the slug

the new jerseys….they look black, white and yellow. bumblebee ish. and the logo is still terrible. and if that is the best from 80 logos they had to choose from, i’d hate to see the others.

so so so so terrible. the jerseys don’t match the pants. orange socks, wtf…sure the old jerseys look dated, but there were nice redesigns of the old logo on the web 3 years ago. you can’t tell me “When your old logo is such an icon, it’s hard to redo it”…he certainly had no problem redoing it. ooo he updated the page with info from this year. gah his design was so great!

and apparently along with the color change, there is a new sabretooth… GAH!!! nooooo a blue and yellow sabretooth?!!?!?! how terrible!

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