to canadians – please tell me why the age of consent for straight couples and lesbian couples is 14, but for gay men, it’s 18…

yesterday brough the buffalo brewfest at central terminal. for the most part it was a pretty good event, and we shoud get a nice chunk of money. the place was packed – apparently only designed to hold 3500, i’d say there were that many or more. 3000 tickets were presold, and they had to turn about 200 people away at the door. it was strange to have to walk through the mass of humanity to get to the other side of the concourse. when you’re used to it being empty…it was almost too crowded, and i was gonna get concert mentality and start throwing elbows if i had to keep walking around. there weren’t any drunken fights or any major problems – only us having to chase people out of the dark baggage cart area and waiting room, where they decided to take a piss on our floor. not happy.

after the event a bunch of us went out to dinner, had a good time. talked about religion with a nice mix of people with various views on it. and no one killed eachother. haha

next week is oktoberfest but i’ll be at eric’s wedding. too bad it’s in the finger lakes area or i could try to make both. adrienne will be in friday morning, i’m sure i’ll need help with my costume. i cut it all out yesterday but it took me like 3 hours and kitty wrecked one of the patterns so i wasn’t in the mood haha. i’m bored to tears at the moment though.

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