showing trains, it didn’t really fit. too many loud points that didn’t coincide with the images. “leaving hope” worked much better. but i’m a dork cuz i’m really proud of it, and i swear if russell picks it apart and tells me what i should have done i’m gonna stab him. *edit* ok i just watched it again, and i’m really really really proud of it. i think it looks great. haha well done me!

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