artists and models

tonight was hallwall’s annual fundraiser Artists and Models, this year held at the terminal. went out there with mike, initially to sell merch but there was no room and it was too dark so we just looked at everything and drank and hung out with the crew. it was a very cool event, very different, attracted a very diverse crowd. aside from one asinine decision by a certain person in the organization to let “performance artists” use one of our baggage carts, the one restored cart, which led to it being covered in paint…it seemed to be a very chill good successful event. the event ends at 2am, and they say it’ll be cleaned up right after but…the place is trashed and we have a tour at 11am. that’ll be interesting. there was nothing set up on thursday when we were meeting there, so we had no idea what to expect. lots of custom made blow up things…like those lawn decorations everyone has at holidays. except instead of snow men and christmas trees, there were penises, and a naked woman with a big vagina, octopus, WMD, a space ship, the 2 headed horse of sins….etc. it was pretty cool, i wanted to keep the WMD one and bring it home. adr2 met me there and we took a look around and flyered 400 cars for the show. let me just say, next time there is a flyer on my car i am reading it because wow it’s a pain in the ass to flyer cars hah. ran into an old elementary school classmate, which i found to be very odd. but it was fun. adr2 took me home, and i went back with my camera because it looked cool to see colored lights coming out of the arched concourse windows – tho it didn’t quite turn out in the photos. ah well.

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